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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 225 F LO R I D A cently nested. A lone bird found near Don Pedro Island S.P. 8 Dec (DPe) provided the first Char - lotte record. Three Great Cormorants included a juv. at Fort De Soto Park through 4 Dec (Ron Smith et al.), one at Sebastian Inlet S.P., Brevard 7 Dec–3 Jan (AWh), and one at South Daytona 11-16 Feb (MBr). A Great White Heron was rare at Paynes Prai - rie Preserve S.P. 14 Dec+ (Matt O'Sullivan). As many as 8 White-faced Ibis were found at St. Marks N.W.R. through 18 Feb (AWr et al.), up to 2 at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. through 10 Feb (Debbie Segal et al.), one at Alligator Lake Park 17 Dec (Pat Burns), and one at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 19 Dec–8 Feb (Karen Hamblett et al.). Notable White-tailed Kites included one at Holy Land W.M.A., Broward 29 Dec (RuT) and one e. of Babcock-Webb W.M.A., Charlotte 16 Jan (DPe). Snail Kites wandered northward, with 2 at Middle Lake, Pasco through 19 Jan (MuG et al.), one at Lake Park, Polk 16 Dec (Wally Jones), one at Lake Jackson, Leon 1 Jan+ (Grayal Farr, M. Hill et al.) that provided the first Leon record, one at Scrub Point Preserve, Lake 2 Jan (JTh), and 5 at Lake Hancock Outflow Wetland 20 Dec (CFr et al.). The resident Great Black-Hawk was noted through the season at Virginia Key (RoD et al.). Several Short-tailed Hawks wandered north - ward: one at Brighton Bay 7 Dec (Mark Burns), one at Amelia Island, Nassau 18 Jan (PaL), 2 dark morphs at Sawgrass Lake Park 18 Feb+ (JAC), and one at Masaryktown 20 Feb (Darcy Love). Single Swainson's Hawks were found at S.T.A.-5 on 3 Jan (DGa) and e. of Babcock Webb W.M.A. 12-17 Jan (DPe). RAILS THROUGH TERNS A Yellow Rail was detected at Apalachicola N.F., Liberty 24 Feb (John Lamey). An impressive 14 Black Rails were noted along the Coastal Prairie Trail, Everglades N.P., Monroe 1 Dec–4 Feb (GDa et al.), 2 were at Mahogany Hammock, Ever - glades N.P., Miami-Dade 23 Dec (Bob Showler), and one was at Holy Land W.M.A. 29 Dec (RuT). Three Gray-headed Swamphens were found at T. M. Goodwin W.M.A. through 15 Jan (DaS) and 20 at S.T.A.-5 on 14 Feb (BAh et al.). A lone American Golden-Plover was found at the Timucuan Preserve, Duval 2 Dec (JoM). Rare on the Atlantic coast, single Snowy Plovers were found at John U. Lloyd S.P., Broward 27 Dec–7 Jan (S. Kaplan) and at Crandon Beach Park, Miami-Dade 5 Feb+ (Alex Martinez, RaD). Six Long-billed Curlews were found at five locations including one at Bunche Beach Preserve through 15 Feb (CEw et al.), one at Marco Island, Col - lier 3 Dec (MHi), 2 at Flag Island, Franklin 29 Dec (J. Barry), one at South Anclote Key to Fred Howard Park 27 Jan–3 Feb (Robert & Hannah Maciver, S. Reardon), and one at Shell Mound, Lower Suwannee N.W.R., Levy 30 Jan (T. Mann). sau 16 Dec–23 Feb (KDi et al.), one at Ponce de Leon Inlet, Volusia 15 Dec (MBr), and one at Jetty Park, Brevard 25 Dec and 19-20 Feb (D. Hoffman et al.). Surf Scoters were reported from five lo - cations, including one far s. at Gasparilla Island, Charlotte 6-20 Dec (MiM, DPe) and one inland at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 10 Dec (HRo). Nor - mally the rarest scoter in Florida, White-winged Scoters were found at nine locations, including singles s. to Bunch Beach Preserve, Lee 6 Dec (Susan Daughtrey et al.) and Manasota, Charlotte 10 Feb (DPe). Black Scoters were widespread throughout the state, with several in s. Florida, where historically rare: 3 at Bunch Beach Preserve 6-7 Dec (Callie Gesmundo et al.), 5 on Biscayne Bay, Miami-Dade 20 Dec (RoD), 5 at Virginia Key, Miami-Dade 20 Dec (CSa), 37 at Stump Pass Beach S.P., Charlotte 3 Jan (DPe et al.), 6 off Fort De Soto Park 4 Jan (CaC et al.), one at Flamingo, Everglades N.P. 9 Jan (Mauri Dietrich et al.), and 3 at Manasota 10 Feb (DPe). Single Long-tailed Ducks were at Perdido Bay, Escambia 10-15 Dec (Sue Yates), Pensacola Beach, Escambia 31 Dec–1 Jan (Carl Wernicke), Parrish Park 1 Jan–20 Feb (MiH), E. G. Simmons Park 11-13 Jan (E. Buck), and Fort Clinch S.P. 31 Jan (KDi et al.). A single Common Merganser appeared at Port Orange, Volusia 2 Dec–7 Feb (MBr). An escaped female California Quail at Loxa- hatchee, Palm Beach 28 Feb (Lauren Richardson Leon) provided a first record for Florida. Red- throated Loons are found sparingly in n. Florida in winter, but one at Venice Beach, Sarasota 31 Dec (Sam Stuart) was rare. An impressive 550 Common Loons were counted at Gulf Breeze, Santa Rosa 29 Dec (BDu). Two Eared Grebes were reported in the state, one at North Shore Park, Pinellas 10 Dec (JAC), the other at Ca - naveral N.S., Brevard 1 Jan–14 Feb (MiH). Two American Flamingos were at Flamingo, Ever - glades N.P. 1-18 Jan (M. Sodamin, CoC). An Abdim's Stork was photographed at Krome Av - enue, Miami-Dade 19 Feb (Jeff Toll), the fifth re- port and second record of this African species in Florida; it is a species regularly held in captivity. Three species of shearwaters were seen from shore, including a Great Shearwater at South Daytona, Volusia 9 Feb (MBr), 2 Sooty Shearwa - ters at St. George Island 27-29 Dec (Chris Wood, Jessie Barry et al.), and a Manx Shearwater at Flagler Beach, Flagler 1 Jan (MBr). An impressive 36 Magnificent Frigatebirds graced Fort Pierce Inlet S.P., St. Lucie 24 Jan (BiW), where an ad. Masked Booby turned up 12-26 Feb (T. Selph et al.). Two Brown Boobies were well n. at Day - tona Beach Shores 5 Dec (CaC, AKe et al.), and singles were at Jetty Park 9 Dec–4 Jan (MiH) and Egmont Key N.W.R., Hillsborough 16 Dec (EPl). As many as 5 Neotropic Cormorants wintered at Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Palm Beach (MBe, Susan Young et al.), a site where they have re - An impressive 89 Marbled Godwits were count- ed at Ben T. Davis Beach 22 Feb (CFi). Rare in winter, single Semipalmated Sandpipers were found in the Florida Keys at Big Pine Key, Mon - roe 7 Dec (DoG) and Bahia Honda S.P., Monroe 13 Dec (Allison Fox). Single Purple Sandpipers wintered at Fort Clinch S.P. (Patrick & Doris Leary) and at Ponce de Leon Inlet (MBr). An ad. female Ruff at Timucuan Preserve 10 Feb (JoM) provided the first Duval record. Among the 13 gull species recorded in the state this season, a Sabine's Gull at Ponce de Leon Inlet 10 Jan (Trey McCuen) and a Little Gull at Cape San Blas, Gulf 28 Dec (Jessie Bar - ry, Chris Wood et al.) were notable. Franklin's Gulls are regularly found well into Dec, but 2 were found in midwinter, one at Hudson Beach, Pasco through 31 Jan (BPr, VPo et al.) and one at Fort Island Beach, Citrus 9-24 Feb (DGa et al.). An ad. California Gull was at Smyrna Dunes Park, the Tomoka Landfill, and Daytona Beach Shores, Volusia 18-25 Feb (T. Hince, MBr); a dif - ferent ad. was at Daytona Beach Shores 26 Feb+ (MBr). Four Thayer's Gulls were found at Day - tona Beach Shores 9 Dec–18 Feb, and up to 3 Iceland Gulls were there 15 Jan–25 Feb (MBr et al.), with another Iceland at Huguenot Memorial Park, Duval 18 Jan (BoR). Six Glaucous Gulls in - cluded one at Venice Beach 30 Dec (Sam Stuart), one off Port Charlotte 31 Dec (Tony Leukering et al.), and a rare inland report of one at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 31 Dec (HRo). A Black Tern at Charlotte County Airport 28-30 Jan (Jeff Bou - This first-cycle Thayer's Gull found at Ponce de Leon Inlet 9 De- cember 2014 was one of an unprecedented four found in Volusia County, Florida this winter. Photograph by Michael Brothers. This adult California Gull was one of two adult birds found in Volusia County, Florida in winter 2014-2015 (here 26 February). Photograph by Michael Brothers.

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