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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 223 S O U T H E R N AT L A N T I C Blackbirds were reported from w. South Caro- lina, but by far the largest concentration was in ne. Georgia, with 271 reported at a farm in Oglethorpe 10 Jan (JH, JMS). Western orioles made surprising appearances: North Carolina's first Hooded Oriole came to a feeder in Charlotte, Mecklenburg 6 Feb (ph. JB), and 2 Bullock's Orioles were reported: a first-year male at a feeder near Ravenel, Charleston, SC 7 Dec–19 Feb (ph. DN, AG) and an ad. male on Jekyll Island, Glynn, GA 3-22 Feb (DT). Three Common Redpolls were reported at feeders in n. North Carolina, including 2 individuals at Kill Devil Hills, Dare 14 Jan (fide JL). The Pine Siskin irruption produced record numbers on several C.B.C.s across the Region, including a new state C.B.C. record in Georgia of 3843, more than 50% higher than the previous record (fide GB). Some amazing numbers came from feeder counts later in the season, including 275 from a single site near Franklin, Macon, NC 16 Feb (TM). Most no - table, high counts even extended to the Georgia coast, where the species may be rare or absent in irruption years: the St. Catherine's Island C.B.C., for example, logged 728, shattering the previous count record of 1 (fide GB). Addendum: A female White-winged Crossbill was documented at a feeder in Chapel Hill, Or - en increasing reports from farther n. in recent years, this record seemed overdue. PASSERINES Vagrant flycatchers continue to appear more fre- quently, especially in sw. Georgia, where 2 Say's Phoebes were recorded in Miller between 13 Dec and 14 Feb (WS). Vermilion Flycatchers were reported in Echols, GA 1 Dec–19 Jan (KB, TM), at Mount Olive, Mitchell, GA 10-18 Jan (WS), and along Smith Rd., Mitchell 20 Dec–21 Feb (2 birds; WS, m.ob.). Three different Georgia records of Ash-throated Flycatchers came from the same area: one along Kimbrel Rd., Mitchell until at least 30 Jan (m.ob.), with a second bird noted at the same location 1 Jan (BL, CS); one at Haw Pond Rd., Turner 18 Jan–15 Feb (JY); and one on the Okefenokee C.B.C. (ph., fide GB). The only record from the Carolinas this year was from Pettigrew S.P., Washington, NC 9 Jan–1 Feb (RC et al.). Western Kingbirds continued to be observed more frequently along the coast in winter, with eight sightings this year, several of more than one individual, with as many as 4 birds present through the end of the period at Hutchinson Island, Chatham, GA (m.ob.). Rare winter warblers included 3 Tennessee Warblers lingering at the well-known migrant trap, Centennial Olympic Park in downtown At - lanta, until at least 4 Jan (NF), and one was pres- ent on Whippoorwill Rd., Oconee, GA 22 Jan–11 Feb (JL). An exceptional record for this date, a Blackburnian Warbler was photographed in Pine Mountain Valley, Harris, GA 20 Feb (RK), and an even more unusual Chestnut-sided Warbler was along McGhee Rd., Chatham, NC during the Chapel Hill C.B.C. 21 Dec (ATh), making the first winter record from the Caroli - nas. Scarce or elusive sparrows were reported in mostly average numbers, but it was notable that the only report of Clay-colored Sparrows came from North River Farms, Carteret, NC, where the species was present from 25 Jan+, with a peak count of 17 individuals 15 Feb (JF). A rare Harris's Sparrow was in a Grovetown, Columbia, GA backyard from 2 Feb+ (SCou). Perhaps the most curious find of any C.B.C. in the Carolinas this year was a female Scarlet Tanager seen foraging in dogwood trees with American Robins during the Balsam C.B.C., Haywood, NC 2 Jan (L&TL, C&SW); none of the handful of previous winter reports are from the mountain region, and there are very few documented records of the species from any - where in the United States in winter. Western Tanager continues to increase in winter: reports came from widely scattered sites across the Region. Two Yellow-headed Blackbirds were among the suite of rarer w. species reported from sw. Georgia, near Colquitt, Miller 26 Dec– 24 Jan (WS, m.ob.). Small numbers of Brewer's a different individual was at Wanchese Harbor, Dare 20-31 Jan, once again seen by attendees at the Carolina Bird Club winter meeting (m.ob.). Additionally, 1-2 individuals were seen on Hat - teras pelagic trips of 14 & 21 Feb (BP et al.). Single Glaucous Gulls were seen at Cape Point, Dare, NC 24 Dec (FH), at Fort Caswell, Bruns - wick, NC 4 Jan (RC), and at Rich Inlet, New Ha- nover, NC 25 Jan (DC). Two Inca Doves continued on Privett Store Rd., Miller, GA (m.ob.). Remarkable among the usual scattered sightings of individual White- winged Doves was a new state high count of 15 on Burl Lane Rd., Seminole, GA 2 Jan (WS). This number at this site, in the most southwest - erly county in Georgia, abutting both Alabama and Florida, might indicate solid range expan - sion. A new Georgia state high C.B.C. count of 191 Eastern Screech-Owls was recorded; re - markably, 78 came from a single count area, St. Catherine's Island, a large but almost unpopu - lated island on the cen. Georgia coast. Likewise, Northern Saw-whet Owls are thought to winter in small numbers along the se. coast, and this year up to 5 were heard along the entrance road to the Bodie Island Lighthouse, Dare, NC be - tween 28 Dec and 3 Feb (fide PSy; JA, SCo). A single Eastern Whip-poor-will was seen on Cumberland Island, Camden, GA C.B.C. 20 Dec (KG, SF). Two very high counts of Ruby-throated Hum- mingbirds wintering at individual sites on the coast were 15 at Buxton, Dare, NC (AM) and 14 at Mount Pleasant, Charleston, SC (LF). Highest in frequency among w. vagrants, as usual, were Rufous and Black-chinned Hummingbirds, scat - tered sightings of which came from across the entire Region. Among the rarer visitors, a Calli - ope Hummingbird visited a feeder in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC throughout the winter (DM, MJ), and a Buff-bellied Hummingbird was at Valdosta, Lowndes, GA 16 Dec–23 Jan (ML). The Region's first documented record of a Crested Caracara came, appropriately enough, from the South Carolina Center for Birds of Prey at Awendaw, Charleston 17 Feb (KM et al.). Giv - Though a few overwinter along the coast of the Carolinas each year, this Northern Parula that visited a feeder in Moore County, North Carolina (here 17 February 2015) was especially unusual for a location so far inland. Photograph by Linda Jones. In the Southeast, Western Tanagers are now annual winter visitors in small numbers, often detected at feeders, such as this bird along Oak Grove Church Road, Crawford County, Georgia on 22 February 2015. Photograph by Jim Flynn. One of two found in the Southern Atlantic region in winter 2014-2015, this Bullock's Oriole spent 3-22 (here 5) February 2015 at a feeder on Jekyll Island, Glynn County, Georgia. Photograph by Bob Sattelmeyer.

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