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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 220 M I D D L E AT L A N T I C Grosbeak was found at Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve, Loudoun, VA 27 Dec (SF, RM, AA). Rare in Maryland, an ad. male Painted Bunting was a nice sight at a feeder in Anne Arundel 18 Dec–1 Jan (KB). Found annually in the Region, though still rare, single Yellow-headed Blackbirds were detected at Chesapeake Farms, Kent 13-18 Dec (MS, WW, m.ob.); along Rte. 20, Kent 22 Dec (KJ); and at a private residence in Harford 24 Feb (JK). Four Brewer's Blackbirds were in Prince William, VA 20 Feb (LC). Maryland bird - ers saw more Common Redpolls than is typical, with reports coming from 11 different counties; the highest count was 5 at Sunset Park, Worces - ter 25 Jan (MB); 4 individuals at three different locations were reported from Virginia 8 Jan–1 Feb (m.ob.). A single Evening Grosbeak at a private residence, Howard, MD 31 Jan (CP, HP) represented the Region's only report. Contributors: Robert L. Ake (RLAk), Robert L. Anderson (RLAn), Matt Anthony, Ana Arguelles, Harry T. Armistead, Frederick Atwood, Marcia Balestri, Paul Bedell, Jeff Blalock, Kelly Beall, Ty - ler Bell, Wayne Bell, Arun Bose, Edward S. Brin- kley, Allen Bryan (ABr), Greg Butcher, Mitchell Byrd, Tim Carney, Walt Childs, Linda Chittum, J. B. Churchill (JBC), Keith Eric Costley, Wendy Crowe, Stephen Davies, Todd M. Day, Adam D'Onofrio, Ryan Dziedzic, Marshall Faintich, Sandra Farkas, Tom Field, Geoff Giles, Aaron Graham, Jim Green, Jim Gruber, Trish Gruber, Carol Gutberlet, Dan Haas (DHa), Matt Hafner, Mark L. Hoffman (MLH), Diane Holsinger, Da - vid L. Hughes, M. A. Jeffrey (MAJ), Mark John- son (MJo), Ryan Johnson, Geraldine King, Yann Kolbeinsson, David Larkin, Allen Larner, Brian Lockwood, Cindi Lostritto, Mikey Lutmering, James Marcum, Sean McCandless (SMc), Er - nie Miller, Sam Miller, Rusty Moran, Nicholas Newberry, Ellison Orcutt, Robert Ostrowski, Thomas Ostrowski, Bonnie Ott, Carolyn Patter - son, Howard Patterson, Robert F. Ringler (RFR), were at Monocacy Natural Resources Manage - ment Area, Frederick, MD 28 Dec (RFR) and along Bassett Hall Nature Trail, Williamsburg, VA 23 Jan (MA, NN). Both vireo species are detected annually in winter in se. Virginia but not regularly elsewhere in the Region. Rare any - where in the state after Oct, a Wood Thrush at the Cumberland Terminus, Allegany 2 Jan (AG) was all the more remarkable for being found in w. Maryland. A second state record, and the first in over a hundred years, a Chestnut-collared Longspur was a remarkable find at Smiths - burg, Washington, MD 31 Jan–2 Feb (TF, JG, GK, m.ob.); a thoroughly described bird from 1970 at Sandy Point S.P., Anne Arundel was not accepted by the state records committee. A Smith's Longspur at Shenandoah Valley Re - gional Airport, Augusta, VA 23 Feb+ (WC, MF, m.ob.) provided a first state record, perhaps overdue. At least 6 Black-and-white Warblers were found in Virginia (m.ob.), 2 of which were found on the same day by the same observer: one at Hopewell 14 Jan–1 Feb (AB, m.ob.), the other in Prince George 14 Jan (AB). A Cape May Warbler was at Essex Park & Ride, Baltimore, MD 20 Dec–12 Jan (ESm, m.ob.); another at Hopewell 21 Dec (ABr) was seen associating with a Chestnut-sided Warbler found eight days prior at the same location 13-29 Dec (ABr). Also at Hopewell, a Yellow-throated Warbler was an unusual sight 7 Dec (ABr). Grasshopper Spar - rows are found less than annually in winter in the Region, but 2 were found this season: one at Sandy Point S.P., Anne Arundel 7 Dec (JS) and an - other at Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area, Baltimore 22 Feb (TC, RJ). A Lark Sparrow was photographed at College Creek, James City 19 Feb (BW). At least 9 Lincoln's Sparrows were scattered throughout Maryland and Virginia 4 Dec+ (m.ob.). A male Summer Tanager visited an apartment complex in Montgomery, MD 17 Jan+ (CL, m.ob.), and single Western Tana - gers were at Denton, Caroline, MD 7 Jan (MAJ), Settlers' Mill, James City (return - ing bird; BW, m.ob.), and Pleasure House Point, Virginia Beach 22 Jan–7 Feb (EM, m.ob.). Very rare in the winter, a Blue Jan (ESB). The Black-legged Kittiwake from the fall continued at Sandy Point S.P., Anne Arun - del 1 Dec (DHa), and the Black-headed Gull at Hunt Valley Towne Centre, Baltimore (RR, m.ob.) hung around into the spring. The Frank - lin's Gull lingering at Chestertown W.T.P., Kent, MD was last reported 5 Jan (MJo, m.ob.). An ad. Mew Gull at the Charles County Landfill, MD 16 Feb (ph. ML) would be the state's third record and the first since 2004. Single Thayer's Gulls were found at Cecil County Landfill, MD 20 Dec (SMc) and C.B.B.T. 26 Dec–9 Jan (ph. ESB, ph. RLAk, ph. RLAn, ph. YK). Maryland's third accepted record of Com - mon Ground-Dove was established by a bird at Masonville Cove, Baltimore 30 Dec–2 Jan (BT); unfortunately for area birders, the bird was not viewable from public property. Now reported annually in the Region, a White-winged Dove attended a feeder in Chesterfield, VA 10-15 Feb (PB, m.ob.). An echo of the previous winter's massive influx, at least 9 different Snowy Owls were noted in the Region. Seven, possibly more, Long-eared Owls continued from the fall at a site in Baltimore (KEC, m.ob.). Rare inside the Capital Beltway, a Short-eared Owl was seen outside a Washington D.C. office window 5 Jan (GB). The sixth at this location in 20 years, an imm. male Rufous Hummingbird visited a North Beach residence, Calvert, MD 29 Dec–5 Jan (JLS); another was at a home on Buck Red - man Rd., St. Mary's, MD 29 Dec–2 Jan (PR); there were no reports from Virginia, continu - ing the recent downward trend for Selasphorus hummingbirds in the Region. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH FINCHES Maryland's fifth record, a single Say's Phoebe was a one-day wonder at Massey, Kent 21 Dec (JG, TG); Maryland has now averaged more than one record every other year since 2007. Rarer and even less cooperative was Maryland's second Vermilion Flycatcher found on private property near Hickory Rd., Worcester 27 Dec (MLH). The Region's only Ash-throated Fly - catcher of the season was found on Water St., Hopewell, VA 11 Jan (AB). A White-eyed Vireo was at Bayside Development Pond, Worcester 11 Jan (TC, RJ), and single Blue-headed Vireos Only the second for Maryland, this Common Ground-Dove was found by Bill Tittle in Masonville Cove, Baltimore City 30 December 2014. The bird was last observed 2 January 2015 (here). Photograph by Mike Pierpoint. This Vermilion Flycatcher was found by Mark Hoffman in the Hickory Point Road area of Worcester County 27 December 2014 (here); Maryland has just one prior record of the species. Photograph by Mark Hoffman. The second Maryland record of Chestnut-collared Longspur was provided by this bird, found by Tom Field, Jim Green, and Geraldine King in Wash - ington County 3 January 2015. The bird obligingly remained through 2 (here 1) February 2015. Photograph by Clive Harris.

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