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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 219 M I D D L E AT L A N T I C Region in winter, a Common Gallinule was at Johnson Road Pond, Wicomico, MD 6-15 Jan (CG, m.ob.). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH HUMMINGBIRDS For the past five winters, Purple Sandpipers have been found along the Bay's shoreline in Calvert and Anne Arundel (m.ob.). Rare so far upriver on the James River, 2 Western Sandpip - ers were found at Mainland Farm, James City, VA 10 Feb (BTa). Essentially unknown in the Region after Oct, a Wilson's Phalarope was an astonishing discovery at Craney Island Disposal Area, Portsmouth, VA 4-11 Dec (ph. BW et al.). Dovekie reports included 7 on the Ocean City C.B.C., including one on Sinepuxent Bay 28 Dec (MH, RO), and many others, mostly singles, from Chincoteague s. to Back Bay. In Chesa - peake Bay, where the species is seldom reported, singles were noted at Cape Charles town beach 26 & 30 Jan (ESB) and from Picketts Harbor Natural Area Preserve, Northampton 3 Feb (BT). A Thick-billed Murre was photographed from a jet ski off Cape Henry, Virginia Beach 12 Feb (ph. BL), and several other possible/probable Thick-billeds were reported from the same city. Jaeger reports included a juv. Pomarine Jae- ger at Sunset Beach, Northampton 8 Jan (ESB) and the usual single Parasitic Jaegers at Chesa - peake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Northampton (hereaf- ter, C.B.B.T.) 26 Dec (juv.; RLAk, ESB) and 9 at Cumberland Terminus, Alle- gany, MD 8 Feb+ (JBC, m.ob.) made a first county record and one of the very few non- coastal plain records. For the fourth consecutive winter, the presumed same drake Barrow's Goldeneye was found at The Elms Environmental Educa - tion Center, St. Mary's, MD (TB, m.ob.); a possible Common Goldeneye x Barrow's Golden - eye hybrid was photographed at Rose Haven Memorial Park, Anne Arundel 6 Dec (ML). Com - mon Mergansers are very un- common on or near the Chesa- peake Bay s. of the Bay Bridge and, indeed, the 2 found at Rig - by's Folly, Talbot, MD 22 Dec (HTA) made only a second record for this property. The season's only Pacific Loon was at the John H. Kerr Reservoir, Mecklenburg, VA 6 Dec–9 Feb, where one has been seen nine out of the past 11 years (JB, AD, m.ob.). Eighty was the season's highest count of the long-continuing American White Pelicans at Blackwater N.W.R., Dorchester 4 Jan (DL, RD); another was found at Matta - woman Creek, Charles, MD 28-31 Dec (JShea, m.ob.). Rare n. of the Bay Bridge, a Brown Peli - can continued from the fall at Conowingo Dam, Harford, MD 1 Dec (SM, m.ob.). Only the sec - ond winter record for the county, an American Bittern was at Fox Chase, Howard, MD 31 Dec (BO). Exhibiting a possible leg injury, a very late Green Heron was found at Riley's Lock, Montgomery, MD 6-26 Dec (DR, m.ob.). Rough- legged Hawks are fairly localized in the Region; reports away from certain w. locations and the marshes of Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore are few. This season proved to be somewhat of an exception, particularly in Maryland, where there were reports from 10 counties; there were re - ports from eight Virginia counties. Single North- ern Goshawks in Charles City, VA 17 Jan (ABr) and at Devils Ditch, Northampton, VA 1 Feb (ph. ESB) were the Re - gion's only reports this season. Un- common or rare over most of the Barnacle Geese were at Kidd Road Pond, Har- ford, MD 1 Feb (MH), likely the same birds that were found at this location during the previous winter. Rare on the Western Shore, an imm. Brant was found at Pleasant Plains Turf Farm, Anne Arundel, MD 14 Dec (DHa). Continuing Trumpeter Swans from the fall in Maryland in - cluded the wing-tagged individual at the Cum- berland Terminus, Allegany (ML, m.ob.), which lingered into the spring; one along White Swan Rd., Anne Arundel 23 Jan (WC, m.ob.); and one at Black Hill Regional Park, Montgomery, seen throughout the season (LW, m.ob.). Two more Trumpeter Swans, possibly the same pair found here a year prior, were at Lake Artemesia, Prince George's, MD 11 Jan–3 Feb (TO, m.ob.); it is unclear whether the single bird found there last fall was part of this season's pair. Two found at the nearby at Patuxent Wildlife Research Cen - ter, Prince George's, MD 10 Feb (ML) doubled to 4 on 25 Feb, thus indicating at least that many in the area. In Virginia, 2 were found at Wilck's Lake, Prince Edward 24-25 Jan (ES, m.ob); a single was at Silver Lake, Rockingham 28 Jan+ (CZ et al., m.ob.); and 2 were at New Market, Shenandoah 27 Feb+ (DH, m.ob.). A Mallard x Northern Pintail at Belle Haven, Fairfax, VA 1 Jan (FA et al.), a Redhead x Lesser Scaup at Paradise Point, Garrett, MD 20 Dec (AG, ML), and a Blue-winged Teal x Northern Shoveler at West Ocean City Pond, Worcester, MD 8 Feb (WB et al.) were among the season's notable hybrids. Representing the first count of 2000 or more in five years in the state, 2530 Redheads were at Hooper's Island, Dorchester, MD (HTA). A second county record and only the third for the Western Shore, a male Tufted Duck was found at Swan Creek Wetlands, Anne Arun - del 17-24 Dec (TC, m.ob.). The ad. male King Eider at Queen Anne's Landing, Chincoteague, Accomack, VA found in the fall was seen again 1 Dec (JM, m.ob.). A female Harlequin Duck Cackling Geese of the nominate subspecies are reported annually in winter in Virginia, albeit in very small numbers. This bird was one of three that visited Cape Charles 6-7 (here 6) January 2015. Coastal Virginia has also hosted very small Canada Geese over the past two decades, but whether these are in fact Canada Geese or instead hybrids with Cackling Geese is unknown. Photograph by Edward S. Brinkley. Representing one of just a handful of winter records for southeastern North America, this Wilson's Phalarope at Craney Island, Portsmouth, Virginia 4 December 2014 was utterly unexpected and the northernmost winter record for the East Coast. Photograph by Bill Williams. This adult Mew Gull at the Charles County landfill 16 February 2015 marks a third record for Maryland. Photograph by Mikey Lutmerding. This adult Thayer's Gull at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Northampton County, Virginia 26 December 2014 was the pearl of the annual Boxing Day count there, which began in 1994. Photograph by Edward S. Brinkley.

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