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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 217 H U D S O N - D E L AWA R E irruption year for Bohemian Waxwings, but the species was nevertheless widely reported. Start - ing in early Jan, small numbers appeared in w. and n. New York, with a high count of 20 at Lis - bon, St. Lawrence 24 Jan (Tom Wheeler). Three reached Long Island, NY: one in a yard in Miller Place, Suffolk 8-11 Jan (Aidan Perkins, Buddy Perkins), one at Sandy Point Preserve, Nassau 26 Jan (Stephanie Perreault), and one at Jones Beach S.P., Suffolk 12-14 Feb (John Gluth). In New Jersey, one was at Sandy Hook 15-28 Feb (Jason Denevich), 3 were at Lavallette, Ocean 25 Feb (Bev Sully), and one was at Island Beach S.P., Ocean 26-27 Feb (Kevin Knutsen, Greg Prelich). Black-capped Chickadees that migrate southward often overshoot the Black-capped/ Carolina Chickadee line in Pennsylvania and make it down to n. Delaware. This winter, very few did so, and they disappeared or perhaps retreated northward by late Dec. Red-breasted Nuthatches failed to materialize in numbers for the second winter in a row, with only a dozen reaching Cape Henlopen, for instance. THRUSHES THROUGH FINCHES A Townsend's Solitaire lingered from fall at Cazenovia, Madison, NY 19 Nov–7 Dec (fide JR). A Varied Thrush was a found at a feeder in Halfmoon, Sarasota, NY 2-9 Feb (fide WR). An above-average 10 species of warblers were tallied, mostly on C.B.C.s, but few were noted after Jan except for Yellow-rumped Warblers, Common Yellowthroats, Pine Warblers, and Or - ange-crowned Warblers, and their numbers de- creased markedly as Jan became Feb. The "war- bler aviary" of Long Island produced a bounty for the Sagaponack C.B.C., Suffolk 21 Dec (HM, PP): 6 Orange-crowned, a Nashville, 43 Yellow- rumped, 10 Palm, a Wilson's, plus 2 Common Yellowthroats. A Prairie Warbler was at Wood - bury Heights, Gloucester, NJ 9 Jan (Alexander Baish), and a Yellow-breasted Chat was at Cedar Beach Marina, Suffolk, NY 31 Dec (Cesar Catillo). Single Black-throated Blue Warblers were report - ed at Carmel during the Putman County C.B.C., NY 3 Jan (fide Charles Roberto) and on the Lower Hudson C.B.C., NJ 14 Dec (fide Susan Elbin). Uncommon sparrows were much in evidence. At least 3 Clay-colored Sparrows were reported, from Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Kings, NY 14-20 Dec (Klemens Gasser), Montauk, NY 20 Dec (fide Karen Rubinstein, Angus Wilson), and San - dy Hook, NJ 3-23 Jan during the Long Branch C.B.C. (fide PB). A total of 5 Vesper Sparrows were reported on five Long Island, NY counts, with 2 others reported there: one at Jones Beach, Nassau 12 Dec (David Klauber) and one at the Verrazano Bridge, Brooklyn, Kings 2 Jan (IG). Another Vesper was at Sandy Hook, NJ 23 Jan (Dave Larson). Lark Sparrows were at Hamlin Beach S.P., Genesee, NY 16 Nov–22 Dec (Brad winged Doves were reported at West Cape May, Cape May, NJ 5 Dec (Mark Garland), at Cape May 2 Jan (fide SG), and at Camden-Wyoming, Kent, DE 17 Feb (Brian McCaffrey). After last winter's massive irruption of Snowy Owls throughout the Region, the lesser influx this season was anticipated. Birds made it s. to Delaware in early Dec and remained in small numbers through the winter. A Boreal Owl was photographed at a feeder in Gansevoort, Saratoga, NY 7 Feb (fide WR). Single Rufous Hummingbirds were at Belleplain, Cape May, NJ 21 Dec (fide Paul Kosten) and Wilmington, New Castle, DE 7 Dec–8 Jan (Allisa Kegelman; b. BGP). An imm. Crested Caracara flew over Bear Mountain/Harriman S.P. during a Winter Wildlife/Birdlife census 5 Jan (Ed McGowen, Dave Baker), and another was at Seaford, Nassau 22 Jan (fide Steve Schellenger). Gyrfalcon sight - ings, all from New York, included a dark morph at Dunkirk, Chautauqua 21 Dec (WW), a white morph on the ice at the mouth of the Saranac River, Plattsburg, Clinton 13 Jan (Brian McAl - lister), a gray morph along Rte. 414 in Seneca Falls, Seneca 29 Jan–3 Feb (Dave Kennedy), one at Shawangunk Grasslands N.W.R., Wallkill, Ul - ster 6-21 Feb (Karen), a dark morph at Charlotte Pier, Rochester, Monroe 16 Feb (Zaphir Sham - ma), and a gray morph in Fayette Twp., Seneca 22 Feb (Tim Lenz). The two sightings in Seneca could represent the same individual. Two spectacular kingbirds were found in New York City this year. New York's first Couch's Kingbird was found in Manhattan 25 Dec (Ga - briel Willow, m.ob.) and remained to be seen by hundreds of birders through 9 Jan. Not far away, the state's second Cassin's Kingbird cooperated with hundreds of birders at Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn 15 Nov–5 Jan (Kai Sheffield, m.ob.). A Western Kingbird was at Cape Island Creek Pre - serve in Cape May 1-14 Dec (Cynthia J. Allen). A Loggerhead Shrike wintered for a second year along Bergold Lane at the Dover Air Force Base, Kent, DE 14 Dec–mid-Feb (Joe Sebastiani); the only legal way to see the bird was from a mov - ing vehicle, as stopping was strictly prohibited due to security concerns. This year was not an STANDARD ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS USED IN THE REGIONAL REPORTS * specimen collected + bird(s) seen through end of period † written details on file A.F.B. Air Force Base acc. accepted by records committee A.R.C. Avian Records Committee b. banded B.B.S. Breeding Bird Survey B.O. Bird Observatory B.R.C. Bird Records Committee C.A. Conservation Area C.B.C. Christmas Bird Count C.P. County Park cm centimeter(s) Fwy. Freeway G.C. Golf Course Hwy. Highway imm. (imms.) immature(s) Jct. Junction juv. (juvs.) juvenile(s) km kilometer(s) mm millimeter(s) m.ob. many (or multiple) observers N.A. Nature Area, Natural Area N.F. National Forest N.M. National Monument N.P. National Park N.S. National Seashore N.W.R. National Wildlife Refuge p.a. pending acceptance P.P. Provincial Park ph. photographed (by + initials) R.A. Recreation(al) Area R.B.A. Rare Bird Alert R.P. Regional Park R.S. Regional Shoreline Rd. Road Rte. Route S.B. State Beach S.L. Sewage Lagoon S.F. State Forest S.G.A. State Game Area S.P. State Park S.R.A. State Recreation Area S.R. State Reserve S.N.A. State Natural Area S.W.A. State Wildlife Area S.T.P. Sewage Treatment Plant/Pond subad. (subads.) subadult(s) Twp. Township v.r. voice recording (by + initials) vt. videotape (by + initials) W.A. Wildlife Area W.M.A. Wildlife Management Area W.T.P. (Waste)water Treatment Plant/Pond Italics indicate name of a county, parish, or municipality. This White-winged Dove spent 17 February 2015 at a feeder in Camden, Kent County, Delaware. Photograph by Brian McCaffrey.

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