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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 211 Québec Pierre Bannon Olivier Barden Normand David Samuel Denault –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– D ecember was very mild, with tem- peratures 2-4º C above normal and precipitation generally below nor - mal. A snowstorm dumped nearly 30 cm of heavy wet snow on 10 December, which forced many birds, mainly sparrows, to road - sides and feeders. January was slightly below normal regarding both temperature and pre - cipitation. February was one of the coldest on record, with temperatures 5-10º C below normal. Precipitation totals continued to be below normal throughout February. WATERFOWL THROUGH ALCIDS Single Barnacle Geese were good finds at Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague 2 Dec (G. Éthier, H. Boivin) and at Montmagny 7-8 Dec (ph., C. Maurice, F. Shaffer, G. Garant, T. Rivière). Five or 6 Wood Ducks probably wintered, including 2 females in the Lachine Rapids, LaSalle and Côte Sainte-Catherine, as well as a male at Saint-Eustache (S. Vanier). Sin - gle males were also located at Gaspé 29-30 Jan (S. Brodeur), Parc Centenaire, Dollard- des-Ormeaux 22 Feb (J. Tremblay), and at Boisé Papineau, Laval 21 Feb (P. Bergeron). Inland records of Harlequin Ducks included single birds at Châteauguay 1-7 Dec (J. Gau - thier, m.ob.) and at Laval 13 Jan+ (L. Auclair, m.ob.). A high count of 23 Common Loons for the Tadoussac C.B.C. 28 Dec was noteworthy (SD, OB). A Northern Fulmar at Rivière- Ouelle 12 Dec was late (JFR). A Great Blue Heron was detected at Saint-Alphonse near Granby 17 Feb (C. Lahaie). A Great Egret at Havre-Aubert 1-27 Dec provided a new re - cord late date for the Magdalen Islands (AR et al.). A Northern Harrier showed up early at Sainte-Sabine 25 Feb (H. Hamel). At least 6 Red-shouldered Hawks were reported in Jan and Feb. A Golden Eagle at Chibougamau 1 Dec was late for this n. locality (A. Anctil, H. Johansen). An American Golden-Plover at La Baie 1 Dec (Y. Darveau et al.) provided a new record late date for the province. A Sander - ling at Dune du Nord, Magdalen Islands 7 Jan was very late but not unprecedented (C. Bénard). A first-cycle Black-headed Gull was spotted at LaSalle 20 Dec (B. Barnhurst). A first-cycle Thayer's Gull was well studied at Lachute 5-7 Dec (PB, DO). Two ad. Lesser Black-backed Gulls were discovered at Lav - al 10 Jan (SD). Three different large ad. gulls were believed to be Herring Gull x Great Black-backed Gull hybrids: at Sherbrooke 14-31 Dec (C. & A. Turcotte-van de Rydt), at Sainte-Catherine 27-28 Dec (PB, R. Bel - humeur), and at Terrebonne 14 Dec and 21 Jan (SD, PB). Another large ad. gull pho - tographed at Laval 20 Jan was probably a Glaucous Gull x Herring Gull hybrid (M. Boisvert). Dovekies were in evidence in Feb at Cap d'Espoir with a maximum of 876 noted 7 Feb (AC). A Eurasian Collared-Dove reappeared at Saint-Flavien-Saint-Agapit in Jan and re - mained into spring (m.ob.). A White-winged Dove at Étang du Nord, Magdalen Islands 6 Dec–3 Feb established a record-late date for the Region (C. Roy, m.ob.). For the second consecutive winter, Snowy Owls moved southward in large numbers, e.g., 20 at Saint- Hubert 20 Dec (A. Provost). Very rare in winter, single Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were reported at the Montréal Botanical Gardens 6-15 Dec (M. Groulx), at Noyan 29 Jan (PB), and at Chandler 7 Dec–15 Feb (RG, m.ob.). PASSERINES Well in evidence in s. Québec, the northern- most Carolina Wrens lingered at Rimouski until 7 Jan (J. McKindsey, R. Saint-Laurent), at Gaspé until 2 Feb (AG, DJ, m.ob.), at Chicoutimi until 11 Jan (3 birds; fide GS), at Métabetchouan until 4 Jan (P. May), and at Cap-Chat until Jan (exact date unknown; M. Saint-Pierre). Late Winter Wrens were at Québec City 2-4 Jan (D. Turgeon), Plessisville 11 Jan (Claude Roy), Châteauguay 17 Jan (V. Turcotte), and Sainte-Catherine 18 Jan (JCC). A late Marsh Wren was a good find at Chand - ler 1 Dec (PP et al.). Four Eastern Bluebirds at Longueuil 17 Jan were the latest this winter (G. Charette). A Townsend's Solitaire was noted at Canton Tremblay 14 Dec (JI), while a late Swain - son's Thrush stopped at Sherbrooke 2 Dec (C. Turcotte-van de Rydt). No fewer than 19 Hermit Thrushes were reported in Dec–Jan, but only 3 persisted into the frigid weath - er of Feb: Montréal Botanical Gardens until 11 Feb (Y. Déry), Cowansville until 23 Feb (L. Paquet), and Laval until 16 Feb (PB). A male Varied Thrush was an exciting find at This first-year Harris's Sparrow frequented a feeder at Saint-Armand 11-22 (here 11) February 2015; Québec has about 45 records of Harris's Sparrow, but the species is still perenially popular with bird- ers in the province. Photograph by Lucien Lemay. This Orange-crowned Warbler was regularly found in the company of a Nashville Warbler in a riverside park at Sainte-Catherine 15 (here 22) December 2014 through 3 January 2015, providing a record-late date for the province. Photograph by Pierre Bannon.

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