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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 210 AT L A N T I C P R O V I N C E S & S T. P I E R R E E T M I Q U E LO N m.ob.). A Yellow-throated Warbler visited feeders in Elden, Queens 7 Dec (ph. Cheryl Ann, Cindy Harcourt), the third record of the species for Prince Edward Island. A Townsend's Warbler was discovered 5 Dec along the Northwest River (ph. Clifford Doran), the eigh - teenth record for Newfoundland. Remarkably, the next day, the same individual was relocated (Ken Knowles, John Wells, BM)—and a differ - ent Townsend's Warbler was also in the vicinity (Ken Knowles, ph. BM), providing the prov - ince with its nineteenth record. A rare winter vagrant to Prince Edward Is - land, a Field Sparrow was at Stratford 10-11 Jan (Dwaine Oakley). A late Vesper Sparrow was a rare treat at a feeder in Greenwich, Kings, NS 28-29 Jan (Jake Walker). A rare Harris's Sparrow lingered at Bear Point, Shelburne, NS 1-6 Dec (Ruthie Crowell-Smith, ph. Shelly Smith). A very late Savannah Sparrow was found 10 Jan at Keppoch, PE (ph. Melanie Mc - Carthy). On McNabs Island, a Grasshopper Sparrow was tallied during the Halifax-Dart - mouth C.B.C. 14 Dec (ph. Rolanda Steenweg et al.). A late Swamp Sparrow was found 12 Dec at Ferguson Creek, Prince, PE (Kathleen MacAulay). The Halifax-Dartmouth C.B.C. 14 Dec produced 3 Dickcissels, 2 of which had lingered at the old Halifax dump since mid- autumn, one of which was last seen 28 Dec (Rick Whitman). The third was on Shore Rd. in Dartmouth near the MacDonald Bridge, and possibly the same bird was seen later on near - by Hester St. 16 Dec (David McCorquodale). A Dickcissel wintered at feeders in downtown Halifax until at least 23 Feb (fide Nancy Rob - erts), and one was at Apple River Harbour 7 Dec (Kathleen Spicer). Subregional editors: Patrick Boez, David Christie, Roger Etcheberry, Bruce Mactavish, Ian McLaren, Jim Wilson. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– David Seeler, 28 Irwin Drive, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1E 1S2 ( Alix d'Entremont , 292 Abbotts Harbour Road, Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia B0W 2M0 ( sents the fourth record for Nova Scotia and the second in winter. An Ash-throated Flycatcher was observed at Dartmouth, NS 14-23 Dec (Karel Allard, Clarence L. Stevens, m.ob.), also the province's fourth record and second in winter. An Eastern Phoebe discovered 27 Dec at Cape Tor - mentine, Westmorland, NB was quite late (John Klymoko, Danielle LeBlanc). Less than annual in winter to Nova Scotia, a House Wren discovered 23 Nov at Dartmouth lingered until 1 Dec (Blake Maybank, Bruce Stevens, Peter Brannon). Also not annual during winter in Nova Scotia, a Marsh Wren present in Nov at Bissett Lake, H.R.M. was observed again 6-8 Dec (m.ob.). A Carolina Wren along Kissing Bridge Rd., Lunenburg 8 Dec (Kevin Lantz) could be the same individual that wintered there 2013-2014. Single Carolina Wrens, re - cently annual winter visitors to Nova Scotia, were at Stewiacke, Colchester 14 Jan (ph. Bruce & Jean Wright) and South Brookfield, Queens 15 Jan–3 Feb (ph. Sherry MacInnis, m.ob.). Three Winter Wrens, also uncommon in win - ter were found lingering at Conrad Settlement, H.R.M., NS (Chris Pepper), and 3 others were reported on C.B.C.s within the province. The seventh for Nova Scotia, a Fieldfare spent 31 Jan+ in a fruit laden tree at Apple River, Cumberland (Kathleen & Blaine Spicer, m.ob.). Another rarity, a Varied Thrush spent the winter on private property in Highland Village, Iona, Victoria, Cape Breton Island (fide Brad McLaughlin); Nova Scotia has over 35 re - cords of this species. A late Hermit Thrush was located 15 Dec at Ellen's Creek, Charlottetown, PE (Kathleen MacAulay). A Brown Thrasher, considered a very rare winter visitor in New - foundland, was found 15 Feb at Long Pond, Pippy Park (Alvan Buckley, ph. Jared Clarke, m.ob.); there are three previous reports of this species in Newfoundland in winter. Another late Brown Thrasher was at Mayfield, Charlotte, NB 1 Dec–7 Jan (ph. John MacCready). A late Orange-crowned Warbler was located 9 Dec on the Isthmus of Miquelon, SPM (Laurent Jack - man), with another at St. Pierre 2 & 4 Jan (Pat- rick Hacala). In Nova Sco- tia, a Lawrencetown, An- napolis feeder hosted a Cape May Warbler 24 Nov–1 Jan (ph. Larry Neily, Diana Ack - royd, m.ob.). Single Pine Warblers were at a feeder in Charlottetown, PE 7 Dec–1 Jan (Bill & Evelin Bower - bank), at Stratford, PE 11 Jan (fide Dwaine Oakley), and at Bowring Park, NL in late Jan (ph. Jared Clarke, This Long-billed Curlew, making a third record for New Brunswick, was discovered at Cape Tormentine 28 November 2014 (here) and was relocated 1-7 December. Photograph by by Bob Grant. Rare in Nova Scotia, with only three previous records, this Ash-throated Flycatcher was a treat at Dartmouth 14-23 (here 14) December 2014. Photographs by Peter Brennon. Brown Thrasher, very rare in Newfoundland, is especially so in winter. This bird discovered 15 February 2015 (here) at Long Pond, Pippy Park provided Newfoundland with its fourth winter record. Photograph by Jared Clarke. Although Townsend's Warbler is the most frequently observed western warbler species in Newfoundland, the discovery of two along the Northwest River by Cliff Doran 5 (here 6) December 2014 was truly remarkable. Newfoundland and Labrador has seventeen previous records of ths species. Photograph by Bruce Mactavish. This Harris's Sparrow was first detected 2 December 2014 (here) at Bear Point, Nova Scotia and last seen 6 December 2014. Photograph by Ruthie Crowell-Smith.

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