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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 307 W E S T I N D I E S & B E R M U D A another was an unexpected find at Leeward Drive Excavations, North Side, Grand Cayman 19 Feb (PDa), and 5 were at Reserva Varahi - cacos, Matanzas, Cuba the same day (LA). A Sharp-shinned Hawk was reported from Saint- Marc, Artibonite, Dominican Republic 10 Feb (D&MW). A Northern Harrier was at the old fruit farm near Treasure Cay, Abaco 18 Feb (EB, AL, TW). A calling Spotted Rail was en - countered at wetland w. of Sabana de la Mar, Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic 13 Dec (JZ et al.). A Purple Gallinule was at Somerset Long Bay, Bermuda 1 Dec (DBW); another was at Reef G.C. on the Grand Bahama C.B.C. 4 Jan (EG, LD ph.). A Caribbean Coot was carefully identified among American Coots at Montego Bay Sewage Ponds, Saint James, Jamaica 10 Dec (MF, JH). Two American Golden-Plovers were report- ed at West Bay, Grand Cayman 26 Nov (JTe), and one was noted on Cayo Coco, Cuba 14 Jan (AS). Sixty Wilson's Plovers at Green Turtle Cay, Abaco 18 Jan made a high count there (EB). Good counts of Piping Plovers in the Bahamas included 15 at Dunmore Town, Harbour Island 30 Dec (LH), 19 on the North Abaco C.B.C. 2 Jan (fide EB), 16 at Cargill Creek, Andros 30 Jan (MJ), and 14 at South Beach, New Providence 3 Feb (MJ). A Piping Plover was noted at Isabela, Puerto Rico 17 Jan (LMu). Three Killdeer were present at Petit Carenage Bird Swamp, Grenada 30 Jan (AP). There were 250 Black-necked Stilts at South Salina, Grand Turk 14 Feb (AW). Two American Avocets were at a pond near Harbour Breeze Villas, Long Island, Bahamas 19-20 Jan (SB). Bracey found 24 Western Willets at Sandy Point, Abaco 20 Dec and 31 there on 8 Feb. There were 70 Dunlins at Green Turtle Cay 18 Jan (EB). Ashton Lagoon, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a great place for unusual winter - ing shorebirds in the Region; 26 Willets and 18 Whimbrels were there 15 Jan (OJ, MPa, ML, KS). A Whimbrel was found at Dover Sound, Grand Bahama 2 Jan (SR); another was seen at North Creek, Grand Turk 14 Feb (AW). A Hud - sonian Godwit at Saona Island, La Altagracia, Dominican Republic 9 Jan (THC) provided only the fourth record on Hispaniola. A Wil - son's Phalarope at West End Salt Pond, Anguilla 31 Dec (JRC) was locally rare. A Parasitic Jaeger 2 Dec (PR) was seen at Río Grande de Añasco, Puerto Rico. A rare Franklin's Gull was photographed at Charca Yeguada, Puerto Rico 20 Nov (RR). Black-head - ed Gull is uncommon in the Region; singles showed up at Port-Louis, Guadeloupe 14 Dec (AL, FD) and Golden Groves Swamp, Barbados 29 Dec (JM). A Bonaparte's Gull was at West End, Grand Bahama 14 Feb (EG, m.ob.). Large gulls seem to be everywhere. A Herring Gull was at Monumento Natural Bahía de las Calde - ras (Salinas de Bani), Dominican Republic 22 Dec (KW). An Iceland Gull was first noted in St. Georges Harbour, Bermuda 11 Feb (DBW). Increasingly regular in the Greater Antilles, sin - gle Lesser Black-backed Gulls were at Pirámide de Cataño, Puerto Rico 12 Nov (EA) and at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2-3 Jan (NO-P, SW). Single Great Black-backed Gulls were noted at Cay à l'eau, Haïti 27 Dec (SCr) and on the Varadero Peninsula, Cuba 30 Dec (IW). Kelp Gulls appear to be less frequent in the Region but should be kept in mind in the identification of black-backed gulls, as should hybrids. Seven Caspian Terns were at the Ne - gril Sewage Ponds, Westmoreland, Jamaica 23 Feb (SJ). A Caspian Tern was at Morgan's Bluff, Andros 2 Jan (JS). A Royal Tern at Dock - yard/Watford Bridge, Bermuda 28 Jan–22 Feb (DBW) had been banded in North Carolina in Jul 2014. Whitlock found 110 Sandwich Terns at the sw. end of North Creek, Grand Turk 14 Feb. Two Forster's Terns were at Castaway Cay, Abaco 9 Jan (GR) and one at Treasure Cay, Ab - aco 6 Feb (EB). Two Least Terns were seen at Trelawny, Falmouth, Jamaica 17 Dec (KU). A Sooty Tern seen off 8 Mile Rock, Grand Ba - hama 4 Jan (BP) was astonishing; in the Atlan- tic, the species winters in the Gulf of Guinea. Bermuda's first Razorbill was discovered in the Great Sound 22-26 Feb (PW). A Blue-headed Quail-Dove was seen well during the Vinales, Cuba C.B.C. in an area not frequently surveyed 16 Dec (RLN et al.). A Brown-throated Parakeet seen at Great Har - bour, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands 14 Dec (HS) could have been either a legitimate immigrant from St. Thomas or an escapee from one of many yachts that visit. One of the 3 Per - egrine Falcons that wintered in Bermuda was found dead at Paget 16 Jan (LF). A Peregrine at the Marls, Abaco was easily observed from the Sunset Ridge overlook near Treasure Cay 18 Feb (EB, AL, TW). The count of 5 Bay-breasted Cuckoos (Endangered) at La Placa, Puerto Es - condido, Dominican Republic 4 Nov (FG) was welcome. An Ashy-faced Owl was at Childcare Hill, Haïti 1 Nov (SCr). A Stygian Owl was at Camino Aicetillar, Pedernales, Dominican Re - public 10 Dec (HV). A Puerto Rican Screech- Owl was heard along King Hill Rd. above Coral Bay, St. John 1 Jan (RRV et al.), but subsequent evening searches for this bird 11 & 15 Jan were unsuccessful. A Ruby-throated Hummingbird was at Camden Marsh, Bermuda 4-5 Jan (AD), another at Gates's Garden, Freeport, Grand Ba - hama 8 Jan (EG), and another at Valley Gar- dens, Bodden Town, Grand Cayman 6 Jan (CR- S). Chuck-will's-widows began calling at Coral Harbour, New Providence 27 Feb (CW). A pair of West Indian Woodpeckers at Sweeting's Cay, Grand Bahama 6 Jan (BP, DM) probably came from Abaco. PASSERINES Eastern Phoebes were seen frequently on Abaco and Grand Bahama during the winter; one at Love Hill, Andros 20 Feb was the lat - est reported (AL, CW, TW). An Eastern Wood- Pewee was reported on the New Providence C.B.C. 4 Dec (fide NM). Two Great Crested Flycatchers at Fresh Creek, Andros 20 Feb were unexpected (AL, CW, TW). A Tropical/ Couch's Kingbird was reported from Bahama Palm Shores, Abaco 4 Jan (SC), and there were seven reports of Western Kingbird in the n. Ba - hamas, with a high count of 6 at Ruby G.C., Grand Bahama 4 Jan (DM, m.ob.). Gray King - birds were reported in the Bahamas during the three winter months, although there was a hiatus between 2 Jan and 12 Feb. Small num - bers appear to be departing later and return- ing earlier in recent years. A Blue-headed Vireo was at Garden of the Groves, Grand Bahama 27 Dec (EG, MG). A Philadelphia Vireo was noted at Mission House, National Trust, North Side, Grand Cayman 23 Nov (RRo). A locally rare White-eyed Vireo was at Hermitage, St. Croix 27 Feb (LY, CC-B). Steensma and Brace, hearing an "unusual gurgling/bubbling call," located and photographed a Cuban Crow at Mastic Point, Andros 2 Jan and later found a second bird. This is the first record of Cuban Crow for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, but the species is resident in the Turks & Cai - cos Islands. A flock of Horned Larks wintered at Bermuda Airport, with a maximum 35 birds 28 Dec (AD). A Horned Lark, the second report for the Bahamas, was photographed Found by Paul Watson, Bermuda's first Razorbill lingered in the Great Sound 22-26 (here 22) February 2015. Photographs by Andrew Dobson.

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