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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 301 M E X I C O nah Sparrows were in a grassy field e. of El Cedral, Cozumel 6 Jan (MC). An uncommon White-crowned Sparrow was at the CRIT ponds in Mérida 13 Dec (ph. MQ). Rose- throated Tanager is another species found very locally throughout the e. portion of Yu- catán; a female was reported along the Chu- lantun rd. near Chemax 12 Jan and another 16 Jan on the San Simón rd. near Uxmal (MC). An Orange Oriole observed a few km w. of Zoh Laguna 28 Feb (BM) was slightly s. of mapped range. A total of 7 Eastern Mead- owlarks was found on the rd. to Dzibanché, Q. Roo 21 Jan (AA, ph. CC). Contributors (area compiler in boldface): Cecilia Alvarez, Ariel Amoroso, Ismael Ar- rellano, Humberto Bahena, Wilbert Caa- mal, Martha Can, William Canto, Michael Carmody, Arturo Castelán, Angel F. Cas- tillo, Carolina Cepeda, Alvaro Cevera, Geoff Crooks, Antonio Díaz, Santiago Díaz, Lau - rie Dolan, Alexander Dzib, Victoria Estrella, Juan Flores, Luis Ku, Omar Ku, Nallely Lugo, Barbara MacKinnon , Diego Núñez, Jorge Núñez, Eduardo Patiño, Jim Parting- ton, Cherie Pittillo, Mariana Quesadas, Waldemar Santamaría, Luis Tellez, Bill Tweit, Lucy Winter. Erratum: The photograph of the hoffmanni Variable Seedeater (North American Birds 68: 155) credited to Héctor Gómez de Silva was in fact taken by Gary Nunn. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Héctor Gómez de Silva, Xola 314-E, 03100, D.F. ( individuals to show up elsewhere, as one did along the Ría Lagartos-San Felipe rd. 11 Jan (MC). Two uncommon American Pip- its were in the grassy area at Las Coloradas 21 Feb (ph. DN), and an equally uncom- mon wintering Louisiana Waterthrush was documented at Majahual, Q. Roo 10 Dec (ph. LT). Also overwintering were 10 Ten- nessee Warblers reported at Ek Balam, Yuc. and 8 at Chichén Itza 1 Jan (BT, LW); other singles were at a private reserve 15 km sw. of Espita, Yuc. 1 Jan (BM), at El Cedral, Cozumel 6 Jan (MC), at San Gervasio, Co- zumel 7 Jan (MC), and at Ría Lagartos 11 Jan (MC). A big surprise was a male Man- grove Warbler at Acuaparque, Mérida 15 Feb (ph. CP); this is the only report of the species away from the coastal mangroves. In Quintana Roo, a male Black-throated Blue Warbler seen at Muyil 19 Dec (ph. LK) was no doubt one of the rare ones that decide to spend the winter in the subregion. A rare Prairie Warbler was observed along the Ria Lagartos-San Fe- lipe rd. 11 Jan (MC). Gray-headed Tana- ger is found through - out most of the subre- gion but very locally in Yucatán, where one was seen at a private reserve 15 km sw. of Espita 1 Jan (BM); another was along on the Chulantun rd. near Chemax 10 Jan (MC). Two Blue-gray Tanagers were seen near the old church in Kikil, on the Tizimin- Ría Lagartos rd. 11 Jan (MC). Two Savan - the island. Olive-sided Flycatcher has been frequently documented in Quintana Roo, but one along the San Simon rd. at Uxmal 15 Jan appears to be the first for Yucatán (ph. GC, LD, MC). A possible White-throated Flycatcher was reported in the marshes n. of Kikil on the Tizimin-Ría Lagartos rd., Yuc. 11 Jan (MC). Fourteen Scissor-tailed Fly- catchers were seen in downtown Cancún 1 Jan, and 25 were there feeding on Ficus with a Fork-tailed Flycatcher 4 Jan (CA, ph. JF); 3 Scissor-taileds were there 6 Feb (CA, JF). A pair of Gray-breasted Martins appeared to be nesting inside a street light in the vil- lage of Zoh Laguna, Camp. 27 Feb (BM, WS). A Bank Swallow was among 200 swal- lows feeding along the beach s. of Sisal 17 Jan (MC), and a pair of Tropical Gnatcatch- ers was on the Chulantun rd. near Chemax, Yuc. 12 Jan (MC). Although Wood Thrush- es mostly spend the winter at the base of the Yucatan Peninsula, it is not unusual for Part of a recent winter trend, a flock of up to twenty Redheads appeared on Cozumel Island, Quintana Roo 30 December 2014. Photograph by Arturo Castelán. Olive-sided Flycatcher, well documented for Quintana Roo, has apparently not been verified for Yucatán until this photograph was taken along the San Simon road at Uxmal 15 January 2015. Photograph by Laurie Dolan. Unusual away from coastal mangrove habitats, this Mangrove Warbler was at Acuaparque, Mérida, Yucatán on 15 February 2015. Photograph by Cherie Pittillo.

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