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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 295 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A dale, Los Angeles 4 Jan–2 Mar (AKL). The only Lark Bunting report came from S.J.W.A. 16 Dec (HBK). A Nelson's Sparrow at Goleta 31 Dec (LG) was the first in winter in Santa Barbara. About 15 Swamp Sparrows were found on the coastal slope, with another at C.L. 11 Dec–9 Jan (SLS) and at least 3 at S.E.S.S. during the period. Two-thirds of the 68 coastal slope White-throated Sparrows were in the two n. counties, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara; 3 more were in the Kern River drainage of Kern 17 Dec–21 Jan, and 7 others were on the des - erts. Harris's Sparrows were at San Luis Obispo 20 Dec–16 Feb (KLP), Goleta 30 Nov–14 Feb (JCo), Carpinteria 25 Dec–1 Jan (EC) and 7 Jan–10 Mar (PM), Santa Barbara Island 26 Jan (JHow), South San Diego 12 Jan–12 Apr (PEL), and F.C.R. 1-4 Jan (SLH). The Hepatic Tanager returning for its fourth winter at Balboa Park in San Diego 9 Nov re - mained through 23 Mar (CA, MSa). Summer Tanagers during the period were best represent - ed in San Luis Obispo (4), Santa Barbara (5), Los Angeles (7), and San Diego (20); others were on the desert at Borrego Springs 14 Dec (PEL) and S.E.S.S. 14-17 Dec (AK). Rose-breasted Gros - beaks at Adelaida, San Luis Obispo 13-14 Jan (CF), Goleta 30 Dec (GCH), and Ojai, Ventura 10 Jan (GS) were matched by 3 Black-headed Grosbeaks in coastal Los Angeles during the pe - riod. Very rare in winter, a Bronzed Cowbird was at N.E.S.S. 14 Jan (RMcK). Bullock's Ori - oles remain the most frequently encountered winter oriole in the Region, but there were an impressive 12 Orchard Orioles (7 in San Diego) and 19 Baltimore Orioles (all in Santa Barbara and San Diego) this winter as well. A scatter - ing of Hooded Orioles included one inland at Brawley, Imperial 4 Feb (JHe) that was too early to be a spring migrant. Four Scott's Ori - oles were in Santa Barbara during the period. Up to 9 Purple Finches, casual in Inyo, were at Bishop at the end of Nov (LBH), with at least one continuing through 22 Feb. Erratic in San Diego, single Cassin's Finches were at Jacumba 20-26 & 28 Feb (NC, EGK). Pine Siskins were found in high numbers on the n. coast, with a count of 62 at feeder in San Luis Obispo 16 Dec (HE), 286 on the Santa Barbara C.B.C. 3 Jan, and a record 72 on the Lake Cachuma C.B.C. 26 Dec. American Goldfinches are scarce and erratic winter visitors to the Salton Sink, so 2 at N.E.S.S. 17 Feb (RMcK) were of note. A few Evening Grosbeaks were found in the San Ber - nardino Mountains, with others at Goleta 23 Dec (JHod), Banning, Riverside 2 Jan (BP), and Jacumba 16 Feb–1 May (EGK). Cited observers (county coordinators in bold- face): Alice Abela, Paulette Ache, Christopher Adler, Ryan Andrews, Larry R. Ballard, Joel Bar - Warblers were all on the n. coast: one contin- ued from Nov through 2 Jan at Cayucos, San Luis Obispo (TME), and singles were at Santa Barbara 27 Dec (JHod) and Goleta 27 Dec–13 Jan (NAL). Twenty-two Nashville Warblers were found on the coastal slope, with others at Mo - jave Narrows R.P., San Bernardino 27 Dec (SJM), n. of Blythe 6 Jan (DVanP), and at Finney Lake, S.E.S.S. 17 Jan (GCH). A Virginia's Warbler re - mained from the fall through 20 Dec at Long Beach, Los Angeles (BTu). Our rarest western warbler here in winter, a MacGillivray's Warbler, was at Balboa Park in San Diego 20 Dec (PAGi). Notable among the dozen American Redstarts found this winter, including 3 at S.E.S.S., where regular, was one at Bishop 11 Dec (CG). North - ern Parulas were at Castaic Lagoon, Los Angeles 2 Jan–25 Feb (SDS), Prado R.P. 8-17 Feb (HBK), and La Jolla, San Diego 2-23 Feb (PEL); one at Atwater Village, Los Angeles 12 Mar (KLG) had also undoubtedly wintered locally. A Chestnut- sided Warbler continued at Fairmount Park in Riverside from the fall through 1 Feb (JSz); one at Del Mar, San Diego 7-14 Mar (SES) had cer - tainly wintered locally. Casual in the Region, a Yellow-throated Warbler was seen by many at Cathedral City, Riverside 25 Dec–25 Jan (DSC). A male Black-throated Blue Warbler frequented a Long Beach yard from late Dec through 28 Mar (Jim & Tina Vince, fide PK). A Bay-breasted Warbler at Mission Viejo 25 Jan–12 Feb (LE) provided the first mid-winter record for Or - ange. Palm Warblers were found widely on the coastal slope, with at least 23 reported; excep - tional was one on the desert slope in agricul- tural fields near Lancaster, Los Angeles 10 Jan (KLG). The returning Prairie Warbler continued at Carpinteria from fall through 23 Feb (BTo). The Grace's Warbler at Goleta continued from fall through 8 Mar (JEL), and one at San Diego 15 Mar (NC) had returned for its third winter. A Black-throated Green Warbler at San Diego 29 Oct–5 Apr (MSa) had returned for its second winter, and one at Pismo State Beach Oceano Campground continued from fall through 2 Jan (MLS); birds making their debut were at Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles 21 Dec (JEP) and Del Mar, San Diego 18 Feb–19 Mar (TG). Small numbers of Wilson's Warblers were in the coastal lowlands, with a remarkable count of 5 at a golf course at Palos Verdes Estates 21 Dec (JEP). Painted Redstarts were at Santa Barbara 2 Jan–10 Mar (JD) and in Los Angeles at Glendora from fall through 26 Feb (RF) and Sierra Madre 20 Dec–20 Jan (RC). An American Tree Sparrow at C.L. 29-30 Dec (SLS) was on the n. deserts, where most expected; farther s., one was at Castaic La - goon 11 Jan–12 Mar (LT, DB). Clay-colored Sparrows were at Morro Bay 30 Nov–11 Dec (MDH), Ojai, Ventura 21 Dec (JeG), and Irwin - and in San Timoteo Canyon, San Bernardino 20-21 Jan (TEW), with another near there 21 Jan (MG). A Brown Creeper at the Carissa Plain School 22 Jan was only second for Car - rizo Plain, San Luis Obispo, following first in fall 2014 (WHK); 10 were found on the C.B.C. at Lancaster 20 Dec (NF), a new high count there. Casual in the Region, a Winter Wren was at Huntington Beach 30 Dec–17 Jan (KS, JEP); a Pacific/Winter Wren at Finney Lake, S.E.S.S. 4 Jan–20 Feb (HBK, TAB) was thought likely a Winter by vocalizations. American Robins were found in numbers far greater than average, at least in Los Angeles, where a roost estimated at 10,000+ birds was at La Habra Heights 20 Dec–13 Jan (RH) and a record 169 were found on the on Lancaster C.B.C. 20 Dec (NF). The fall's massive invasion of Varied Thrushes continued through the win - ter, with all counties reporting numbers rang- ing from "above average" to "unprecedented." Some high counts included 152 at Atascadero, San Luis Obispo 11 Jan (KJZ), 26 at Waller Park in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara 5 Dec, 65 in the Santa Ynez Valley and San Rafael Mountains, Santa Barbara 26 Dec, 84 in the Lompoc, Santa Barbara area 14 Dec, 200 on the s. coast of San - ta Barbara 3 Jan, at least 22 on San Clemente Island during the period, 64 on the Orange Co. (NE) C.B.C. 14 Dec, and 23 on Orange Co. (Coastal) C.B.C. 28 Dec, 31 at Hart Park in Ba - kersfield 24 Feb (K&BK), and up to 15 at U.C. Riverside 12 Jan (NT); the bird most far-flung from its cool nw. forest origins was at S.E.S.S. (Salton Seas N.W.R. headquarters) 15 Dec–30 Jan (MHW, GMcC). Winter vagrant mimids included a Gray Catbird at Borrego Springs, San Diego 15 Jan–15 Apr (PA) and Brown Thrashers at Des - canso, San Diego 15 Nov–27 Apr (CBu) and Bard, Imperial 23 Oct–4 Jan (PEL). At least 3 Sprague's Pipits were in their regular winter haunts near Calipatria 16 Dec–8 Feb (TAB, JBr, LK, BM, MJSanM). A late migrant Lapland Longspur was at Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara 18 Dec (WvD), and one was at Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, Orange 6 Jan (BSh). A Mc - Cown's Longspur was at Santa Ynez 19 Jan–10 Feb (WvD), and up to 4 were at Nuevo, River - side 10-11 Jan (MWo, BSin). WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES A Worm-eating Warbler at The Village Green in Los Angeles 20 Dec–30 Mar (DS) was the first to have wintered in the Region in six years. Only 4 Northern Waterthrushes were found, all in coastal Orange and San Diego. A good showing of 33 Black-and-white Warblers was reported, all on the coastal slope. Tennessee Warblers were in San Diego at Nestor 19-27 Dec (PEL) and Cardiff 3 Jan (JMcM). The 3 Lucy's

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