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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 294 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A than expected, with birds in Orange at e. Ana- heim 25 Nov–23 Dec (HE), Laguna Niguel 26 Nov–16 Mar (TH, JMcK), and Fountain Valley 4-23 Dec (TEW), along with one at Lake Hodg - es, San Diego 19 Jan (JKe). As expected, some 16 Pacific-slope Flycatchers were on the coastal slope, with others at Bakersfield, Kern 17 Dec (SDS) and Niland 16 Dec (CAM). The only 2 Eastern Phoebes were at the Tijuana River Val - ley 1 Jan–28 Feb+ (CBe, SR) and S.J.W.A. 7 Dec (DRa). Vermilion Flycatchers continue to in - crease in the Region, establishing small and of- ten ephemeral populations at widely scattered localities; notable were up to 4 at P.M.N.A.S. 5 Dec–28 Feb (m.ob.), up to 9 at Bonsall, San Di - ego 27 Dec (MSt), and 18 around Blythe 6 Jan (DVanP). A Dusky-capped Flycatcher, annual in recent winters, was at Isla Vista, Santa Bar - bara 3 Jan–19 Feb (LRB). Seven Ash-throated Flycatchers on the coastal slope of Los Angeles during the period were more than expected; another was at Anaheim 16 Jan (ESa). Eighteen Tropical Kingbirds, many remaining from the fall, were found on the coastal slope, with an - other at N.E.S.S. 2 Dec (CMcG, RMcK). The returning Thick-billed Kingbird noted in fall remained through at least 3 Jan at San Dimas, Los Angeles (MSc); another, returning for its fifth winter, was at Chula Vista 11 Dec–25 Mar (SR, TF-H). A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Prado R.P., San Bernardino 6 Feb (CDW) was at a site with several recent records. Bell's Vireos were at Garden Grove, Orange 7-13 Dec (TEW) and Nestor, San Diego 8 Nov–28 Mar (PEL); one at Bishop continuing from Nov through 17 Jan (C&RH) was excep - tional for the n. desert. Three Gray Vireos were found in their specialized wintering habitat in Elephant Tree (Bursera microphylla) groves in Anza Borrego S.P. near Ocotillo Wells, San Di - ego 26 Feb (PU). Twenty-seven Plumbeous Vir- eos were found on the coastal slope from Los Angeles southward, with others on the deserts at Pearblossom, Los Angeles 9 Dec (JSF) and n. of Blythe 6 Jan (DVanP). Twelve Cassin's Vireos were found in coastal Los Angeles and San Di - ego, with others at Kernville, Kern 15-24 Dec (AMS) and Riverside 12 Jan (NT). A Warbling Vireo, casual in winter, was at Santa Barbara 17 Feb for its second winter (PAGa). Bank Swallows are very rare on the coast in winter, so one at Irvine 20-23 Jan (TF-H) was noteworthy; 3 at N.E.S.S. 3 Jan (DSC, EAC, AEM) were the first for that area's C.B.C., while another near Calipatria 16 Dec (MJSanM) was at the species' most regular wintering area in the Region. A Cave Swallow at S.E.S.S. 25 Jan (GMcC) was the tenth to be found in Califor - nia, all in this general area. Wandering Verdins were at Pearsonville, Inyo 16 Dec (SKB), in the Tijuana River Valley 30 Dec–10 Jan (CR), surprise. A Glaucous Gull at Apollo Park near Lancaster, Los Angeles 1 Jan (JFG) and another near Lakeview 3 Feb (CMcG) were inland, and single birds at Lompoc, Santa Barbara 6-8 Dec (PTS), at Port Hueneme, Ventura 5 Jan (AJS), and at Dana Point 10-31 Jan (TABe) appeared to be the only 3 on the coast. PIGEONS THROUGH LONGSPURS Unusually large concentrations of Band-tailed Pigeons in the coastal lowlands included 100 at Vandenberg Village on V.A.F.B. 9 Feb (KH), 200-250 in urban Santa Ana, Orange 26 Jan (DRW), 23 at Newport Beach, Orange 28 Dec (DRW), 52 at Vista, San Diego 27 Dec (C.B.C. data), and 5 on Point Loma 1 Jan (GN), with one off the coast on San Clemente Island 11-12 Jan (BSS). A White-winged Dove at C.L. 18-23 Feb (SLS) was well to the n. of any area where known to winter; counts of 51 at N.E.S.S. 29 Dec (RMcK) and 40 at Brawley 15 Dec (PEL) illustrate how numerous this dove has become at some locations in the se. part of California in recent years; however, only 4 were found in the coastal lowlands. A Lesser Nighthawk at Goleta 25 Nov–30 Dec (DPe) appeared to be attempt - ing to winter locally. A Broad-billed Humming- bird near Mayflower Park at Blythe, Riverside 5 Dec (DVanP) was the only one known in Cali - fornia this winter. An ad. male Rufous Hum- mingbird photographed at Carpinteria 5 Dec–2 Jan (JCal) was the same bird present last winter. Some of the Acorn Woodpeckers that moved into the coastal lowlands last fall remained into the winter in the s. part of the Region, as in - dicated by up to 2 at Long Beach's El Dorado Park 1 Dec–15 Feb (BTu et al.), 2 at the Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles 31 Dec (MD), and one at Gardena, Los Angeles 19 Feb (RB), one at Carlsbad, San Diego 6 Feb (DRi), up to 3 at San Elijo Lagoon 9 Nov–9 Feb (RTP), 4 at Tecolote Canyon overlooking Mission Bay at San Diego 31 Oct–28 Feb (SB), and 3 on San Clemente Island through 12 Feb (NJD). At least 18 Yel - low-bellied Sapsuckers were found scattered throughout the Region this winter. A Nuttall's Woodpecker at Cathedral City, Riverside 14 Feb (HBK) was e. of the species' normal range, pro - viding the first record for the Coachella Valley. A young Crested Caracara frequented an area along Hwy. 115 e. of Brawley/Calipatria 19 Jan–28 Feb (JCar), this being only the fourth to be found in the Salton Sink, and the long- staying bird on Santa Catalina Island was still present 2 Feb (JKi). Only 5 Hammond's Flycatchers were report - ed during the period, all on the coastal slope; 6 Gray Flycatchers on the coastal slope and an - other at Mojave Narrows R.P., San Bernardino 27 Dec–17 Jan (BSin) were fewer than average. In contrast, 4 Dusky Flycatchers were more and widespread along the coast in Dec and Jan than normal, with 20 reported in San Luis Obispo and n. Santa Barbara, one off Carpinte - ria 9 Jan (LRB), another near Leo Carrillo S.P., Ventura 21 Dec (AJS), 6 along the coast of Los Angeles between 21 Dec and 16 Jan (KLG), and one as far s. as Mission Bay at San Diego 1-5 Dec (LH). Ancient Murrelets were much com - moner than expected, with over 100 reported along the coast to as far s. as Imperial Beach in San Diego during Dec and Jan, including 2 on San Clemente Island 26 Dec (JTS) that provide the third modern day record for that location. A Black-legged Kittiwake on Lake Havasu 1 Feb (DVanP) was inland, where unexpected. An ad. Little Gull was found with wintering Bonaparte's Gulls off Huntington Beach 10 Jan (TABe). A Laughing Gull, rare on the coast in California, was on s. San Diego Bay 1-7 Feb (PEL). A Franklin's Gull, unexpected any - where in California in winter, was at Moreno Valley, Riverside 18 Feb (GM), and another was at Irvine, Orange 14 Dec–21 Jan (GLT). Three Mew Gulls were found far inland on the Salton Sea, with one each at North Shore, Riv - erside 6 Feb (RMcK), Salton Sea R.A., Riverside 17 Feb (RMcK), and Red Hill, Imperial 24 Jan (RA), and another was at the S.J.W.A. 22 Feb (AEM). As is now expected, at least 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls were known present near Lakeview, along with at least 9 on the Salton Sea, but single birds high in the mountains on Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino 15 Feb–11 Mar (ET) and along the coast on s. San Diego Bay 1 Feb (PEL) and 4-12 Mar (MSa) were more of a This young Crested Caracara, photographed on 24 January 2014, associated with Turkey Vultures at the open agricultural land east of Brawley and Calipatria, Imperial County, between 19 January and 28 February 2015. This bird is the fourth of its species to be found in the Salton Sink. Photograph by Curtis A. Marantz.

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