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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 292 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A Pandolfino (Placer), Gary W. Potter (Fresno), Ron Pozzi, Peter Pyle, Bernadette Ramer, Robert Ramer, Harold M. Reeve, Robert W. Reiling, Will Richardson, Robert J. Richmond (Alameda), Michael Rieser, Don Roberson (Monterey), Mi - chael M. Rogers (MMR), Michael Rogner (MRg), Diane Rose, Steve Rose, Stephen C. Rottenborn, Ruth A. Rudesill (Sonoma), Paul Saraceni, Ken Schneider, Christian Schwarz, Cooper Scol - lan, Jeff Seay (Kings), Doug Shaw, David Sidle, Daniel Singer, Jim H. Snowden, Shearwater Journeys, Kevin Spencer, Mark Stacy, John C. Sterling (Modoc, Alpine, Calaveras, and Yolo), Tim Steurer (El Dorado and Amador), Steve J. Stump, Brian L. Sullivan, Steven D. Summers (Tulare), Craig Swolgaard, Linda Terrill, Ryan Terrill, Scott B. Terrill, Ronald S. Thorn, Jim Tietz (F.I.), Francis Toldi, Steve Umland (Tu - olumne), Chuck E. Vaughn, Kent Van Vuren (Merced), David Vander Pluym, Matt Wachs, Ken Wells, Jerry R. White (Lake), David G. Yee, Bob & Carol Yutzy (Shasta). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Ed Pandolfino ( thrashers to finches ) 1328 49th Street, Sacramento, California 95819 ( Stephen C. Rottenborn ( loons to frigatebirds, larids to alcids ) 983 University Avenue, Building D, Los Gatos, California 95032 ( Michael M. Rogers ( waterfowl to quail, herons to shorebirds ) 499 Novato Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94086 ( Jeff N. Davis ( doves to thrushes ) 11238 N. Via Trevisio Way, Fresno, California 93730 ( sen), Nanci Adams, Alan D. Barron, Leonie Bat- kin, Dave A. Bengston, Murray Berner (Napa), Justin Bosler, William G. Bousman (Santa Clara), Steve Brad, Lucas Brug, Scott Carey, Rita Carratello, George E. Chaniot, Daryl Coldren (Humboldt and Del Norte), Chris Conard (Sacra - mento), Hugh Cotter, Rudy C. Darling (Nevada), Jeff N. Davis (Madera), Al DeMartini, Bruce E. Deuel (n. C.V. counties), Scott Dietrich, Colin P. Dillingham (Plumas and Sierra), Cedric Du - halde, Jon L. Dunn, Pete Dunten, Leo J. Edson, Elias Elias, Gil C. Ewing, Dane Fagundes, Paul Fenwick, Eric Feuss, David Fix, Rick Fournier, Rob Fowler (RbF; Humboldt and Del Norte), Dea Freid, Rob Furrow, James H. Gain, John Garrett, Steve Gerow (Santa Cruz), Frank R. Hall, David Hamilton, Denise Hamilton, Steve C. Hampton, W. Edward Harper, John Harris (Stanislaus), Lauren Harter, Garth Harwood, Cliff Hawley, Rob Hewitt, Bill Hill, Alan S. Hopkins, Deb - bie House, Eugene S. Hunn, John E. Hunter (Trinity), Alvaro Jaramillo, David A. Jensen, Logan Kahle (Contra Costa), Robert J. Keiffer (Mendocino), Clay Kempf, Mark Kudrav, Tony Kurz, Alexandra Lamb, Gary S. Lester, Robin L. C. Leong (Solano), John Lockhart, Jim Lo - max, John S. Luther, Michael J. Mammoser, Don Marsh, Dan J. Maxwell (Marin), Sean McAl - lister, Tristan McKee, Peter J. Metropulos (San Mateo), Dominik Mosur (San Francisco), Roger Muskat, Martin Meyers, Dan Nelson, Kristie N. Nelson (Mono), Chet Ogan, Frances Oli - ver (San Joaquin), Ron & Nancy Overholtz, Ed average. Sixteen Western Tanagers provided a typical total for the Region; however, 5 at William Land Park, Sacramento 17 Dec+ (LJE, m.ob.) was remarkable for a single locality. Only 2 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were reported, one s. of McKinleyville, Humboldt 1 Dec (RbF et al.) and another at Santa Rosa, Sonoma 14 Dec– 11 Jan (Debbie Dressler). Nine Black-headed Grosbeaks made a good total but fell short of last winter's record of 13. An injured Blue Gros - beak found on River Rd., Monterey 6 Jan (ph. Jessica Shipman) expired at the local SPCA of - fice but not before providing a first winter re- cord for that county and a rare winter record for the Region. A Rusty Blackbird at Glenshire 25 Jan–1 Feb (Greg Hemig, m.ob.) provided a first record for Nevada. Three of 4 Orchard Ori - oles were in S.F., all 15 Bullock's Orioles were coastal, and Baltimore Orioles were at Lafayette Park, S.F. 2 Dec–2 Feb (Richard Bradus) and San Mateo, San Mateo 14 Dec–24 Jan (ADeM). A Brambling continued from fall at Arcata, Humboldt through the season (RbF, m.ob.). Corrigenda: In the winter 2013-2014 report, for the record of the Lucy's Warbler in S.F. 23-24 Dec, Mark W. Eaton is credited as having taken a photograph, but Michael Park should have re - ceived that credit. Cited observers (county subregional editors in boldface): Many more observers are not specifi - cally cited; all are appreciated. Ken Able (Las- fornia are seen by multiple observers, only the observer(s) initially finding and/or identifying the bird are included. Documentation for spe - cies on the California B.R.C. (C.B.R.C.) review list (see is forwarded to the C.B.R.C. and archived at the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology in Camarillo. WATERFOWL THROUGH GULLS Seven Fulvous Whistling-Ducks were at the S.J.W.A. 3-7 Jan, with 3 shot by hunters 3 Jan and 4 photographed on 4 Jan (RM); this species formerly nested at multiple locations through - out the s. half of California, but was restricted to S.E.S.S. by the 1970s and is now only a ca - sual to accidental straggler in the state. A flock of 82 Tundra Swans on Tinemaha Reservoir, Inyo 26 Dec (C&RH) was the largest number reported in the Region; 2 at F.C.R. 1 Jan (SLH) were at an unexpected location, and single birds around Pico Rivera/South El Monte, Los Angeles 23 Dec–16 Mar (DD) and another at the Guy McCaskie Kimball L. Garrett –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he Region's ongoing drought contin- ued through the winter; although a few storms deposited rain in December and January, temperatures climbed higher than av - erage and precipitation dipped well below aver- age as the winter progressed. A historic invasion of Varied Thrushes, first noted late in fall, con - tinued through the winter season. Significant rarities were few, with a Roseate Spoonbill at the south end of the Salton Sea after 10 Janu - ary being California's first in seven years and the returning wintering Gray Hawk at Carpinteria being noteworthy. Abbreviations: C.L. (China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, extreme ne. Kern); E.A.F.B. (Edwards A.F.B., se. Kern); F.C.R. (Furnace Creek Ranch, Death Valley N.P., Inyo); N.E.S.S. (n. end of the Salton Sea, Riverside); P.M.N.A.S. (Point Mugu Naval Air Station, Ventura); S.E.S.S. (s. end of the Salton Sea, Imperial); S.J.W.A. (San Jacinto W.A., near Lakeview, Riverside); V.A.F.B. (Vandenberg A.F.B., nw. Santa Barbara). Mu - seum collections abbreviated in the text are: LACM (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County) and SDNHM (San Diego Natural His - tory Museum). Because most rarities in s. Cali- Southern California

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