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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 289 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A compelling was an ad. showing the features of the nominate subspecies at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery 2 Jan (ph. Cory Gregory, Ashley Casey), a first Sacramento record (p.a.). Other well-doc - umented reports included a first-cycle bird at Clear Lake, Lake 27-29 Dec (ph. Steve Stump), 2 first-cycle birds at the Teapot Dome Landfill, Tulare 9-10 Jan (†JLD, ph. †SDS), and different first-cycle birds s. of San Jose, Santa Clara 18 & 22 Feb (ph. SCH, ph. RWR). However, some of these birds possessed features similar to others that have not been accepted by the C.B.R.C. due to concerns about faded Thayer's Gulls or vari - ability within Thayer's. Lesser Black-backed Gulls were at Alviso, Santa Clara 18 Dec (ph. SCR), Crowley Lake, Mono 27 Dec (JLD, R&NO; likely a returning bird from the previous winter), the Teapot Dome Landfill, Tulare 21 Jan (ph. SDS), and H.R.S. 22 Jan (RJR). A third-cycle Slaty-backed Gull reported at the Salmon Creek mouth 6 Dec (†Tony Briggs) would be Sonoma's third (p.a.); an ad. at Los Gatos 28 Jan–2 Feb (ph. Gena Zolotar, ph. MJM, WGB et al.) furnished Santa Clara's third record. Glau - cous-winged Gulls at Redding, Shasta 8 Dec (FrT) and Black Butte Reservoir, Tehama 4-10 Jan (ph. Mary Muchowski et al.) were in the n. C.V., where rare. Twenty-three Glaucous Gulls represented an average showing; 7 of these were in the C.V., where the species is regular in small numbers. A late Black Tern at Bolinas Lagoon, Marin 4 Dec (Mark Dettling et al.) and an early Caspian Tern at H.R.S. 26 Feb (RJR) represented extremes on opposite legs of the migratory cycle, while a Com - mon Tern at Arcata Marsh, Humboldt 22 Dec–4 Feb (EE) provided a rare winter record. Royal Terns staged their largest influx in a half-century or more, albeit a brief one. During the period 31 Jan–5 Feb, 20 birds were recorded in Monterey from its s. border to Point Pinos (†SDS, †SBT, †LTer, †MiR, ph. BHl, ph. PFw, ph. DR, Todd Wills), with a high of 10 at the Willow Creek pic - nic area 1 Feb (†MiR). One at Moss Beach 2 Feb (RSTh) was part of this influx and provided the first San Mateo record since 1999. Thereafter, the incursion fizzled, and the only subsequent report was of one at Point Pinos, Monterey 1 Mar (ph. Shawn Waggoner). A few Elegant Terns lingered along the coast from Del Norte southward; the latest was at s. Humboldt Bay, Humboldt 18 Jan (MWa). The only Black Skimmers outside S.F. Bay were 3 at Moss Landing, Monterey 17-23 Feb (ph. Rachel Perpignani et al.). PIGEONS THROUGH WARBLERS The major incursion of Band-tailed Pigeons that began in fall continued through winter, with a high count of 4779 on the Santa Cruz C.B.C. 20 Dec (m.ob.), a total 852% over the recent 10- year average for that count, and the first records for the C.V. floor in Fresno, with a peak count River in downtown Napa, Napa 19 Jan–18 Mar (Jason Celaya, ph. MBe, MKu, m.ob.) and along Rd. 208 5 km nw. of Millerton Lake 11 Feb–7 Mar (ph. Nina Jones, m.ob.). Although the lat - ter provided the first winter record for Madera, reports from this location a year earlier 18-20 Nov 2013 and 13 Mar 2014 suggest a return - ing wintering individual. The only Ruff reported spent 14 Feb–22 Mar at Pixley N.W.R., Tulare (Jim Moore, ph. Steve Turley, ph. SDS, m.ob.). The Alviso Wilson's Phalarope reported last season remained through 9 Jan (ph. Caroline Lambert), providing the fourth winter record for Santa Clara. December storms pushed Red Phalaropes inland to Alviso, Santa Clara 14 Dec (†SCR, †MMR) and 27 Dec (Jasen Liu) and to the Willits W.T.P., Mendocino 18 Dec (CEV, ph. SJS). A Pigeon Guillemot at Point Arena, Mendocino 3 Jan (GEC, CEV) provided a rare Jan record for this species, which winters n. of the Region. Continuing warm water was likely responsible for San Mateo's second winter record of Scripps's Murrelet, with 4 off Half Moon Bay 21 Feb (AJ, RSTh et al.); in Monterey, 2 were seen from Point Pinos 25 Dec (DR, RC), and one was on Mon - terey Bay 22 Feb (ShJ). Ancient Murrelets contin- ued in good numbers, with a high of 75 at Moss Beach, San Mateo 14 Dec (RSTh). Completely unexpected was a moribund Ancient Murrelet found on a road in Quincy 7 Dec (Christina Caires; ph. Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care), a first for Plumas. The Region has previous inland records only from Contra Costa, Mono, and Shasta. Ap - parently owing to a dearth of food, large num- bers of Cassin's Auklets were found dead around Monterey Bay and in coastal Humboldt. Horned Puffins seen from shore included one at Pom - ponio S.B., San Mateo 3 Jan (ADeM), and at Point Pinos, Monterey, singles on 20 and 30 Dec and 2 on 21 Dec (CSc, DR, Chris Wood, PFw). A total of 390 Bonaparte's Gulls at Eagle Lake, Lassen 18 Dec (FRH) provided a high count for this location, especially so late in the year. Frank - lin's Gulls were represented by 3 in coastal Hum- boldt as late as 5 Jan (m.ob.), one in the Smith River Bottoms, Del Norte 16 Dec (TKz, Casey Ryan), and 2 at Corcoran Reservoir, Kings 20 Dec (MSy). Notable inland Mew Gulls included singles at Folsom Lake, Placer 7-11 Feb (Donald Pendleton, RPz), Colusa N.W.R. 11 Feb (Colusa's second; †Oscar Canino), and Lucerne Harbor, Lake 19 Feb+ (JRW et al.), as well as 3 at Lake Almanor, Plumas 17 Feb (ph. DVP, LHa). A West - ern Gull at Folsom Lake, Placer 1 Feb (LKh, ClH) was noteworthy so far inland. Counts of 795 Cal - ifornia Gulls at Crowley Lake, Mono 20 Dec and 338 still present 27 Dec (JLD) were high for late December. Most gull species are hard to come by in Nevada, so 2 Herring Gulls at Boca Reservoir 26-27 Dec (Tim Lenz, SRs, DRs) were significant. Of a number of Iceland Gulls reported, the most eclipsing the Islands' previous high of 3 from 2006; one was even observed displaying with the continuing Northern Gannet in early Feb! Others included 2 in Monterey, 2 in San Mateo, one in S.F., 4 in Marin, and 1-2 far to the n. near the Smith River mouth, Del Norte 16 Dec (Casey Ryan). Two American White Pelicans at Crow - ley Lake, Mono 20 Dec (DHo) were very late for that location; one standing on ice 10 Jan (DHo) obviously lingered too long. By 20 Feb, the lake was hosting its first northbound migrants (110 birds; Steve Brad). HERONS THROUGH TERNS The Least Bittern at Foothill R.P., Sonoma con- tinued through 8 Jan (DgSh). The only coastal Cattle Egrets reported to us were one-day birds at Struve Slough, Santa Cruz 15 Feb (NAd) and Ferndale Bottoms, Humboldt 18 Feb (ph. Eliza - beth Feucht), but many more reports (e.g., of up to 51 birds in Sonoma) were submitted to eBird. White-faced Ibis were numerous coastal - ly, with the first for the Centerville to King Salmon C.B.C., Humboldt found 4 Jan (†GSL) and up to 24 in Santa Cruz and up to 36 in Monterey in Dec and early Jan (m.ob.). A Black Vulture at Bolinas 29 Jan+ (first Marin record; ph. DSg, m.ob.) may have been the same in - dividual seen in the fall in Sonoma. Notable White-tailed Kites included up to 3 at the Ash Creek W.A., Lassen 10-20 Dec (Curtis Marantz, JLD, KAb, DRs, SRs) and 2 in Sierra Valley, Plu - mas 17 Dec (Terry & Jerry Williams). A pair of Bald Eagles nesting at Rank Island 27 Dec (JSy) provided the first Fresno nesting record for the C.V. floor. Sonoma's Common Black Hawk was seen again 4-10 Jan (DgSh, m.ob.) at Laguna de Santa Rosa; it has been mostly resident there since at least 2005. A late Swainson's Hawk was over downtown S.F. 5 Dec (HuC); another at the Colusa N.W.R., Colusa 6 Dec (†Brooke Miller et al.) was also away from the known wintering population in the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta. Seven Harlan's Hawks in six counties included light-morph birds in Yolo 30 Jan (SCH) and San Joaquin 22 Jan–25 Feb (DGY). The Smith River Bottoms Sandhill Crane found last season continued through the period (seventh Del Norte record; LBr, m.ob.). Three records from Humboldt 15 Dec–27 Jan (one involving 2 birds) were likewise notable. A Pacific Golden-Plover at Tulare W.T.P., Tu- lare 6-16 Jan (ph. DaF et al.) was unexpected. Up to 54 Mountain Plovers were found along Coun - ty Line Rd., Yolo/Colusa 29 Jan–16 Feb (CKf, ph. SCH et al.); 5 more were found 6 km farther n. in Colusa along White Rd. 21 Feb (Linda An - gerer). The only coastal bird was at the Eel River mouth, Humboldt 20-25 Jan (ph. SMcA, Brad El - vert, TMcK, DFx). Wintering Solitary Sandpip- ers were found at two locations: along the Napa

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