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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 285 O R E G O N & WA S H I N G TO N first winter records; these wash-ups came on the heels of a series of strong late Dec storms. The same system littered Oregon beaches with wrecked Cassin's Auklets 21-23 Dec, with counts numbering into the hundreds at several sites. The high count of 1248 was tallied along a several-mile stretch at Neskowin, Tillamook 22 Dec (K. Chamberlain). A live Cassin's Auk - let, rare for the P.T., was off of Rosario Head, Skagit 21 Dec (RM). Five Parakeet Auklets in - cluded 2 from each of the pelagic trips, plus one seen from a NOAA ship off the Columbia River mouth 27 Feb (SM). Two Black-headed Gulls graced Oregon, adding to just four an - tecedent records. The first enlivened McNary Dam, Umatilla 2-11 Jan (A. Skirvin, ph. DI, m.ob.). A week later, on 18 Jan, another was found at Astoria (MP), causing some to wonder if the Umatilla bird had moved downstream. Close examination of many photographs re - vealed that 2 different individuals were in- volved; the Astoria bird persisted there until 22 Mar (fide MP). An unprecedented 6 Franklin's Gulls were detected 3 Dec–22 Feb; 4 of these were in Washington, where there were only 10 prior winter records. A Heermann's Gull lingered at Lincoln City through 14 Dec (PP), and another wintered at Coos Bay (TR). Lesser Black-backed Gulls, now annual in e. Wash - ington, included singles at Richland 2 Dec (ph. J. Abel) and Clarkston, Asotin 2-17 Jan (ph. K. Carlson). The Slaty-backed Gull found during fall at Tacoma remained through the period (m.ob.); Washington now has about 20 records with most occurring Nov–Mar. Prior to 2009, the Region was averaging 40+ Glaucous Gulls per winter, but seasonal totals have generally sagged well below the long-term mean over subsequent winters. This season only 15 were detected, the fewest since 2002-2003, when SHOREBIRDS THROUGH WOODPECKERS An American Avocet inhabiting Everett 5 Dec–29 Jan (A. Willoughby) provided just the third winter record for Washington. A concentration of 119 Black Oystercatchers at Penn Cove, Island 1 Jan (T. Mansfield) was a P.T. record. Washington's first Spotted Red - shank continued at Skagit W.M.A. 1 Dec (†J. Bryant). Single Lesser Yellowlegs, now nearly annual in Washington during winter, were at Skagit W.M.A. 24 Dec (GB) and Ridgefield 25 Feb (BF). Single Marbled Godwits were noted at three locations in the P.T., but a tally of 45 at Dungeness, Clallam 15 Dec (BB) was notewor - thy; this species is now rare but annual away from the outer coast in winter. A Red Knot at Dungeness 16-30 Jan (BB) provided a rare winter record for Washington. Two knots at Coos Bay 14 Dec (TR) were likely late south - bound birds, as they were not found later in the season. A Red Phalarope near Olympia 14 Dec (D. Hayden) was surprising, as it was not associated with any inshore wreck. Single Parasitic Jaegers off Newport 21 Feb (TS) and Grayland, Grays Harbor 26 Feb (SM) were unusual at this season, when the only expected jaeger in the Region's waters is Pomarine. A returning Thick-billed Murre at Port Angeles 3-20 Jan (BB) was back for its third straight winter; Washington now has 22+ records, mostly early Dec–mid-Feb. A dead Scripps's Murrelet at Pacific Beach, Grays Harbor 22 Dec (fide CW) provided the second winter record for Washington. Two more Scripps's, found dead on Clatsop Beach 21 Jan (ph. MP), appear to represent Oregon's cies. There are seven Oregon records for Mag - nificent Frigatebird; two are from Feb, includ- ing the state's first, which was found dead on 18 Feb 1935 at Tillamook Light, just a few km offshore from where this bird was seen. A hold - over Snowy Egret at Ridgefield remained to at least 21 Dec (S. Carpenter). The lone Cattle Egret of the season was at Roseburg, Douglas 20-23 Dec (J. Hein, RN). A decade ago, Turkey Vultures were still quite rare in w. Washington before mid-Feb, but they are now annual here in winter; a goodly 14 were noted from six locations 19 Dec–11 Jan. Similarly, Osprey is now nearly annual during winter in w. Washington, with 4 detected 19 Dec–14 Jan. Another at Yakima 10 Jan (AS) was seasonally very rare on the east - side. A White-tailed Kite inhabited Steigerwald Lake N.W.R., Clark 5-30 Jan (R. DeTroye); the sw. Washington population all but disap - peared after a prolonged freeze in Dec 2008. A gathering of 237 Bald Eagles at the mouth of the Cowlitz River, Cowlitz 25 Feb (SN) coin - cided with the annual smelt run in that stream. In w. Washington, no Red-shouldered Hawks were noted away from their Clark/Wahkiakum stronghold. A returning Ferruginous Hawk spent its third consecutive winter at Sprague Lake, Adams (TL); this species rarely over- winters in e. Washington, where northbound and breeding birds first arrive during late Feb. Now annual during winter in w. Washington, 4 Soras were noted from three locations 2 Dec–22 Jan, while one at Toppenish N.W.R., Yakima 22 Feb (K. Turley) provided a rare win - ter record for e. Washington. A series of strong, wet, southwesterly storms pounded the coasts of Washington and Oregon during the third week of December 2014, wrecking many alcids on outer beaches. Most were Cassin's Auklets, but these two Scripps's Murrelets, picked up dead on Clatsop Beach, Clatsop County 21 December, were among the beachcast carcasses. These birds represent the first winter records of the species in Oregon. Photograph by Michael Patterson This adult Black-headed Gull loafed on a frozen pond below McNary Dam near Umatilla, Umatilla County, Oregon 3-11 (here 4) January 2015. A week later, a Black-headed Gull appeared near the Columbia River mouth near Astoria. Many suspected it was this same bird, but comparisons of many photographs showed that two birds were involved in these sightings. Photograph by David Irons

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