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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 283 B R I T I S H C O LU M B I A Peachland C.B.C. 28 Dec (Chris Charlesworth, Don Wilson). A Lincoln's Sparrow was along the Okanagan River Channel near Road 18 in Oliver 23 Dec (Doug Brown). A Swamp Spar - row was noted along the Okanagan River Chan- nel at Road 22 near Osoyoos 27 Dec (Eva Du- rance); another was discovered at the se. corner of Wood Lake in Lake Country 31 Jan (Chris Siddle). Harris's Sparrow reports were few and far between this winter, with one report coming in from Chilliwack, where an imm. was along Kitchen Rd. 15 Dec–5 Jan (Mike Toochin, Sha - ron Toochin). Two Yellow-headed Blackbirds were among a flock of roosting Red-winged and Brewer's Blackbirds along Mill Creek at Enter - prise Way in Kekowna 6 Jan (Chris Charles- worth, Ryan Tomlinson). In Chilliwack, a Rusty Blackbird was a nice find at the corner of Chilli - wack Central Rd. and Prest Rd. 13 Jan (Gord Gadsden). Another Rusty Blackbird appeared at Swan Lake near Victoria, Vancouver Island 18 Jan (Chris Saunders, Mary Robichaud). In Atlin, nw. British Columbia, a female Cassin's Finch was a presumed first for the area. The bird showed up at a feeder in late Jan (Jan by Hein, Wil de Vries) and was confirmed 2 Feb (Cameron Eckert). At the same feeders were 3 Purple Finches, rare in the Atlin area as well, 2 Feb (Cameron Eckert). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Chris Charlesworth, 571 Yates Road, #106, Kelowna, British Columbia V1V 2V5 ( ter, but one was reported coming to a feeder in Quesnel in the cen. Interior 10 Dec (Bruce Pat - erson). The most exceptional find of the period was undoubtedly British Columbia's first White- eyed Vireo, photographed at Kokanee Creek P.P. near Nelson in the West Kootenays 1-6 Dec (Gary Davidson, Paul Prappas, Carolee Colter, m.ob.). Whereas Canyon Wrens are year-round residents in the Okanagan Valley, Rock Wrens are not, and all but a very few head southward for the winter. On the Osoyoos C.B.C. 27 Dec, a Rock Wren was found at a rocky outcropping on the e. side of Osoyoos Lake (Chris Charlesworth, Ryan Tomlinson). Mountain Bluebirds appeared at two coastal locations this winter, 2 at the Old Rail site in Squamish Nov–4 Feb (Chris Dale). A male Mountain Bluebird was a nice find at the Courtenay River Estuary 2 Dec (K. Clouston). In the Interior, one was at the s. end of Rosemond Lake near Salmon Arm 21 Dec (Hanne MacKay, Pat Hutchins, Geoff Styles) and another along Oliver Ranch Rd. near Okanagan Falls 21 Dec (Doug Brown). Wintering Hermit Thrushes are becoming more regular in the s. Interior in re - cent years. Singles on the Kelowna C.B.C. 20 Dec were in the Mission area (Ryan Tomlinson, Kyle Fitzpatrick) and at Poplar Point, a bird that remained until at least 17 Jan (Tanya See - bacher, m.ob.). In Penticton, a Hermit Thrush found along the Okanagan River in fall remained through at least 11 Jan (Russell Cannings et al.). In Kamloops, one was along the Thompson Riv - er at McArthur Island Park 28 Jan (Isaac Nelson). Lillooet hosted a Northern Mockingbird 18-22 Dec (Jeff O'Kelly). Gray Catbird is another spe - cies that seems to be attempting to winter more regularly in the s. Interior, and one was found in Kelowna's Hall Road neighborhood 12 Dec and remained until at least 20 Dec, providing a first for the C.B.C. (Ryan Tomlinson, m.ob.). Very rare in the interior in the winter, an Orange-crowned Warbler was along the Brandt's Creek Linear Pathway in Kelowna 3-5 Dec (Chris Charlesworth et al.). On the Vaseux Lake C.B.C., an Orange-crowned Warbler was discovered along the e. side of Skaha Lake near Okanagan Falls 21 Dec (Kirk Safford, Michael Bezener). In Vancouver, a Black-and-white War - bler was a nice find at Stanley Park 7 Dec and remained until at least 12 Dec (Karen Barry, Aaron Gaffney). Palm Warblers are rare annual visitors to coastal British Columbia in winter. One appeared at Rotary Park in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast 11 Feb and remained until at least 27 Feb (John Hodges). In Victoria, a Palm Warbler continued at Clover Point from from fall and was joined by a second bird 13 Dec (Jer - emy Gatten, Mary Robichaud, m.ob.); both were there through at least 30 Jan. Rare anywhere in the province in the winter, a Chipping Sparrow was in a neighborhood near Gellatly Bay on the Deakin Rd. in Blaeberry, near Golden, 3 Dec–1 Feb (Doug Leighton). Another was observed by many during its stay on Anarchist Mountain near Osoyoos 3 Jan–25 Feb (Dick Cannings, Sherry Linn, m.ob.). Great Gray Owls, while not par - ticularly rare in the province, are noteworthy in coastal areas. One on Quadra Island continued from the fall through 5 Jan (C. Duffey, m.ob.). Found on the Sooke C.B.C. at Race Rocks, the first Boreal Owl for the Victoria checklist area was a great find 28 Dec (Val George, Garry Fletcher). In the s. Interior, where Red-breasted Sapsuck - ers are rare visitors, one was noted at Sunshine Bay near Nelson 1-2 Jan (Charlie Zinkan). Gyr - falcons turned up at a number of locations in s. British Columbia this winter. A dark morph was at Pitt Meadows 2 Dec (Ken Thomson) and a gray morph there 17 Jan–4 Feb (Micael Sather, m.ob.). In the Fraser Valley, a Gyrfalcon was seen along Marion Rd. in the Sumas Prairie area of Ab - botsford 3-7 Jan (Wes Aslin). In Vancouver prop- er, a Gyrfalcon frequented the area of the grain buildings near Hastings Park, where it hunted Rock Pigeons and Eurasian Collared-Doves, 1 Jan+ (Doug Cooper, m.ob.). In the s. Interior, a Gyrfalcon was at the confluence of the Blaeberry and Columbia Rivers near Golden 20 Dec (Doug Leighton). Another was reported along Westsyde Rd. in the Rue Chez Nous area of Kamloops 21 Dec–3 Jan (Ian Barnett, m.ob.). In Kelowna, a gray-morph Gyrfalcon was seen at the landfill 16 Feb and probably the same bird again at nearby Robert Lake 27 Feb (both Ryan Tomlinson). PASSERINES Western Scrub-Jays, while not exceptional in British Columbia these days, continue to be seen, with one noted on York St., Central Maple Ridge 3 Feb (Roger Craik). Another was along 16th St., New Westminster 1 Feb (Wayne Dai - kow et al.). Blue Jays were rather scarce this win- This dashing Northern Hawk Owl spent several weeks on Anarchist Mountain, near Osoyoos, British Columbia, 3 January through 25 (here 8) February 2015. Photograph by Michelle Lamberson. The first ever recorded in the Victoria checklist area, this Boreal Owl was found at Race Rocks on the Sooke Christmas Bird Count 28 December 2014. Photograph by Val George.

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