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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 98 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y Short-eared Owls at Boatwright W.M.A., Bal- lard, KY 13 Nov (GB) and at Sinclair 28-30 Nov (P&SF; TG, SG) were the earliest to be reported in Kentucky. It was another below-av - erage year for Northern Saw-whet Owls, with only 9 new birds banded at Surrey Hills Farm, ne. Jefferson, KY 29 Oct–1 Nov (MM et al.). Only a few Rufous Hummingbirds were reported from Tennessee at of the end of the season, and there was only one confrmed re - port from Kentucky, an ad. female in s. Scott from some time in Oct into Dec (C&JA, b. BP). A likely imm. male Selasphorus was present in nw. Spencer, KY mid-Oct–18 Nov (ph. LMcC). A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Bowling Green, Warren, KY 2 Sep (†TD) repre sented a new ear - ly arrival date for the state by ten days. There were at least 11 reports of one to 2 Merlins in Kentucky 6 Sep–29 Nov; in Tennessee, there were 12 reports from seven counties. There were about ten Kentucky reports of Peregrine Falcons away from known nesting territories 30 Aug–15 Nov; in Tennessee, there were 16 reports from eight counties. Six Olive-sided Flycatchers were found, 4 in Kentucky and 2 in Tennessee, in the period 5 Aug–6 Oct. There were at least eight reports of single Yellow-bellied Flycatchers in Kentucky 24 Aug–10 Oct. A migrant Least Flycatcher was present in e. Jefferson, KY 11 Aug (JBe, PB), with 4 there 23 Aug (JBe, PB). A Say's Phoebe was seen along State Line Rd., e. Allen, KY 20 Oct (†MBy). A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Bel - levue, Nashville, TN 28 Sep (FF) was not near any known breeding territories. A very tardy White-eyed Vireo was found at Anchorage, e. Jefferson, KY 26 Nov (PB, JBe). About 15,000 Purple Martins were present at the Lexington, KY roost 9 Aug (JBr), but com - pletely unpre cedented was the report of 195 still at that roost on the remarkably late date of 28 Sep (ph. BY, ph. MY); 15,000 were seen go - ing to roost in the foodplain of Flat Creek se. of Madisonville, Hopkins, KY 4 Aug (TG, SG). A Purple Martin at Shaker Village, Mercer, KY 14 Sep (DL, ASK) would have been the latest to be re ported were if not for the late Sep report from Lexington and another remarkable report of 2 at Schochoh, Logan, KY 11 Oct (†ST). As - tonishingly, only one Red-breasted Nuthatch was reported in Kentucky during the season, a bird heard calling at Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville 23 Oct (MY). Similarly, only 2 were reported from Tennessee. At least 2 Brown- headed Nuthatches re mained at the 2013 nest - ing location at Kentucky Dam Village S.P., Mar- shall, KY through the season. A Brown Creeper at Cypress Creek, Marshall, KY 2 Aug (MM, BP) was certainly a member of the small local breeding population. One to 3 Sedge Wrens were found at three Kentucky and fve Tennes - 16 Sep (m.ob.). An impres- sive tally of at least 154 Franklin's Gulls was made on the Jon athan Creek em - bayment of Kentucky Lake, Marshall, KY 21 Sep (HC, KOS); nearly as remarkable was a count of at least 100 at Barren Riv er Lake, Allen/ Barren, KY 28 Oct (MBy); other reports of interest in - cluded 3 on the Ohio River at Meldahl Dam, Bracken, KY 5 Nov (BW); and 10 on the Ohio River at Louisville 5 Nov (EH), with 3 there 12 Nov (BJ, RF, BP, MA et al.) and 2 there 13 Nov (BP et al.). In Tennessee, one to 6 were reported from four locations 5 Oct–9 Nov. A frst-cycle Little Gull was at Reelfoot Lake, Lake, TN 19 Nov (MG). A frst- cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull at the Minor Clark Hatchery 11-14 Sep (ph. RD, ph. BW et al.) was a local frst; 4 at Paris Landing S.P., Hen - ry, TN 30 Sep (SSo) were the frst of the season in Tennessee and represented a high count. A surprising third-cycle Great Black-backed Gull was found along the Tennessee River, Hamilton, TN 31 Aug (DJ, KC, ph. DHo) and represents the earliest fall record for the state. It was a good season for Black Terns, with the following reports of interest: 14 in e. Union, KY 30 Aug (BP et al.); 27 at the Min or Clark Hatchery 3 Sep (BW), and 17 still there 6 Sep (DL, ASK); and 70 at South Holston Lake 2 Sep (RKn et al.), establishing a new record high count for ne. Tennessee and the ffth highest fall count for the state. A Common Tern at South Holston Lake 1 Nov (RKt) was the fourth latest ever for Tennessee. At least 6 ad. Least Terns with 2 juvs. and a chick were present at a nest - ing site in e. Union, KY 1 Aug (ph. BP, MM), with 3 ads. and a chick still present 10 Aug (BP, MSt); also of interest was a conser vative count of at least 1000 individuals at a major breed - ing site on the Mississippi River near Watson Point, Ful ton, KY 14 Aug (JBr). One at Duck River 31 Aug (RS) was unusual away from the Mississippi River. CUCKOOS THROUGH FINCHES Only 3 Black-billed Cuckoos were reported, all in Tennessee: at Norris Dam, Anderson 13 Aug (P&CSn); at Johnson City 20 Sep (DW); and at Steele Creek Park, Sullivan 28 Sep (DHt). A Barn Owl at Sullivan W.M.A., Franklin 19 Oct (JSo) was the only one repor ted in Kentucky; one at Shady Valley, Johnson, TN 10 Oct (DW) was the frst at that locale in many years. Single (DP, MT, JWa). Sanderlings were well repre - sented at sites along the Mississippi River in w. Tennessee, with a typically small number of reports from elsewhere in the state. One to 4 White-rumped Sandpipers, always rare to un - common in the Region during fall, were found at four Kentucky sites and one Tennessee site 13 Sep–1 Oct. An astonishing 12 were found at Rankin Bottoms, Cocke, TN 14 Sep (CWe, MSl, RKt, RHo, DM, m.ob.). It was a below-average season for Buff- breasted Sandpipers in Kentucky, with only one to 3 reported from fve Kentucky locales 24 Aug–16 Sep. In Tennessee, where most reports tend to come from the w. portion of the state, unusually high numbers were reported from middle and e. Tennessee, including a notewor - thy high count of 16 at Rankin Bottoms, Cocke 3 Sep (DE). One to 10 were also reported from four middle Tennessee locations 3-11 Sep. It was yet another down year for Western Sand - piper. A juv. Long-billed Dowitcher in e. Union 24 Oct (BP, CC) was the only one reported in Kentucky. Wilson's Phalaropes were found on only three occasions in Kentucky and at two lo - cations in Tennessee 3 Sep–6 Oct. A Red Phala- rope was at Rankin Bottoms, Cocke, TN 9-11 Sep (ph. MSl, m.ob.). A Red-necked Phalarope in Sullivan, TN 27 Sep (J&NH, WC, m.ob.) fur - nished the seventh ne. Tennessee record. A juv. Sabine's Gull was found on Kentucky Lake, Marshall, KY 20 Sep (†BP, KOS). Two Laughing Gulls were detected in Kentucky: a juv. on Kentucky Lake, Marshall 20 Sep (BP, KOS) and an ad. at the Min or Clark Hatchery 25 Nov (ph. TNo, KHo) that represented a lo - cal frst. In Tennessee, one to 10 were reported from seven locations 1 Aug–12 Nov, with the high count of 10 on Upper Douglas Lake, Cocke As elsewhere in the North American interior, a gradual increase in Lesser Black-backed Gulls has been documented in the Tennessee and Kentucky region over the past twenty years. Formerly known from only the large reservoirs in the region's western portion, individuals are now showing across the central and eastern portions regularly. This juvenile remained in Rowan County, Kentucky 11-14 (here 13) September 2014. Photograph by Brian Wulker.

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