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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 97 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y sites and 1-3 American Golden-Plovers found only fve times. Three Piping Plovers were re - ported, all from Tennessee: one at the junc- tion of Great River Rd. and Hwy. 79W, Lake 1 Aug (MG); one at South Holston Lake 2-3 Sep (WC, RKt) that had been banded as a chick on the Missouri River near Yankton, SD in Jun 2014; and one at Buckner Lake, Dickson 4-7 Sep (MD, SZ, CWa, m.ob.). The only Willet reported in Kentucky was a juv. in e. Union 30 Aug (BP et al.). In Tennes - see, one to 8 were found on four dates 18 Aug– 9 Sep. Upland Sandpipers were reported only twice in Kentucky and fve times in Tennessee, with all but one occurring 24 Aug–4 Sep; the outlier was one heard along Horseshoe Rd., Henderson 1 Aug (BP, MM). A Marbled Godwit was in the Forked Deer River Bottoms, Gibson, TN 5 Sep (MG). Two Hudsonian Godwits were found in Kentucky: an ad. in e. Union 30 Aug (ph. BP et al.) and an ad. at the Minor Clark Hatchery, Rowan 11 Sep (ph. MW). Ruddy Turnstones put in a good showing at the Falls of the Ohio, where 6 were present 31 Aug and 2 Sep (TB, CB et al.), with 8 there 1 Sep (EH), 11 on 11 Sep (EH), 4 on 12 Sep (JBa, JSo, CS), and one still there 21 Sep (BP, BW, TSh). The highest count reported for the period was of 12 at a sod farm near Bark Camp Barrens W.M.A., Coffee, TN 31 Aug (SM). Other than those list - ed above, one to 3 others were reported from one Kentucky and six Tennessee locales 27 Aug–20 Sep. Only one to 3 Baird's Sandpipers were found at six Kentucky locales 30 Aug–1 Oct; one at the Fish ing Creek embayment of Lake Cumberland, Pulaski, KY 2 Sep (RD) was relatively unusual for se. Kentucky. Away from Ensley, where one or more individuals (with a high count of 10, as noted above) were found regularly through Sep, one to 4 were reported from fve Tennessee locations 24 Aug–16 Oct. Single juv. Red Knots, always rare in the Re - gion, were at Ensley 1-3 Sep (TW, m.ob.) and at North Treatment Plant, Shelby, TN 13 Sep A Virginia Rail in a parking lot on the More - head State Univer sity campus, Rowan, KY 7 Nov (ph. BW) was certainly out of place; the species was present through the season at Stan - difer Gap Marsh, Hamiton, TN. A Sora near Lawrenceburg, Anderson, KY 28 Nov (BW) represented a new late departure date for the state. A Common Gallinule at A. J. Jolly Park, Campbell 25-26 Oct (JWh, ph. RD) was the only one reported in Kentucky; in Tennessee, an imm. was at Brainerd Levee, Hamilton 18-20 Oct (EB); 3 were at John Sevier Lake, Hawkins 19 Oct, with one still present 20 Oct (SH); and 2 were at Alcoa, Blount 24 Oct (TH). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH TERNS It was not an especially remarkable season for migratory shorebirds. Impressive tallies were essentially lacking in Kentucky. In Tennes - see, noteworthy counts included at least 20 Sanderlings at Island 13, Lake 7 Sep (TW) and 10 Baird's Sandpipers at Ensley 1 Sep (MT). Tardy shorebirds included a Black-bellied Plo - ver at South Holston Lake 1 Nov (RKt, DK); an American Golden-Plover at the Falls of the Ohio 5 Nov (EH et al.); 2 Greater Yellowlegs at Luzerne Lake, Muhlenberg, KY 22 Nov, with one still there 23 Nov (SG, TG); a Greater Yel - lowlegs on Kentucky Lake, Calloway, KY 20- 25 Nov (HC); a Spotted Sandpiper at the Falls of the Ohio until 5 Nov (BP, BW); 7 Pectoral Sandpipers at South Holston Lake 1 Nov (RKt, DK); 2 Pectoral Sandpipers at Ensley 1 Nov (JWa) and 2 at Kentucky Lake, Marshall, KY 6 Nov (HC), with one last seen at the latter 25 Nov (ME); and a Semipalmated Sandpiper on Kentucky Lake, Marshall, KY 24 Oct (†HC). Eight Long-billed Dowitchers along Great Riv - er Road, Dyer, TN 19 Nov (MG) matched the fourth latest fall date for the state. One to 5 American Avocets were found on four occasions in Kentucky and ten occasions in Tennessee 24 Aug–5 Nov, with the last two reports being rather late: one at Cross Creeks N.W.R., Stewart , TN 1 Nov (SY) and 3 on the Ohio River at Louisville 5 Nov (ph. EH et al.). It was a poor season for Pluvialis plovers, with one to 2 Black-bellieds detected at only fve Lakes N.R.A., Trigg, KY 14 Nov (ph. LS). Tardy Great Egrets in Kentucky included one at the Minor Clark Hatchery 22-25 Nov (GR, MW; TNo et al.) and 2 at Sin clair through 30 Nov (ph. SG, TG). Little Blue Herons away from their normal range in the w. portion of the Re - gion included one at the Minor Clark Hatchery 23-30 Aug (JSo; MW); 2 at the Fishing Creek embayment of Lake Cumberland, Pulaski, KY 2 Sep (RD); and an imm. at Cove Lake S.P., Campbell, TN 3 Sep (NM). An imm. Tricolored Heron was at Oneal Lake, Hatchie N.W.R., Hay - wood, TN 1 Sep (MT). An imm. Reddish Egret reported at Island 13, Lake, TN 7 Sep (†TW) would represent the third state record. A fock of 15 Cattle Egrets at the Minor Clark Hatchery 28 Oct (ph. MW) was both tardy and relatively unusual for e. Kentucky; one at Bomantown, Washington, TN 14 Nov (RKt) was extraordi - narily late. There were three reports of White Ibis, all from Tennessee: up to 3 at Rankin Bot - toms, Cocke 24 Aug–12 Sep (DK, RKt, m.ob.); a very tardy individual still present there 28 Oct (DK); and one at Bowmantown, Washington 7 Sep (RKt). There were four reports of Plegadis ibis: one at South Holston Lake 22 Aug (MEv, LT); 3 in e. Union, KY 16 Sep (ph. EH, BP); one at Duck River 19 Oct (RS); and one in e. Union, KY, 24-26 Oct (ph. BP, CC, BBC). Three Ro - seate Spoonbills were reported: a juv. at the Land Between the Lakes N.R.A., Trigg, KY 3-12 Aug (MM, ph. BP et al.); one along Lylewood Road, Stewart, TN 16-19 Sep (JH, SY); and up to 3 at Duck River 14-17 Oct (CF). The presence of 2 juv. Mississippi Kites at St. Matthews, Jef ferson, KY 15 Aug (MCo, ph. MF) confrmed the pres ence of a second nest some - where in the vicinity, as only one nestling had been monitored in the only known nest. There were four reports of Mississippi Kites away from their breeding range in the w. part of the Region: 3 at Duck River 19 Aug (CF); one in Maury, TN 9 Sep (WP); one over Soddy Moun - tain, Hamilton, TN 23 Sep (C&JW et al.), only the second ever for the hawkwatch there; and one in Perry, TN 5 Oct (RS). A male Northern Harrier at John Sevier Lake, Hawkins, TN 15 Aug (SH) was early. SA Satellite tracking and trail cams continue to provide an abundance of new information about the occurrence of Golden Eagles in the Region. A sec ond-year bird afxed with a satellite transmitter was detected e. of Shelbiana, Pike, KY on the incredibly early date of 26 Sep (fde SSo); another even earlier imm. was on the Roan Mountain Balds, Carter, TN 8 Sep (JDo). One was frst captured on a trail-cam at Bern heim Forest, Bullitt/Nelson, KY 29 Nov (AB); and ano ther satellite-transmittered bird passed south through Kentucky roughly just e. of the I-75 corridor 9-10 Nov (SSo). Also reported were single juvs. in Cheatham, TN 21 Oct (JSt); over Soddy Mountain, Hamilton, TN 10 Nov (BH); over Mount Zion, Pulaski, KY 24 Nov (†RD), over Mount Zion, Allen, KY 25 Nov (MBy); and at Land Between the Lakes N.R.A., Lyon, KY 30 Nov (ph. MCu et al.). Although recorded annually in the Tennessee and Kentucky region in recent years, Hudsonian Godwits are always a prized fnd there. This individual was one of two noted in Kentucky during the season, present in eastern Union County 30 August 2014. Photograph by Mary Yandell.

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