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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 95 I O WA & M I S S O U R I Sep; up to 60 were there 15 Oct (MCK). Iowa's high count was an estimated 110 at Errington 18 Oct (AB). Numbers were much lower in Mis - souri, with an outlying high count of 30 at Gen- eral Watkins C.A., Scott 26 Oct (MH). A Eur- asian Tree Sparrow was far from its usual range at a Cass, MO feeder 28-30 Nov (†GC). In Iowa, 2 were at Sand Lake, Marshall 26 Oct, a new lo - cation (MP). The species was also found in Linn, Louisa, and Johnson. Various stops in Louisa, IA 10 Oct produced 209 birds (KMc). Contributors: Iowa: Pam Allen (PHA), Reid Allen (RIA), Sharon Bauer (SB), Carl Bendorf (CJB), John Bissell (JB), Aaron Brees (AB), Mark Brown (MHB), Dennis Carter (DC), Raymond Cummins (RLC), Larry Dau (LGD), James Din - smore (JJD), Stephen Dinsmore (SJD), James Durbin(JD), Bruce Ehresman (BEh), Bery Enge - bretsen (BE), Carolyn Fischer (CJF), James Forde (JF), Chuck Fuller (CF), James L Fuller (JLF), Kevin Gerety (KG), Jacob Gilliam (JG), Rita Go - ranson (RG), Tyler Harms (TMH), Douglas Harr (DCH), Paul Hertzel (PH), Ann Johnson (AMJ), Thomas Johnson (TNJ), Matthew Kenne (MCK), Kelly McKay (KMc), Susan Nixon (SN), Wolf - gang Oesterreich (WO), Bill Ohde (BOh), Mark Orsag (MO), Diana Pesek (DP), Don Poggensee (DoP), Diane Porter (DCP), Mark Proescholdt (MP), Larry Reis (LR), Billy Reiter-Marolf (BRM), William Scheible (BSc), Lee Schoenewe (LAS), David Shealer (DAS), Tommy Stone (TGS), Ed Thelen (ET), Dennis Thompson (DTh), Jerry Toll (JT), Bill Tollefson (BT), Gerald Von Ehwegen (GLV), Charles Winterwood (CLW), . Missouri: Chris Barrigar (CBa), David Blevins (DB), Charley Burwick (CBu), Myrna Carlton (MC), Dan Cowell (DCo), Ginny Culver (GC), Karen Davis (KD), Ryan Douglas (RD), Joseph Eades (JE), Dave Easterla (DE), Jack Foreman (JFn), Aurid Fournier (AF), Mark Haas (MH), Lawrence Herbert (LH), Jack Hilsabeck (JH), Steve Kinder (SK), Andrew Kinslow (AK), Pe - ter Kondrashov (PK), Brad Jacobs (BJ), Timo- thy Jones (TJ), Greg Leonard (GL), Pat Lueders (PL), Charlene Malone (CM), Jim Malone (JM), Debbie Martin (DM), Steve Martin (SM), Terry McNeely (TMc), Joseph Mosley (JMo), Marky Mutchler (MM), Mary Nemecek (MN), Jane Nicholas (JN), Brad Pendley, USFWS, Mingo National Wildlife Refuge (BP), Larry Rizzo (LRi), Bill Rowe (BR), David Rudder (DR), Greg Sam - uel (GSa), Al Smith (AS), Mike Stewart (MS), Greg Swick (GSw), Matthew Toomey (MT), Joshua Uffman (JU), Darrin Welchert, USFWS Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge (DWe), Doug Willis (DW), Karen Wosilait (KW), David Wright (DWr), Becky Wylie (BW). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Joseph W. Eades, 517 Willow Lane, Kirkwood, Missouri 63122 ( very late date of 29 Oct (JLF). Iowa had eight re- ports of Mourning Warbler, with one at Ada 5 Oct providing a third latest date. The last American Redstart of the season was observed in Dunklin, MO 15 Oct (TJ). There were ten reports of Cape May Warbler from e. and cen. Iowa, with the last at Wildcat Den S.P., Muscatine, IA 10 Oct (KMc). Particularly rare in w. Missouri, singles were ob - served in Jackson, MO 28 Sep and 24 Oct (JMo). An imm. Cerulean Warbler at George Wyth S.P., Black Hawk 27 Sep was Iowa's second latest ever (TGS). Six Black-throated Blue Warblers were found in Iowa 7-27 Sep. A late Yellow-throated Warbler was observed in St. Louis 14 Oct (†DR). Iowa recorded its second earliest Wilson's War - bler 8 Aug at Waterworks Park, Polk (JB), a late Wilson's was banded 15 Oct at Missouri Western State University, Buchanan (JH), and another was seen on that date in Dunklin, MO (TJ). A Chipping Sparrow lingered in a Cape Gi - rardeau, MO backyard, where one or more of- ten winter, until at least 27 Nov (MH). Another was seen at Ames, Story, IA 28 Nov (ph. SJD). The frst Le Conte's Sparrow reported in Iowa was extremely early 4 Sep at Sedan (TNJ). The frst Iowa White-throated Sparrow was reported at East Park in Mason City, Cerro Gordo 13 Sep (BVL), a week before the next sighting. A White- throated Sparrow x Dark-eyed Junco hybrid was noted near Fairfeld, Jefferson, IA 26 Nov (ph. DCP). An early White-crowned Sparrow was observed at Confuence S.P., St. Charles 27 Sep (BR). A Dark-eyed Junco was seen in a Spirit Lake yard, Dickinson, IA 20 Sep (ET), and the frst reported in Missouri was in Jackson 25 Sep (JMo). A tardy Summer Tanager was seen 16 Oct in Perry, MO (MH), and another was in St. Louis, MO 15-17 Oct (JU, JE). Iowa's last Dickcissel was very late at Errington 9 Nov (AB). The frst Rusty Blackbirds were reported from Jackson and Boone, IA 24-26 Sep. Noteworthy counts included 190 at Polk City W.A., Polk, IA 3 Nov (RLC), 100 in Dickinson, IA 7 Nov (MHB), and 110 in Howard, IA 16 Nov (LR). More than 25 were observed just outside Cuivre River S.P., Lin - coln, MO 8 Nov (BR). Small numbers of Rusty Blackbirds were encountered on three occasions 11-18 Nov in sw. Missouri (GSa). Iowa's last Bal - timore Oriole was a male n. of Burlington, Des Moines 16 Nov (John Carter, CF). There was little evidence to indicate a winter fnch incursion into the Region this fall. There was only a single report of Red Crossbill, 4 at Crowder S.P., Grundy, MO 22 Nov (DWr, fde SK). White-winged Crossbill and Common Red - poll went unreported. A very early Purple Finch appeared at a Kirksville, Adair, MO feeder 8 Sep (ph., †PK). Four at Eagle Point, Clinton 13 Sep (KMc) were Iowa's earliest. Pine Siskins moved into Iowa in focks, but few made it to Missouri. Iowa's frst 2 were detected at Algona, Kossuth 17 one at Heron Bend Lee 3 Nov (JLF), and Mis - souri's last was a single at Binder Lake, Cole 28 Nov (CBa). The most in Iowa was 1528 in Clin - ton 13 Sep (KMc), the smallest high count since 2004. Iowa's last Bank Swallow was a single bird at Ada 8 Oct (WO), the second latest date on re - cord. Red-breasted Nuthatch was very sparsely reported, and most reports were of single birds. A late House Wren was at Big Muddy N.W.R., St. Louis, MO 29 Nov (BR). Townsend's Solitaire has been found in Iowa in the fall in 10 of the past 16 years, with a median arrival of 18 Oct; one was near Waterman Prairie, O'Brien 9 Oct (LAS). An ad. male Varied Thrush visited a feeder in Polk, IA 24-26 Nov and stayed in the neigh - borhood through the end of the season (Randy Hansen, fde TMH). A Sprague's Pipit was seen and heard at Dunbar Slough W.M.A., Greene, IA 11 Oct (†SJD), and a single Bohemian Waxwing was found among Cedar Waxwings near Water - man Prairie, O'Brien, IA 13 Nov (LAS). The frst Smith's Longspur was found at Ducks Unlimited Marsh, Clay, IA 9 Oct (LAS), and 12 were seen at Errington 25 Oct (AB). The frst 7 in Missouri appeared at Dunn Ranch, Har - rison 26 Oct (SK); 2 were at Bradford, Boone, MO 2 Nov (AK); and 12 were at Pennsylvania Prai - rie, Dade, MO 30 Nov (CBu). The frst 9 Snow Buntings were at Saylorville 2 Nov (AB). The frst big focks were found 16 Nov, with 300 in rural Story, IA (PH) and 250 near Lime Springs, How - ard, IA (LR). Missouri reported 2 at Smithville 5 Nov (MS) and 3 at Riverlands 6-20 Nov (AS, PL, m.ob.). A record-late Blue-winged Warbler was observed in Dunklin, MO 17 Oct (†TJ). There were three reports of Prothonotary Warbler from Iowa, including its third latest record at Huron Island, Des Moines 11 Sep (KMc). A Tennessee Warbler that discovered a Johnson, IA jelly feeder 2 Sep liked what it found and stayed through the Very late for Iowa was a Chipping Sparrow at Ames, Story County 28 November 2014. Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore

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