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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 94 I O WA & M I S S O U R I observed 27 Oct in Christian, MO (GSw), and a very late juv. female that appeared at a feeder in Ames, Story, IA 7 Nov probably did not sur - vive the night (SJD). An ad. male Rufous Hum- mingbird was photographed attending a feeder in Homestead, IA 5 Sep (ph. Dennis Zube, fde †CJB). The species is seen annually in Missouri, where one was reported in Newton 24 Oct (BW), and an ad. male was present at a Cape Girardeau, MO feeder 27-30 Nov (†JN). Missouri's second Calliope Hummingbird was present in Chris - tian 12-29 Nov (†GSw; ph., †AS, m.ob.). A Merlin was an early arrival at Swan Lake 25 Aug (SK). After American Kestrel rebounded in 2013 from an all-time low in 2012, the 2014 Hitch - cock season total set a new record low. Hawk- watchers counted only 69 individuals, 9 fewer than in 2012 (MO). A gray-morph juv. Gyrfal - con was spotted from the Hitchcock hawkwatch tower 11 Nov (†MO), and a second gray-morph juv. was fushed from a cedar grove in rural O'Brien, IA 16 Nov (†LAS). These are the frst Iowa records for the month of Nov, and there is only one earlier record for the fall season, 25 Sep 1993 (Silcock, R. 1994. Gyrfalcon in Northwestern Iowa. Iowa Bird Life 64: 115-116). Prairie Falcons were observed at Hitchcock 28 Oct (MO), in Barton, MO 22 Nov (CBu), and at Montrose C.A., Henry, MO 27 Nov (DCo). PASSERINES Banding records of interest from Missouri West- ern State University, Buchanan, MO included: a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher 12 Sep, a late Alder/ Willow Flycatcher 3 Oct, and late Least Fly - catchers 30 Sep and 2 Oct (JH). The season's high count for Eastern Kingbird was 122 at Eagle Bluffs C.A., Boone, MO 31 Aug (CBa), and a late Western Kingbird was seen 3 Oct in Boone, MO (RD). A juv. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was seen w. of Badger Creek, Madison, IA 30 Sep (†SB), and one in Jasper, MO 28 Oct was tardy (LH). There were nearly 20 Missouri Loggerhead Shrike eBird reports for the season, with most records from s. and extreme se. Missouri. The frst of ten Iowa reports of Northern Shrike was a vocalizing ad. at Saylorville 23 Oct (SJD). There was only a single report from Missouri, at Brad - ford, Boone 2 Nov (AK). A White-eyed Vireo was documented in Dunklin, MO on the record-late date of 29 Oct (†TJ), beating the previous late date from the same county and observer last year by six days. A Fish Crow was observed in n.-cen. Missouri at Zell, Linn 1 Aug (SK), and a very late bird was at Stockton 15 Nov (DB). Iowa's sec - ond record of Common Raven since 2000 was found at Big Creek S.P., Polk 8 Nov (†TMH). It was not seen again until 23 Nov, when birders encountered it at Sandpiper Access, Saylorville (†RLC, †SJD, †RIA, †JB, †AB). It was last seen 25 Nov (AMJ, JLF). Iowa's last Tree Swallow was 5-9 Oct (†TGS, JF). Sabine's Gull was reported from four Iowa locations 14-27 Sep (SN, MHB, TGS, JB, JG, AB). The peak count for Bonaparte's Gull was 560 at Saylorville 15 Nov (AB, RLC). There were three Iowa Little Gull records this fall: a juv. was along the Mississippi in Dubuque 9 Aug (ph., †DAS), an ad. was along the Mis - sissippi in Scott 7 Sep (†SN), and a second juv. was photographed 17-18 Oct at Lake Macbride, Johnson (†JF, †SN). A juv. Laughing Gull was present at Smithville 14-21 Sep (†MN, MM); another juv. was at Red Rock 6-9 Sep (ph. MHB, TGS, RIA, PHA, JG), and what may have been the same individual was there 16-19 Oct (PH., AB, JF), the third latest date on record for Iowa. Franklin's Gulls peaked at Saylorville 8 Oct, with 16,000 estimated (RLC). By Nov, most were gone, but singles were still being reported as late as 27 Nov in Polk, IA (RLC, AB). There were seven Iowa reports of Thayer's Gull, all in Nov. The frst was at Red Rock 10 Nov (JF). An ad. Iceland Gull at Saylorville 21 Nov (SJD) was Iowa's second earliest, and an ad. Lesser Black- backed Gull at West Okoboji Lake, Dickinson 23-29 Sep was Iowa's second earliest in this cen - tury (ET, LAS). A Glaucous Gull at Cedar Lake, Linn 12 Nov (JF) tied Iowa's fourth earliest, and a frst-cycle Glaucous was at Riverlands 29-30 Nov (CM, JM, BR). A juv. Least Tern was at Jest - er Park, Polk, IA 22 Aug (TGS), and 2 were seen 25 Aug at Swan Lake, where rare (SK). Caspian Terns were reported 7 Aug–7 Oct, with a high count of 42 at Sand Lake, Marshall, IA 2 Sep (MP). The last 2 reported were at Cedar Lake, Linn, IA 7 Oct (BT). Up to 3 Common Terns were at Saylorville 30 Aug–28 Sep (MHB, AB, RLC, JG), a single was seen at Riverlands 6 Sep (BR), and 2 were observed and photographed at Longview Lake, Jackson, MO 3 Oct (KD). There were fve Iowa reports of Snowy Owl 15-30 Nov but none from Missouri. Long- eared Owl was sparsely reported in Iowa and unreported from Missouri. The frst was one at Moorehead Park, Ida 30 Oct (DoP). Short-eared Owls were not widely reported from either state; the earliest was at Bradford, Boone, MO 11 Oct (BJ). The frst of 38 Northern Saw-whet Owl captures occurred 10 Oct at the Hitchcock banding station in Pottawattamie, IA. (JT). An - other 3 were banded in Ringgold, IA (Veronica Mecko, fde JT). Away from the banding sta - tions, there were two Iowa reports: one at Gram- mer Grove 15 Nov (MP) and one at Moorehead Park, Ida 29 Nov (DoP). Eight were banded 21 Oct–30 Nov at World Bird Sanctuary, St. Louis, MO (PL); the species is clearly more frequent in the St. Louis area than the paucity of records suggest. Streaming squadrons of Common Nighthawks produced a high count of 450 in Webster, MO 3 Sep (GSa). A tardy Ruby-throated Hummingbird was Pectoral, and Semipalmated Sandpipers were far below normal, and no Dunlin was reported for the season in the state for the frst time in 14 years! There were scattered reports of American Golden-Plover in both states; the latest notable count was 85 in rural Polk, IA 11 Oct (TMH). The only Piping Plover was one at Saylorville 11 Aug (JG, JB, RIA, PHA, DTh). Up to 6 Black- necked Stilts were present at Riverlands and ad - jacent Confuence Rd., St. Charles, MO 23-28 Aug (BR, PL), and a single was seen 1 Aug at Zell, Linn, MO, where rare (SK). American Avo - cet was rather widely reported from both states 19 Aug–25 Oct. The last Greater Yellowlegs reported in Iowa was one at Hurstville Marsh, Jackson 5 Nov (BRM). In Missouri, 3 were late at Montrose C.A., Henry 23 Nov (JMo). Single Willets were reported at four locations 16-28 Aug. Up to 38 Hudsonian Godwits were at Sand Point, Johnson, IA 22-30 Aug (JF). Lone Mar - bled Godwits were at Stockton 27 Aug (CBu) and Sand Point, Johnson, IA 30 Aug (JF). Ruddy Turnstone was reported fve times in Iowa 10 Aug–27 Sep. A juv. Red Knot was at Riverlands 20-24 Sep (BR, CM, JM). White-rumped Sand - piper is listed as causal in fall in Missouri, so one found 17 Sep along Cora Island Rd., St. Charles, MO (†AS) and another 20 Sep at Riv - erlands were signifcant (†BR, †CM, †JM). One was reported from Iowa as well, in rural Polk 11 Oct (RLC). Red-necked Phalaropes were scat - tered across eight locations in e. and cen. Iowa, with up to 11 at Hawkeye 15-26 Aug (JF, MHB, JLF). Three were present along Confuence Rd., St. Charles, MO 28 Aug–1 Sep (BR, CM, JM). An ad. Red Phalarope was photographed at Saylorville 29-30 Aug, the third earliest date on record (†RLC, †MHB, ph., †AB). A juv. dark-morph Parasitic Jaeger was seen briefy at Saylorville 1 Nov (†SJD). Two dark juv. Long-tailed Jaegers were photographed at Red Rock 31 Aug–1 Sep (†AB, †AMJ, †TMH, †BC, †CRE), and a single lighter juv. appeared there Missouri's second Calliope Hummingbird was present in Christian County 12-29 (here 16) November 2014. Photograph by Al Smith.

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