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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 93 I O WA & M I S S O U R I total of 164 in 2014 (MO). The frst Northern Goshawk was one on 24 Sep in rural Jackson, IA (KMc). There were seven other reports, all from Iowa. Some 1400 Broad-winged Hawks were estimated in steady southbound fight at Terry Trueblood Recreation Area, Johnson, IA 14 Sep (MHB), while high counts at the hawkwatches were 222 at Grammer Grove 21 Sep and 386 at Hitchcock 22 Sep (MP, MO). A kettle of 140 was observed over Busch W.A., St. Charles, MO 27 Sep (BR). The last in Iowa was a single bird at Hitchcock 6 Oct (MO). The high count for Swainson's Hawk was 320 at Hitchcock 3 Oct, the same day the high count of 15 occurred at Grammer Grove and 4 others were counted at Waterworks Park, Polk, IA (MO, MP, JB). The last 2 were at Hitchcock 20 Oct (MO). A dark- morph juv. Ferruginous Hawk was seen at Hitchcock 4 Nov (†MO). The frst Golden Eagle was 7 Oct at Hitchcock, where the hawkwatch counted 19 for the season (MO). Elsewhere in Iowa, 8 were found in Nov in Allamakee, Mar - shall, Polk, and Johnson (BSc, MP, AB, JLF). The frst in Missouri was early in Nodaway 9 Oct (AF), and an imm. was observed in Moniteau, MO 22 Nov (CBa). Yellow Rails were reported twice in Missouri: at Bradford, Boone 5 Oct (RD) and in Daviess 16 Oct (TMc). For the frst time since 2005, none were reported from Iowa. Common Gallinule was reported from two locations in Missouri and from three in Iowa. As many as 20-21 in - dividuals, including juvs., were present in Aug at Squaw Creek (DM, SM, MC, MS) and Green Island, Jackson, IA (DP, CLW) A trio of Sandhill Cranes was present at Squaw Creek 19 Aug, and a pair was at Swan Lake 25 Aug where they attempted nesting earlier (SK). Most of Iowa's eight reports were in Aug; the highest number reported was 13 at Otter Creek Marsh, Tama 3 Nov (JF). An exciting seasonal highlight, 2 Whooping Cranes (ad. and juv.) were observed 15 Nov at Stockton (†DB). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH FALCONS Iowa reported unusually low numbers of shore- birds in general. Peak Iowa counts for Least, ed one at Smithville 8-9 Nov (DW). A Pa- cifc Loon visited Longview Lake, Jackson, MO 23-29 Oct (KD), and a single juv. lin - gered at Saylorville 1-5 Nov (ph. AB, SJD, JG, JB, DCH). Common Loon maximum counts were very low in both states. The Regional high was 58 at Smithville 8 Nov (DW). Western Grebes were reported from three locations in Iowa 31 Oct–14 Nov (JF, RLC, WO) and from two in Mis - souri 31 Oct–20 Nov (DW, KD). The only report of Red-necked Grebe was of one at Red Rock 5 Oct (TGS). A well-documented Wood Stork held over from the summer at Four Rivers C.A., Ver - non, MO 1 Aug (MS). American White Pelicans peaked at 9200 at Saylorville 31 Aug (BE, AB), and 1400 were counted from one location at Hawkeye 14 Aug (MHB). Two Snowy Egrets at Frazer's Bend, Fremont, IA during the summer were present through 30 Aug (Ryan Ubias, fde SJD). Two others were at Deere Dike, Dubuque, IA 16-25 Oct (ph. DAS), a record-late date. Ple - gadis ibis were reported equally from both states; all identifed to species were White-faced. A late Plegadis was reported at Stockton 1 Nov (DB). A juv. Roseate Spoonbill found at Copeland Bend, Fremont, IA in Jul was last seen 5 Aug (SJD). The 24 Black Vultures at Apple Creek C.A., Cape Girardeau, MO 13 Aug (MH) made a lo - cal high count, and one in Jackson, MO 11 Oct was a frst for nw. Missouri, underscoring the species' continued range expansion (†LRi). Iowa witnessed some of the lowest totals at the Hitchcock hawkwatch since record keeping be - gan in 2002, though numbers were a little bet- ter at Grammer Grove. The season total of 61 Ospreys at the Hitchcock hawkwatch was the lowest on record (MO). An ad. Swallow-tailed Kite found 31 Aug near Stuart, Guthrie (†Ter - rie Hoefer) makes two records in the past three years of this accidental species in Iowa. An ad. Mississippi Kite with a recent fedgling was pho - tographed at Ottumwa, Wapello, IA 30 Aug (Sid Kooyman, fde BEh). There were four other Iowa Mississippi Kite reports, the last at Grammer Grove 20 Sep (MP). The total of 562 Bald Eagles at the Grammer Grove in e. Iowa represented the second highest total in 25 years (MP) but was in contrast to a second lowest total at the Hitch - cock hawkwatch (MO) in the west. The season total of 70 Northern Harriers at Hitchcock was not only a record low but less than half of the previous record low of 156 set in 2002 (MO). The Sharp-shinned Hawk fight was strong at Grammer Grove, with 85 on 4 Oct and 134 in the two-day period 4-5 Oct (MP), while in w. Iowa, at Hitchcock the fight was the poorest on record (MO). In contrast to a record-high sea - son total of 376 Cooper's Hawks in 2013, the Hitchcock hawkwatch set a record-low season Mingo (Mingo N.W.R., Stoddard, MO); Red Rock (Red Rock Reservoir, Marion, IA); Saylorville (Saylorville Reservoir, Polk, IA), Sedan (Sedan, Appanoose, IA); Smithville (Smithville Lake, Clay, MO); Squaw Creek (Squaw Creek N.W.R., Holt, MO); Stockton (Stockton Lake, Polk, MO); Swan Lake (Swan Lake N.W.R., Chariton, MO). WATERFOWL THROUGH CRANES Black-bellied Whistling-Duck has become an- nual in Missouri, and one was observed in Pe- miscot 6 Aug (ph. TJ). The frst 6 Cackling Geese in Iowa were early 18 Sep in Cerro Gordo (Craig Zoellner), where numbers remained unusually low, while the top count was a mere 43 at Copper Creek Lake, Polk 25 Nov (AB). Missouri's season - al high count was 1006 at Maryville 28 Nov (DE). A record-early Trumpeter Swan arrived at Squaw Creek 15 Oct (DWe), and numbers continued to set seasonal records in Missouri, with peaks of 650 at Riverlands (PL) and 225 at Squaw Creek 25 Nov (DWe, U.S.F.W.S.). A fock of 8 Gad - walls arrived early at Clarence Cannon N.W.R., Pike, MO 9 Aug (CM, JM). The frst American Black Ducks were early at Pool #9, Allamakee, IA 7 Oct, and the most was 50 at Pool #12, Clin - ton, IA 25 Nov (U.S.F.W.S. aerial surveys). Mis- souri's sixth Mottled Duck at Squaw Creek 11 Nov provided the second defnite record for the nw. corner of the state (ph., †MS). Surf Scoters were reported from six Iowa locations 4 Oct–3 Nov and two locations in Missouri 27 Oct–1 Nov (KD, CM, JM). White-winged Scoters were found at one Missouri and four Iowa locations. A single at Crystal Hills W.M.A., Hancock 8 Oct was Iowa's second earliest ever (Brad Mohr, fde KTM), and the high count was 11 at Red Rock 9-16 Nov (JF, TGS). Black Scoters were encoun - tered at four Iowa locations 6-28 Nov but only one in Missouri, at Riverlands 30 Nov (BR, CM, JM). Long-tailed Ducks were reported only from Iowa 13-28 Nov, all singles except 3 at Red Rock 28 Nov (TGS, AB). Reintroduced Greater Prairie-Chickens pro - duced six broods at Dunn Ranch, Harrison, MO (fde SK). Although Northern Bobwhite num - bers remain below the long-term average, Iowa D.N.R. 2014 August Roadside Survey counts were up 61% above the 10-year average, with Adams, Taylor, Davis, Appanoose, and Lucas, all in the s. two tiers of counties, reporting the high - est detections. A pair of Gray Partridge with 11 young were in n. Floyd, IA 5 Aug (PH), and the species was also reported from Howard, Story, Boone, and Polk, IA (WO, LR, AB). Iowa D.N.R. August Roadside Surveys resulted in 2.3 birds per 30-mile route, the highest index since 2005. Two juv. Red-throated Loons at Saylorville 11 Oct tied the third-earliest date (AB, SJD, TMH). Later reports of one or possibly 2 at Red Rock may have been these same birds. Missouri host - Iowa's second earliest Red Phalarope was this adult in basic plumage at Saylorville Reservoir, Oak Grove Recreation Area, Polk County 29-30 (here 30) August 2014. Photograph by Aaron Brees.

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