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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 91 W E S T E R N G R E AT L A K E S annual anywhere in the Region, single Lark Buntings in Cook, MN 14 Sep (ph., †JHe), Ke - weenaw, MI 25 Sep (ph., †LD), and Allegan, MI 26 Oct (ph. CSc) were of interest. Late for n. Minnesota was a Le Conte's Sparrow in St. Louis 25 Oct (AXH). Record high for Minnesota was the count of 4034 White-throated Sparrows during the Hawk Ridge/Lester River Census 22 Sep (KJB). Minnesota's eleventh Golden- crowned Sparrow was photographed by many during its winter vacation at Duluth 22 Nov+ (JN, †PHS, †TRK). At least 2 Summer Tanagers were in Berrien, MI during Aug (PV, BAn). Minnesota and Wis - consin each had single Summer Tanagers in Hennepin 29 Oct–4 Nov (ph. MN) and Dane 2 Nov (ph. EB), respectively. Remarkably late was a Scarlet Tanager in Washtenaw, MI 11-16 Nov (ph. EO). Continuing from summer were Blue Grosbeak pairs in Allegan 6 Aug (CSc) and Kalamazoo through 14 Aug (DO); the latter was Kinglets 6 Oct followed by 262 the next day, and 69 Ruby-crowned Kinglets 6 Oct (KJB). All three states recorded multiple Townsend's Soli - taires; most unusual was the early arrival of one in Keweenaw, MI 18 Sep (LD). Large pre-dawn movements of thrushes along the North Shore were documented during the Hawk Ridge/Les - ter River Census again this fall, including 142 Veeries 14 Aug, 46 Gray-cheeked Thrushes 15 Sep, and 65 Gray-cheekeds 29 Sep (KJB). Re - cord early for Minnesota was a Bohemian Wax- wing in Roseau 26 Aug (JMJ). Lingering warblers in Minnesota included a Northern Waterthrush at Minneapolis 17-30 Oct (DWK, JCC) and a record-late Blue-winged Warbler in Fillmore 4 Oct (ph. NBO). Remark - ably late for Michigan and one of few ever found in the U.P. was a Prothonotary Warbler coming to a feeder in Schoolcraft 9-21 Nov (ph. J&NH); it was found dead on the last date. Noteworthy warbler counts at the Hawk Ridge/Lester River Census included 41 Black-and-white Warblers 15 Aug, 245 Tennessee Warblers 2 Sep, 639 Nashville Warblers 2 Sep, 263 American Red - starts 2 Sep, and 50 Cape May Warblers 15 Aug (KJB). In Michigan, where Cape Mays have been less common for many years, a high count of 29 at Copper Harbor, Keweenaw 16 Aug (LD) was outstanding. Another good count for Michigan was of 150 Blackpoll War - blers in Marquette 2 Sep (SH). Wis- consin reported single Prairie War- blers in Brown 12-13 Sep (ph. SL) and Racine 13 Sep (ph. CJ). Prairie War - blers in four Michigan counties in- cluded one in Midland 15 Sep (MKE), where unexpected. Michigan's Yellow- breasted Chats in Allegan 3 Aug (TOS) and Marquette 7 Oct (†DE) were the only ones found in the Region. In Michigan, single Lark Sparrows visited two Keweenaw locations in Sep (LD), and another was rather late in Macomb 4-5 Nov (THi). No longer MI was last heard 8 Aug (DL). An amazing total of 98 Yellow-bellied Sap - suckers was recorded by the Hawk Ridge/Lester River Census 28 Sep (KJB). Rarely recorded at Hawk Ridge, an early Prairie Falcon was banded there 26 Aug (FJN, ph. KN); one in w. Minne - sota at Bluestem Prairie, Clay 1 Nov (†PBB) was more typical. PASSERINES Biometric data confrmed Wisconsin's third Western Wood-Pewee after it was netted, banded, and photographed in Ozuakee 9 Oct (SB, CaB, WM). Say's Phoebe was elevated to rare regular status in Minnesota in 2014, but one in Kanabec 9 Sep (ph. D&PG) was still far e. of its expected migrant pathway. Also easterly were Western Kingbirds in Marathon, WI 8 Sep (ph. LW), Washtenaw, MI 6-10 Sep (ph. PD), and St. Joseph, MI 10 Sep (ph. KB-G). Michi - gan's second Gray Kingbird lingered at Shia- wassee 30 Oct–8 Nov (RAE, SG); its frst was in 1984. Michigan also attracted 2 Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, one in Mason late Aug–30 Oct (ph. MWl) and one in Marquette 2-3 Nov (JHu, MHu, ph. BO). Migrant Loggerhead Shrikes in Cass 13 Aug (DAY) and Todd 28 Aug (RBJ) were far from any known Minnesota breeding locations. Ca - sual in Minnesota, a White-eyed Vireo visited Nicollet 7 Sep (†DWK, SBM); one in Macomb 29 Oct–2 Nov (THe) was quite late for Michigan. Record high for Minnesota was a total of 9490 Blue Jays at the Hawk Ridge/Lester River Census 15 Sep (KJB). At Detroit River, 25,000 Blue Jays 27 Sep and 30,000 on 10 Oct contributed to a season's total of 144,410 (JSt, GN). Rare in Wis - consin, a Black-billed Magpie was detected by a trail cam in Douglas 17 Oct (DR). The Hawk Ridge/Lester River Census recorded 2337 Com - mon Ravens for the season, including the state's second highest count of 209 on 20 Nov (KJB). Record or near record high counts during the Hawk Ridge/Lester River census included 29 Brown Creepers 7 Oct, 153 Golden-crowned This adult male Rufous Hummingbird lingered at a feeder in Le Sueur County, Minnesota 12 (here 16) September through 5 November 2014. Photograph by Matt Stratmoen. Michigan's second Gray Kingbird tarried at Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge 30 October (here) through 8 November 2014. Photograph by Roger Eriksson. SA The remnants of Hurricanes Norbert and Odile, which crossed Baja Mexico into Arizona and reached Michigan in early and mid-Sep, may have been responsible for Michi - gan's frst Berylline Hummingbird, an ad. male near Grand Marais 17-22 Sep (GM, ph. EW, ph. C&SR, m.ob.) and its frst Costa's Hummingbird, an imm. male at Onekama, Manistee early Oct–18 Nov (R&JJ, m.ob.). These two sparkling jewels crowned an exceptional season for hummingbirds in Michigan, which also recorded its ninth Green Violetear in Presque Isle 2-3 Sep (ph. TL), an ad. male Rufous Hummingbird in Macomb 20 Sep–20 Oct (ph. M&EA), and an imm. male Rufous/Allen's in Genesee 10-29 Sep (KHW, ph. GO). Wisconsin recorded ad. male Anna's Hummingbirds in Sauk 10-11 Oct (ph. LA) and Dane 16 Nov (ph. WH); the latter was seen feeding on frozen Salvia! Southeastern Wisconsin also attracted 4 Rufous Hummingbirds and 2 Rufous/Allen's between mid-Aug and late Nov. Minnesota usually misses out on fall's cornucopia of hummers, but the Gopher State cel - ebrated ad. male Rufous Hummingbirds in Le Sueur 13 Sep–5 Nov (S&MN, †TAT, ph., †RMD) and Ramsey 8-11 Nov (TW, ph. RMD, ph., †PEB).

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