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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 90 W E S T E R N G R E AT L A K E S cycle Iceland Gull was early at Wisconsin Point 19 Oct (ph. PHS) and drifted to the Superior Entry 26 Oct–9 Nov (PHS, MLH, J&LK). An - other frst-cycle Iceland at Canal Park, Duluth 9 Nov+ (PHS, MLH, J&LK) was closer to being on time. Elsewhere in Minnesota, 4 Icelands (in - cluding 2 ads.) were found in the Twin Cities 21 Nov+ (ADS et al.). A very early juv. Lesser Black-backed Gull at Duluth, MN 10 Sep (ph., †PHS) raised the usual question of where the bird hatched. An ad. Slaty-backed Gull visited North Bay Park, Washtenaw, MI 26 Nov (ph. BMo). Continuing the theme of early larids were frst-cycle Glaucous Gulls at Whitefsh Point 10 Oct (JHu, MHu) and Duluth, MN 16 Oct (ph. PHS). Furnishing Wisconsin's ffth fall record of Arctic Tern was an ad. at Wisconsin Point 15 Sep (RP, †DT). Another graced Alger, MI 19 Sep (ph. AO). In extreme sw. Minnesota, a juv. Least Tern near Luverne 11-14 Aug (HHD, †TAT, †KR, ph., †RMD) was joined by an ad. 13 Aug (ph. DAC); it is likely that the 2 were migrating together, though the ad. was not seen on the other dates. Still rare in Michigan, only one of several purported Eurasian Collared-Doves was ac - cepted in Berrien 8-11 Sep (ph. KM). All three states recorded White-winged Dove, including a frst for Kandiyohi, MN 17 Aug (†JSc), one in Grant, WI 24 Aug (†AGr), and one at Tawas Point, MI 12 Nov (ph. PO). An "echo invasion" brought about 60 Snowy Owls to 27 Michi - gan counties and 54 birds into Wisconsin; Minnesota reported Snowy Owls in 15 counties by season's end. Northern Hawk Owls in Burnett 28 Nov (ph. MJS) and Shawano 29 Nov (MG, NJ) were extraordinary for Wisconsin. Surprising dur - ing a non-irruption year was the Boreal Owl in Hennepin, MN 8 Nov (ph. JG). The summering Chuck-will's-widow in Jackson, ph. ST) and Sterling S.P., Monroe 16 Oct (ph., †AMB, GB). Wisconsin also report - ed 2 Western Sandpipers, one in Ashland 8-9 Sep (NA), the other in Milwaukee 14-16 Sep (JA, RW). Minnesota and Wis - consin each had one Red Phalarope, in Mower (ph. GH, KDS) and Racine 10 Sep (†JV), respectively. Four of Michigan's 6 Red Phalaropes were in Berrien in Nov; singles were in Ottawa 6 Oct (ph. C&JM, ph. CSc) and Saginaw 31 Oct (DSt). JAEGERS THROUGH FALCONS One or 2 juv. Pomarine Jaegers were re- ported at Wisconsin Point 17 & 27 Sep (DT, ph. BAF). Numbers of Parasitic Jae - gers were back to normal in the Region after last fall's stellar showing. Wisconsin Point attracted an ad. Long-tailed Jaeger 17 Sep (RP, †DT), and one was at Whitefsh Point 10 Oct (ER et al.). Michigan had only 2 Black-legged Kittiwakes, while none appeared elsewhere in the Region. Sabine's Gull was likewise scarce, with a to - tal of 7 birds on Lake Superior in Wisconsin, 2 at Whitefsh Point, and one in Muskegon in Michigan, and none in Minnesota. A molting ad. Black-headed Gull at Pte. Mouillee 19-31 Aug (ph. AS) was one of very few found in the Region in recent years. Little Gull showed well in Michi - gan, with about 15 individuals in eight counties; Wisconsin's 2 summering subads. persisted in Manitowoc until 6 Sep. Michigan and Wisconsin each had single Laughing Gulls in Oceana 8 Sep (ph., †TC) and Jefferson 23 Oct (ph. CyB), re - spectively. Minnesota's fourth Mew Gull showed up in Hennepin 8 Nov (ph. †DPv); all records have been of adults. A frst-cycle California Gull discovered at the base of Wisconsin Point 19 Oct (ph., †PHS, MLH) was subsequently found on both sides of the Minnesota/Wisconsin state line at the Superior Entry through 22 Oct (ph., †PHS et al.). Michigan had an ad. California Gull in Macomb 21 Oct (ph., †THi). A frst- zel S.P., Macomb 30 Oct (†THi). Noteworthy totals at Detroit River included 69,768 Turkey Vultures (second highest), 804 Red-shouldered Hawks (most since 2007), and 184,860 Broad- winged Hawks (second highest). At Hawk Ridge, a total of 219 Northern Goshawks was about average for the past fve years but less than a third of the previous 20-year average. In nw. Minnesota, a Golden Eagle in Mahnomen 2 Sep (CRM) was record early. Rarely detected anywhere in fall, a Yellow Rail in Burnett, WI 13 Sep (RP) had probably summered there. A juv. King Rail in Dane, WI 8 Aug (ph. KL) was at a location where ads. had been seen this summer. Common Gallinules successfully reproduced in fve Minnesota counties as far n. as Todd—en - couraging news for a species that seems to be declining rapidly. A total of 103 Common Galli - nules at Shiawassee 3 Sep (JMS) was even more encouraging. In Minnesota, a total of 8797 Sandhill Cranes at Sherburne N.W.R. 30 Oct (AH) was record high for the refuge. Despite the continuous presence of up to 5 Black-necked Stilts at Horicon through Aug, there was no evidence of breeding this year. Single Piping Plovers combed the beaches of three Wisconsin counties in Aug, while about 28 individuals lingered in nine Michigan coun - ties. Late for Minnesota was a Willet in Hennepin 23 Oct (GS). Eleven Whimbrels in three Michi - gan counties and another 11 in fve Wisconsin counties were more than usual, with some of the latter staying for more than three weeks. Normally a rare fall migrant, Hudsonian God - wits visited fve Michigan locations, including a fock of 18 in Berrien 1 Sep (CSc). In Min - nesota, 43 Hudsonians in Yellow Medicine 8 Aug (DLP) and 59 in Sibley 10 Aug (DWK) were record-high fall counts. Michigan tallied 15 Red Knots in eight counties, similar to the past two fall seasons. Twelve knots in seven Wisconsin counties was its best showing in several years. Minnesota's only Red Knot visited Duluth 30 Aug (TPW). Michigan reported a Ruff at Pte. Mouillee 9-10 Aug (AMB, BMu, ST), and Wiscon - sin had one in Dodge 10 Aug (ph. MWe). Arriving on time were Purple Sandpipers in Ot - tawa 26 Oct (CP) and Muskegon 1 Nov (MB) in Michigan and in Ozaukee 31 Oct (CaB) in Wis - consin. About 30 Buff-breasted Sandpipers in 17 Michigan counties was near normal, but numbers were below par in Wisconsin (17 in six counties) and Minnesota (about 80 in 15 counties). Michigan attracted single Western Sandpipers at Pte. Mouillee 28 Sep (†AMB, A review of images confrms that this second-year Wood Stork near Hugo, Washington County 1-11 (here 2) August 2014 was a diferent individual than the one in Faribault County, Minnesota in June 2014. Photograph by David A. Cahlander. A juvenile Least Tern near Luverne, Rock County, Min- nesota 11-14 August 2014 was joined by this adult (here 13 August). Adult and juvenile Least Terns nor- mally migrate together, though no one observed the adult on other dates and it was not seen feeding the juvenile. Photograph by David A. Cahlander. Minnesota's fourth Mew Gull showed up at Lake Calhoun, Hennepin County 8 November 2014. All three previous state records were of adults in northern Minnesota. Photograph by David Pavlik.

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