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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 88 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A R. Clyne, Scott A. Cohrs, Dan Collins, Ben Cvengros (BCv), Matthew M. Cvetas, Richard J. DeCoster, Lucy DeLap, Michelle C. Devlin, Patty Dickerson, Beth Dixon, Colin Dobson, Bud Dodrill (BDo), Jerry I Downs, J. Barny Dunning, Joshua I. Engel, Bob Erickson, Karen D. Fisher, Robert E. Fisher, Matthew E. Fraker, Tyler D. Funk. Michael Furmanek, Steve Gif - ford, Andrew Gilbert (AGt), Carol Giometti, Don Gorney, Brendan J. Grube, Aaron Gyllen - haal, James A. Haw, Jim & Susan Hengeveld, Lynea S. Hinchman, Frank R. Holmes, Dustin Holschuh, Edward M. Hopkins, Robert D. Hughes, Sue & Bryan Isaac, David B. Johnson, Oscar Johnson, Ryan Jones, Dan Kaiser, Matt Kalwasinski, Dan M. Kassebaum, Amy Kearns, John C. Kendall, Vernon M. Kleen, Wes Kolb, Craig & Olivia Kruse, Scott Kuiper, Brandon Lake, Thomas B. Lally, Gregory S. Lambeth, John P. Leonard, Joseph W. Lill, Steven L. Lima, John C. Lindsey (JCLi), Joshua Little, John C. Longhenry, Mary Loye, Karen M. Lund, Janet Lyons (JLs), Travis A. Mahan, Walter J. Mar - cisz, David Marjamaa, Mary Ann Marjamaa, Libby Marks-Shepard, Richard Mattas, Kathy McClain, Annette McClellan, Jeffrey J. McCoy, Keith A. McMullen, Marion Miller, Neal Miller, Chuck E. Mills, Fran R. Morel, Pete A. Moxon, Luis G. Munoz, Benjamin Murphy, Landon Neumann, Randy J. Pals, Rick Read, Michael L.P. Retter, Patrick Ricketson, Aidan Rominger, Steve Rose, Jeremy Ross, Kirk Roth, William C. Rowe, Steve Sass, Beau J. Schaefer, John E. Schwegman, Peter E. Scott, Eric E. Seck - er, Mark S. Seiffert, Spike Selig (SpS), Adam Sell, Nathan Senner (NSr), Thaddeus Shaum, Robert E. Shelby, Randy L. Shonkwiler, John Skene (JSk), Nicholas Sly, Jeff A. Smith, Evan Speck, Kenneth Spey, Vicky Sroczynski, Jack & Jay Stenger, Lee W. Sterrenburg, Alan F. Sto - kie, Brian Storvik, Douglas F. Stotz, Del Strie- gel, Janice Sweet, Paul W. Sweet, Brian Tang, Jeff Timmons, Michael R. Topp, Steve Torre, Richard & Sue Vernier, Jude Vickery, Eric W. Walters, Tony Ward, Mark Welter, Donald R. Whitehead, Vern W. Wilkins, Daniel T. Wil - liams, Jr., Geoffrey A. Williamson (Illinois), Amy Wilms, Benjamin M. Winger, Cole Wolf, Dennis Workman and Amanda Zeigler. Many others submitted observations but could not be personally acknowledged; all have our thanks for their contributions. Preparation of this report relied in part on observation data in the eBird Basic Dataset (2015). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– James D. Hengeveld, 6354 Southshore Drive, Unionville, Indiana 47468 ( Keith A. McMullen, 1405 DeSoto, O'Fallon, Illinois 62269 ( Geofrey A. Williamson, 4046 North Clark Street, Unit K, Chicago, Illinois 60613 ( The third record of Cassin's Sparrow for Illinois was unfortunately a window-strike ca - sualty collected in Chicago 8 Sep (*ML, ph., †JIE). Nearly double (13) the average fall num - ber of Clay-colored Sparrows was reported in Indiana this fall, with 3 at Goose Pond. The 16 Vesper Sparrows logged in the Ewing Bot - toms, Jackson 29 Oct (AK) provided Indiana's s. tier of counties its second largest count. A lingering Vesper Sparrow was in Coles, IL 21 Nov (ph. ASA, JL). At Forsythe Park, Lake, IN, a late Lark Sparrow was seen 11 Oct (KJB, JKC, LSH, JJM, MRT). A Lark Bunting was an excel - lent fnd at Montrose 17 Oct (ph. JA, †JWL). Counts of 5 Le Conte's Sparrows in Marion, IL 20 Oct (RES), 6 Nelson's Sparrows at Univer - sal Mine, Vermillion, IN 28 Sep (SLL), and 10 Nelson's Sparrows at Rollins Savanna, Lake, IL 28 Sep (BJS) were noteworthy. An early White- throated Sparrow was at Hammond Lakefront Park, Lake, IN, 7 Sep (MRT). Five Harris's Spar - rows were reported from Illinois and one from Indiana. An early White-crowned Sparrow was in Cass, IN 17 Sep (LN, BDo). Illinois's fourth latest fall Scarlet Tanager was at Morton Arboretum, DuPage, IL 13-15 Nov (PAM, ph. SK, m.ob.). Indiana's third latest Rose-breasted Grosbeak (a frst-cycle male) was at a Booneville, Warrick feeder 26 Nov (SR). A female-plumaged Blue Grosbeak at Goose Pond 21 Oct (AK) was Indiana's latest by nine days. A Bobolink at Illinois Beach 28 Oct (JPL, JLs) tied for the second latest ever in Illinois. The frst Bullock's Oriole from Illinois in 28 years was a nicely photographed individual that visited a feeder near Joppa, Massac, IL 21 Nov (ph., †JES). Illinois Red Crossbill reports included 8 at Clinton Lake, DeWitt 8 Nov (PB, NSr, CW), 2 in Champaign 8 Nov (GSL), and 7 at Sand Ridge S.F., Mason 22 Nov (CD, TW); only 2 were re - ported from Indiana. Common Redpolls were reported in reasonable numbers in the Region. Pine Siskins staged an excellent invasion, peak counts consisting of 217 birds along the lake - front at Dunes 27 Oct (BJG), 200 at Fort Sheri- dan 18 Oct (JPL), and 150 at Illinois Beach 1 Nov (BJS). The lone Evening Grosbeak was a bird photographed at Mary Gray Bird Sanctu - ary, Connersville, Fayette, IN 5 Nov (AW et al.). Contributors cited (subregional editors in boldface): Andrew S. Aldrich, Abigail Ander - son, Bob Andrini, Kathy Andrini, David K. An- tieau, Jose Aveja, Amar A. Ayyash, Tom Becker, Jeffrey & Sandy Belth, Phred Benham, Vic O. Berardi, Adam Betuel, H. David Bohlen, Mike Bourdon, Ron Bradley, Kenneth J. Brock (In - diana), Ethan Brown, Maury H. Brucker, Alan W. Bruner, Samuel B. Burckhardt, William H. Buskirk, Jim H. Campbell, John K. Cas - sady, Brandon Caswell, Allen Chartier, Paul Nov (DG). Generally scarce in the fall, three re - ports of Smith's Longspurs were received: one at Fort Sheridan 21 Sep (DBJ, FRM, BJS) that provided Illinois's second earliest fall arrival by one day; 11 in Clinton, IL 16 Nov (MSS); and 5 in Wayne, IL 19 Nov (RES). A late Ovenbird was at Princeton, Gibson, IN 18 Nov (R&SV), and a Northern Waterthrush in Chicago 18 Nov (AA) was also tardy. In Floyd, IN, a rare Brewster's Warbler was noted 16 Sep (DS, TB). An Orange-crowned Warbler found in Cass, IN 15 Nov was found at the same location 29 Nov (LN), leading to specula - tion that it might attempt to overwinter at the site. Nashville Warblers in Chicago's Lincoln Park—one at Jarvis Bird Sanctuary 7-10 Aug (LGM, m.ob.), the other at Montrose 7-9 Aug (MCD, ph. ASA, DKA)—tied the second earli - est arrival date for Illinois. A very late Nashville Warbler was found at Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN 17 Nov (HDH). The 14 Kentucky Warblers at Big Oaks N.W.R., Ripley 4 Aug (OJ) nearly tripled Indiana's next highest fall count. Quite late was a Common Yellowthroat in Champaign, IL 23 Nov (NS). Also late were an American Redstart in Chicago's Jackson Park 10-13 Nov (PRC), Cape May Warblers at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary, Fayette, IN 7 Nov (JT, DG) and at Winthrop Harbor, Lake, IL 15 Nov (BE, AFS, ph. BS), and a Magnolia Warbler on the Indi - ana State University campus in Terre Haute 10 Nov (AB). At Hammond Lakefront Sanctuary, Lake, 54 Blackpoll Warblers 16 Sep (JCK, MRT) made a notably high count. An Audubon's War - bler was reported from the Mississippi River N.W.R., Carroll, IL 21 Oct (EB). This Townsend's Solitaire was found 15 November 2014 near Schapville, Illinois. During the past decade, Illinois has hosted at least one of this species in half the fall seasons. Photograph by Richard Mattas.

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