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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 87 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A Ash-throated Flycatcher banded at Spring- feld, Sangamon, IL 29 Sep (ph., †VMK) was seen again 30 Sep (ph. HDB). The latest ever Great Crested Flycatcher for the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront was a bird at Forsythe Park, Lake 11 Oct (KJB, JKC, LSH, JJM, MRT). Rath - er late, a Western Kingbird was in se. Chicago 10-11 Oct (AG, ph. ASA, m.ob.), and a Scis - sor-tailed Flycatcher was at Steelworkers' Park in Chicago 20 Oct (JL, ph. ASA). Loggerhead Shrikes were reported from 13 Illinois coun - ties, 11 of which were in the s. tier, but C. Le- roy Harrison noted they were "getting scarce." The frst Northern Shrikes to arrive were at Illi - nois Beach 17 Oct (AS, m.ob.) and Bluff Spring Fen, Cook, IL 18 Oct (MM). A White-eyed Vireo was late to depart Mon - trose 19-25 Oct (RDH, DKA, MCD, m.ob.). Good numbers of Bell's Vireos were found, es - pecially in sw. Indiana, where 28 were noted in Warrick 23 Aug (JHC). The second latest Red-eyed Vireo record for Illinois's n. tier was a Kane, IL bird seen 1 Nov (ph. BL). There was a sizeable accumulation of Fish Crows in the Eagle Creek Airport area of Indianapolis in early Aug (SpS), apparently including juvs., in - dicating breeding in the area. On 5 Aug, 5-11 birds were estimated (DG), and the following day, 8 birds were counted (KR). Rather late was a Marsh Wren at Urbana, Champaign, IL 22 Nov (NS). A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher at the Carlyle W.T.P., Clinton, IL 19 Nov (MSS) was Illinois's latest on record. Townsend's Solitaires were noted near Schapville, Jo Daviess, IL 15 Nov (ph. RM) and at Chicago Botanic Gardens 13 Nov (†AFS). A Varied Thrush was chased by a Cooper's Hawk into a Champaign, Cham - paign, IL garage 21 Oct (ph. PD); another was at Springfeld, Sangamon, IL 26 Oct (HDB). The second largest fall count of Cedar Wax - wings for Illinois occurred when 2300 passed Illinois Beach 30 Aug (PWS), breaking a record that stood since 1984, also from Illinois Beach. Lapland Longspurs were reported in unprec - edented numbers this fall in Indiana. There were fve triple-digit counts, the largest being 860 at Mount Comfort Airport, Hancock 19 Seven Barn Owls were reported across the Region. The beginning of a fne "echo" fight from last year, the frst Snowy Owls to ar - rive included one in Lake, IN 7 Nov (eBird) and one at Dalton City, Macon, IL 8 Nov (TAM, m.ob.). Four Rufous Hummingbirds for the season included an ad. male at Brookston, White, IN 10-13 Aug (ph. LM-S), one at St. Charles, Kane, IL 11-17 Sep (BA, KA, ph. JL, ph. RJ, m.ob.), a hatch-year male in St. Joseph, IN 22 Oct (S&BI, fde AC) through 5 Nov (b. AC), and another Kane, IL bird at East Dundee 6-15 Nov (LD, ph. JL). An ad. male Calliope Hummingbird that appeared at a Vanderburgh, IN feeder 27 Jul remained through 4 Aug (ph. DG). An ap - parent Yellow-shafted x Red-shafted Flicker intergrade was banded at Sand Bluff B.O., Win - nebago, IL 8 Nov (ph. JCL). Very unusual Merlin reports for Aug were of a pair near downtown Valparaiso, Porter, IN 12 Aug (BJG) and singles at Miller 5 (NM, TS), 17 (JCK), & 23 Aug (KJB, JKC et al.), the frst Aug records for the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront. A notable movement of 86 Merlins occurred at Fort Sheridan 6 Oct (AS, MF, VOB), and the 117 passing Illinois Beach 8 Oct (JS, PWS et al.) were also noteworthy. A Prairie Fal - con was in Kane, IL 5 Oct (†EES); in Coles, IL, where the species has been noted the past two fall/winter seasons, one Prairie Falcon was seen 25 Oct and 2 on 31 Oct (ph., †TDF, RB, m.ob.). The frst Prairie Falcon ever documented for e. Indiana was about 2 km w. of Brookville Reser - voir, Union 16 Nov (ph. J&JS et al.). PASSERINES Excellent numbers of Acadian Flycatchers were reported in Indiana, topped by a count of 12 at Big Oaks N.W.R., Ripley 6 Aug (OJ). Late to depart was an Alder/Willow Flycatcher in Chicago's Grant Park 1 Oct (JIE, AZ). An early ph. JCK, MRT); another was photographed at Wel - don Springs S.P., DeWitt, IL 22-23 Nov (ph. BM, DTW, ph. MLPR, m.ob.). Also at Miller, 4 Pomarines, 5 Para - sitics, and 5 unidentifed jaegers were tallied 31 Oct (KJB et al.), and 6 Parasit - ics, one Long-tailed (juv.), and 9 unidentifed jaegers were seen 13 Sep (KJB, JKC, LSH, BD et al.). A juv. Para - sitic was located on Wauke- gan Beach, Lake, IL 28 Sep (ph. AM). Among the total of 7 Long-taileds reported was a subad. at Miller 6 Sep (ph. AAA, ph. AR, m.ob.) and a juv. at Mich. City 13 Sep (PES, AWB) that provided a frst record for LaPorte. The single Black-legged Kittiwake at Miller 6 Nov (KJB, JCK, EMH, MRT, JKC) provided the lowest fall Indiana total in more than a decade. Two Little Gulls were at Dunes 31 Oct (BJG), and a very cooperative frst-cycle bird stayed at Turtle Creek Reservoir, Sullivan, IN 2 Nov+ (SLL, m.ob.). Seventeen Laughing Gulls were recorded in Illinois, including an ad. and 2 imms. at Carlyle 26-27 Sep (DTW, m.ob.) and 3 imms. on East Fork Lake, Richland 15 Oct (RLS). A frst-cycle California Gull was discov - ered at Carlyle 27 Sep (ph. CD, ph., †GAW, KAM, ph. DMK, m.ob.), and an ad. was at Chi - cago's Lake Calumet 22 Nov (ph. SBB, WJM). Thayer's Gulls were present in good numbers in the Region, with 5 at Mich. City 28 Nov (DG, AAA) and 10 at Lake County Fairgrounds, Lake, IL 28 Nov (AS). A presumed Herring Gull x Kelp Gull hybrid was seen regularly at Mich. City 22 Sep+ (ph. SLL, MB; m.ob.). A frst-cycle gull showing features consistent with a Glaucous-winged Gull x Herring Gull hybrid was located at Clinton Lake, DeWitt, IL 30 Sep (ph. MEF, WK). An imm. Least Tern was out of place at Bolingbrook, Will, IL 19 Aug (ph. BT). Two Black Terns at Cane Ridge 10 Oct (VWW) and 2 Forster's Terns at Lake Lemon, Brown 8 Nov (J&SH) were late. Visiting a backyard in Metropolis, Illinois 21 November 2014, this Bullock's Oriole was the state's frst in nearly three decades. Photograph by John E. Schwegman. Indiana's frst adult male Calliope Hummingbird visited a feeder in Vanderburgh County 27 (here 31) July through 4 August 2014. Photograph by Aidan Rominger. SA The remarkable Sabine's Gull fight spanned the Region. At Carlyle, 4 were present 7 Sep (MSS), with one there 13 Sep (KAM, m.ob.). One was on Lake Decatur, Macon, IL 10 Sep (TAM), but the peak inland tally was of 5 juvs. at Lake Springfeld, Sangamon, IL 13 Sep (HDB), with one continuing there until 25 Sep (HDB). An Indiana record daily count of 51 was made 13 Sep at Miller and Mich. City (JKC, KJB et al.), all but one tallied at the former site. Five others were seen along the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront throughout the season, the latest consisting of 2 at Miller 31 Oct (LN, JL et al.). In the aftermath of the 13 Sep movement on Lake Michigan, one was at Chicago's Park No. 566 on 14 Sep (AG), 2 were on the Mississippi River near Moline, Rock Island, IL 15 Sep (KS, ph. BC), and 2 more were at Carlyle 6 (KAM) & 18 Oct (WCR).

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