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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 86 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A species. Seven Whimbrels was a typical num- ber for fall in the Region. A new record high of Hudsonian Godwits for Illinois was established by 78 at Chautauqua 22 Aug (TAM). Of at least 9 Marbled Godwits reported were 4 at Chau - tauqua 30 Aug (PAM, JV), with one at Lake Gibson, Gibson 25 Aug (CEM) the only inland bird in Indiana. Red Knots had a good fight, with 30+ reported, including a group of 9 that few past Miller 8 Sep (BJG) and single inland birds at Chautauqua 1-2 Sep (TAM, m.ob.) and Carlyle 12 Sep (MSS, KAM). An above-average fight of Sanderlings included a frst record for Cass, IN at the Logansport sod farm 10 Sep (LN); a tally of 83 at Montrose 12 Sep (ASA), Illinois's highest count since 2004; and a late bird at Chicago's Jackson Park 29 Nov (RLS, ph. CG). A very early juv. Dunlin was at Goose Pond 28-29 Aug (EMH, ph. MW, KR, m.ob.). On 6 Aug, an ad. Western Sandpiper was at Georgetown, IN (LN, BDo), a frst for Cass, and a juv. was at Brookville Reservoir, Union, IN (WHB); a late individual was at Mississinewa Reservoir, Wabash, IN 2-3 Nov (JAH, EMH). A White-rumped Sandpiper at Waukegan, Lake 24 Nov (ph. AM) provided Illinois's third lat - est departure date. A very early juv. Long-billed Dowitcher was noted at Pine Creek Gamebird Habitat Area, Benton, IN 14 Aug (EMH, JBD, JSk). Indiana's second highest fall total of Wil - son's Snipe was of 134 at Goose Pond 9 Nov (VWW). A notable tally of 16 Wilson's Phala - ropes was made at Chautauqua 2 Sep (TAM). Indiana's latest ever Red-necked Phalarope ap - peared at Miller 6 Nov (KJB, EMH, JCK, MRT). Thirteen Red Phalaropes were found in the Region, the 5 logged at Dunes 31 Oct (BJG) constituting Indiana's highest total since 27 Oct 1959. JAEGERS THROUGH FALCONS It was a spectacular season for jaegers: 74 in- dividuals were seen along the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront. A slightly early juv. Poma - rine Jaeger was at Miller 21 Sep (ph. AAA, JJM, 13-16 Sep (ph. BCv et al.). Another was at Eagle Slough, Vanderburgh, IN 18-20 Sep (ph. SG, ph. ES et al.). At least 20 unidentifed Plegadis ibis were reported across the Region, highlighted by 11 at Chautauqua 20 Sep (ph. MM). Two unprecedented fall sightings of Black Vulture for the Lake Michigan lakefront includ - ed one circling at Mich. City 15 Sep (SS) and one at Fort Sheridan 19 Oct (†AS). An excel - lent tally of 15 Mississippi Kites, thought to be migrants, was made at the I-57 crossing of the Mississippi River, Alexander, IL 18 Aug (OJ); 9 in Spencer 1 Aug (JR) represented Indiana's highest ever fall count. A juv. Mississippi Kite was in Sangamon, IL 26 Aug (ph. HDB), 2 ads. were noted at the Illinois Beach hawkwatch 31 Aug (KML et al.), and 3 ads. and 2 juvs. were seen near the Rockford, IL breeding site 2 Sep (JCL). Only one Northern Goshawk was reported from Indiana, whereas 13 were noted in Illinois. A big push of Broad-winged Hawks occurred 17 Sep, with 1166 passing Greene Valley (JAS, KDF, VS et al.). The season total of 8 Swainson's Hawks from Illinois sites was im - pressive. With 23 reported, it was an excellent season for Golden Eagles, including an early ad. at Greene Valley 16 Sep (JAS, KDF et al.). A Yellow Rail was at Prairie Ridge State N.A., Jasper, IL 2 Oct (RES), and a late bird was not - ed at Goose Pond 25 Oct (JID). Among 7 King Rails reported were 1-2 at Air Station Prairie in Glenview, Cook, IL 5-13 Aug (REF, MMC, m.ob.) and 2 at Goose Lake Prairie State N.A., Grundy, IL 8 Sep (AFS). An imm. Purple Galli - nule was seen at Hennepin 5-6 Sep (DFS, DH). An excellent count of 23 Common Gallinules at Emiquon 20 Sep (CD) was indicative of a successful breeding season, with 2 tardy birds remaining through 2 Nov (ph. KAM). An early Whooping Crane, presumably from the eastern migratory population, was seen fying south - ward with 2 Sandhill Cranes in Champaign, IL 13 Sep (PB, NS, CW). A fairly high proportion of the eastern population (18) was present at Goose Pond 18 Nov (DK, fde LWS). Record late in departing were a single Black- necked Stilt in Kane, IL 27 Oct (SAC) and 8 at Goose Pond 8 Nov (LWS, KM). An excellent fight of American Avocets in - cluded Indiana's largest number ever for the fall, 26 at Mich. City 26 Aug (JCLi), plus 23 at Chautauqua 8 Oct (AGt) and 24 at Montrose 4 Nov (LGM). A single at Logansport, Cass 21 Nov (LN, BDo) was Indiana's latest by 11 days. Among 8 Piping Plovers in Indiana were 2 juvs. at Miller 17 Aug (MK); the only Illinois report was of a single at Canteen Lake, Madison 1 Sep (FRH, KAM). Only a single report of one Upland Sandpiper underscored the decline of this usual, with 100 at Illinois Beach 7 Nov (ASA, JL), 140 in Chicago's Monroe Harbor 21 Nov (JIE), and four other reports of 100+ birds. An early Red-breasted Merganser was spotted in se. Chicago 13 Sep (AG). Greater Prairie-Chicken counts were 37 at Prairie Ridge State N.A., Jas - per, IL 30 Oct (RES) and 27 in Marion, IL 22 Oct (RES). The Illinois population was recently supplemented with birds from Kansas. Good numbers of Red-throated Loons were reported for the season, highlighted by 63 on the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront 29 Nov (KJB, JKC, RJP). The only Pacifc Loon was at Illinois Beach 8 Nov (AFS). Common Loon numbers were below average for the third con - secutive year. Early Common Loons included singles 5 km off Chicago 13 Sep on a boat trip on Lake Michigan (ph. GAW et al.) and on Lake Monroe, Monroe, IN 22 Sep (J&SB). A very ear - ly Horned Grebe was discovered at Montrose 29 Aug (MCD, BMW). Among 20+ Red-necked Grebes reported in the Region, Indiana's fourth earliest few past Miller 11 Sep (JCK et al.), and 3 were at Whalon Lake F.P., Will, IL 20 Oct (PAM, JAS, m.ob.). Good numbers of Eared Grebes were also reported, with 3 at Carlyle 26-28 Oct (MSS), where sightings spanned 27 Sep–2 Nov, and likely 6 different individuals on Lake Springfeld, Sangamon, IL between 5 Oct and 27 Nov (HDB). One of 6 in the Region, a Western Grebe on Lake Freeman 11 Nov (RR, fde LN) provided a frst record for White, IN. Numbers of American White Pelicans con - tinue to escalate. Several record counts were made in Indiana, culminating with a tally of 986 at Goose Pond 11 Oct (DG et al.). Among the herons, American Bittern and Cattle Egret num - bers were down, while good numbers of Snowy Egrets and Little Blue Herons were reported. An impressive 31 Little Blue Herons were at Patoka River N.W.R., Gibson, IN 19 Aug (JR). Indiana's frst White Ibis in four years, a juv., was pho - tographed at Holiday Park, Marion 11 Aug (JL); another juv. was found at Summit Lake, Henry, IN 17 Aug (ph. PD) and last seen 27 Aug (KR). Four Glossy Ibis were found in Vermillion, IN One of two juvenile White Ibis seen in Indiana in fall 2014, this coopera- tive individual lingered at Summit Lake for at least three weeks begin- ning 17 (here 27) August. Photograph by Pete Domery. One of more than 70 Sabine's Gulls reported in Illinois and Indiana in autumn 2014, this cooperative juvenile spent several hours in a shallow pool on the beach at Michigan City Harbor 13 September. Photograph by John K. Cassady.

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