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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 84 Geauga, OH 1 Sep (Scott Huge); this hybrid is seldom reported in fall migration in the Region. A Blue-winged Warbler was late at Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve, Cuyahoga, OH 9 Oct (ph. Jacob Roalef), as were Tennessee War - blers on The Ohio State University campus, Franklin, OH 28 Nov (ph. Mikey Lutmerding) and in Jefferson 15 Nov (Carol Del-Colle). The OSU bird was accompanied by an Orange- crowned Warbler (ph. Mikey Lutmerding), and another was just 16 km away at Dublin, Frank - lin 29 Nov (ph. Carl Winstead). Late Nashville Warblers were widespread, with 2 at Blendon Woods, Franklin, OH 21 Nov (ph. Alex Eb - erts), one at Grand Rapids, Lucas, OH 19-20 Nov (Tom Kemp), and one in Monongalia, WV 21 Nov (fde MO). A Chestnut-sided Warbler at Hummelstown, Dauphin made the latest fall re - cord for Pennsylvania (Jan Getgood). A North- ern Parula near Bunker Hill, Holmes 29 Nov (Emery A. Yoder) represents one of the latest fall records for Ohio. A Mourning Warbler in Franklin, OH 19 Oct was remarkably late (Paul Hurtado). Connecticut Warblers were reported from 18 Pennsylvania counties, a high total. A tardy Wilson's Warbler appeared in Saltcreek Twp., Holmes, OH 13 Nov (The Bobolink). The most surprising of about 10 Ohio Clay- colored Sparrows was the record-early arrival of one 30 Aug at Great Egret Marsh Preserve, Ottawa (ph. Lori Zornes). Henslow's Sparrow may be a species to watch. Singles were still at Fernald, Hamilton, OH 9 Oct (Paul Sherwood), in Harrsion, OH 15 Oct (Scott Pendleton), and in Allegheny, PA 3 Oct (Geoff Malosh), and 2 each were in Perry, OH 30 Oct (Margaret Bow - man) and at Deer Creek W.A, Pickaway, OH 10 Oct (ph. Angelika Nelson, Anthony Fries, m.ob.). About 24 Nelson's Sparrows were re - ported from Ohio, and a remarkable 4 were at Pleasant Creek W.M.A., Barbour, WV 22 Oct (Joe Hildreth, Kyle Aldinger, m.ob.). Another West Virginia report came from Tucker 24 Oct (fde MO). In Ohio, observers found at least 9 Le Conte's Sparrows 23 Sep–31 Oct in eight counties (ph. Irina Shulgina, ph. Paul Hurtado, ph. Tim Thompson, ph. Matthew Valencic, ph. Bruce Stambaugh, m.ob.). A Le Conte's Spar - row was at Chambers Lake, Chester, PA 11 Oct (Rick Robinson, Larry Lewis). Detection of both species has increased steadily, as observers in the Region have identifed wetlands sites with habitats attractive to migrants. A very rare Sea - side Sparrow, about the sixth for Pennsylvania, was on the Susquehanna River at Bainbridge, Lancaster 4-6 Oct (Bruce Carl, Eric Witmer). At the Koch farm in Northampton, PA, a Har - ris's Sparrow arrived 17 Nov and stayed into the winter season; it was accompanied 22-30 Nov by a Gambel's White-crowned Sparrow (Arlene Koch, m.ob.). Rarely detected away from feed - Pennsylvania reports from Allegheny, Bedford, Centre, Clarion, Crawford, Delaware/Philadel - phia, Lancaster/Lebanon, and Lawrence. The ear- liest was one at Woodcock Lake, Crawford 11 Oct (Ronald Leberman). The Ohio fight was unremarkable. A Loggerhead Shrike was well described from Tycoon Lake W.A., Gallia, OH 13 Sep (Josh Stapleton), with others in Grant, WV 6 Sep (Frederick Atwood) and near Picka - way, Monroe, WV 9 Sep (b.; fde MO). A late White-eyed Vireo at Euclid Creek Reservation, Cuyahoga, OH 29 Nov (ph. Nancy Anderson) was a surprise on the shore of Lake Erie. Low country ravens of interest included 2 in Wood, WV 1 Sep (Andy Jones) and one at Sugar Creek, Pleasants, WV 28 Nov (Jeffrey Sole). The only documented Ohio report came from a known site in Harrison 6 Sep (Scott Pendleton). North - ern Rough-winged Swallows may be lingering much later in the season in greater numbers than currently thought, especially in sw. Ohio. Two were at Twin Creek, Butler 14 Nov (John Habig) and one at Fernald, Hamilton 3-5 Nov (Dave Novitski, Brian Wulker); many undocu - mented reports are omitted here. An apparent Purple Martin in Hardy, WV 28 Oct (Diane Holsinger) and a Bank Swallow at Pickering - ton Ponds, Franklin 8-10 Oct (Irina Shulgina, Hank George) were also among the parade of late swallows. A roost of Bank Swallows, devel - oping since late Jul in the vicinity of Pickerel Creek W.A., Sandusky, OH, was studied in early Aug. The dawn fight was estimated at 160,000 birds 14 Aug, plus some 29,000 Tree Swallows (VF). A Sedge Wren in Barbour 22 Oct (Kyle Aldinger, Joe Hildreth, Randy Bodkins) was a great fnd for the e. West Virginia highlands. Al - ways scarce in Pennsylvania, Sedge Wrens were found in Chester 17-20 Oct (Arthur Steinberg - er), in Lancaster at Octoraro Reservoir 19 Oct (Tom Raub), at Black Swamp, Lawrence 10-17 Oct (3 birds; Geoff Malosh, Shannon Thomp - son), and in Mercer 15-19 Sep (Neil Troyer). A Northern Wheatear was discovered by Ray Hannikman 9 Sep along the beach at Headlands Beach State Nature Preserve, Lake, OH; it was enjoyed by many through 16 Sep. A Townsend's Solitaire appeared again this sea - son on Kelleys Island, Erie, OH 22 Oct (Shane Roberts, VF, ph. Tom Bartlett); it was heard vo - calizing the next day (Dan Gesauldo, m.ob.). Late Swainson's Thrushes in Ohio appeared at Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo 7 Nov (Sherry Plessner, Tim Drewyor, Tim Thompson) and at Shaker Lakes, Cuyahoga 10 Nov (Laura Gooch). Evidence of reverse migration to the Region is seen occasionally among warblers. Along the Lake Erie shoreline, a Worm-eating Warbler at Meadowbrook Marsh Nature Preserve, Ot - tawa, OH 17 Sep (Paul Sherwood) was possi- bly such a bird. A Lawrence's Warbler was in A Eurasian Collared-Dove at Twin Creek, Warren 24 Sep (John Habig) represents a new Ohio location. Rare but annual within the Re - gion, a White-winged Dove was in Plumstead Twp., Bucks, PA 18-19 Sep (Kelly Parsons). The onset of a Snowy Owl irruption was evident in late Nov, beginning with one in Erie, PA 12 Nov (ph. Michele Rundquist-Franz) followed in ne. Ohio by singles in Cuyahoga 22 Nov (fde JB) and Lake 23 Nov (ph. Tom Frankel, m.ob.). In Penn - sylvania, one was at Morgantown, Berks 10-11 Nov (Karin Leisser-Haley, Stephanie Dean), one at Camp Hill, Cumberland 25-30 Nov (Deuane Hoffman), and 2 in Erie 12 & 15 Nov (Bonnie Ginader; Larry Slomsky) A Northern Saw-whet Owl in Hocking, OH 5 Oct (Matthew Bell) was an early migrant for s. Ohio. The occasional nighthawk is seen in late Oct but rarely thereaf - ter; one in Lake, OH 3 Nov (Chris Swan) was ex- traordinary. A Ruby-throated Hummingbird was late 5 Nov at Columbus, OH 5 Nov (ph. Paul Hurtado). Rufous Hummingbirds were at Find - lay, Hancock 5-25 Nov (ph. Mary Ferguson, Amy Downing , Donna Kuhn, m.ob.), in Monroe, OH 7 Oct (ad. male; ph. Chris Collins), near Kins - man, Trumbull, OH 16 Oct–15 Nov (ad. female; b. Allen Chartier, ph. Sally Isacco, m.ob.), and in Monongalia, WV 18-19 Nov (ad. female; ph. Joe Hildreth et al.). Pennsylvania had fve reports of Rufous from Chester, Erie, Lancaster, Mercer, and Montgomery, plus unidentifed Selasphorus in Bucks and Northampton. A year after Ohio's frst record, an ad. Crested Caracara near Claysville, Washington 12-13 Sep (Holly McChesney) rep - resents Pennsylvania's frst record, ftting into a pattern of extralimital reports. PASSERINES A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was along North Fort Zellers Rd., Lebanon, PA 25-26 Oct (Mi - chael Murphy, Timothy Becker, Kathy Becker, Don Billett, Florence Billett). Northern Shrikes made a strong early showing this season, with E A S T E R N H I G H L A N D S & U P P E R O H I O R I V E R VA L L E Y Ohio's eighth Townsend's Solitaire was this bird at North Shore Alvar Nature Preserve, Kelleys Island, Erie County 22-23 (here 22) October 2014; the island has one prior record of the species. Photograph by Tom Bartlett.

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