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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 82 E A S T E R N H I G H L A N D S & U P P E R O H I O R I V E R VA L L E Y nia, reports came from Adams, Allegheny, Cen- tre, Erie, Luzerne, Somerset, Westmoreland, and York; the high count was 17 avocets at Somerset Lake 12 Aug (Jeff Payne). A Black-bellied Plo - ver put down at Archer's Rock, Berkeley, WV 12 Aug (MO) for that state's only fall report. The only American Golden-Plover in West Virginia was a late migrant at Cheat Lake, Monongalia 5 Nov (Derek Courtney). Greater Yellowlegs may be lingering well into Nov in increasing numbers. Particularly noteworthy were singles in ne. Ohio at La Due Reservoir, Geauga 8-28 Nov (Dick Hoopes, ph. Matt Valencic, Wes Hatch, m.ob.), at Lake Snowden, Athens, OH ph. 25 Nov (Stefan Glei - ssberg), and in Grant, WV 22 Nov (Frederick Atwood, Chip Deutsch). The usual smattering of Willets along the Lake Erie shoreline and w. plains was led by 9 at Indian Lake S.P., Logan, OH 11 Aug (Steve Jones). The Willet fight over the Alleghenies is less well understood, but many records were registered this season, among them 2 at Cobun Creek Reservoir, Monongalia, WV 4 Sep (Amanda Austin), one at Lake Somerset, Somerset, PA 14 Aug–1 Sep (Andrew McGann, ph. Aidan Place, Michael Lanzone, m.ob.), one at Little Blue Run Lake, Beaver, PA 31 Aug (Geoff Malosh), 2 in Har - rison, OH 6 Sep (Scott Pendleton), and one in Mahoning, OH 14-17 Aug (Bill Jones et al.). Not nearly as hardy as Greater Yellowlegs, Lesser Yel - lowlegs were widely noted in Nov across Ohio and West Virginia, with one remaining until 15 Nov at Kimsey Run Dam, Hardy, WV (Diane Holsinger) within the e. Panhandle. Six reports of 10 migrant Upland Sandpipers was the total for the season from Ohio; a late push brought 5 of those to Hancock 20 Sep (Shane Meyers). A weak fight of Whimbrel 1 Aug–14 Sep in - volved but 7 birds, all limited to the shoreline of Lake Erie from Erie, OH to Erie, PA. Notable Hudsonian Godwit focks included 8 at East Harbor S.P., Ottawa, OH 5 Sep (Scott Huge) and up to 18 at Big Island W.A., Marion, OH 30 Aug–1 Sep (John Habig, ph. Andrew Cannizza - ro, m.ob.). One was located in s. Ohio at Deer Creek S.P., Pickaway 2 Sep (Melanie Shuter). Notable away from Lake Erie, single Marbled Godwits were at Killdeer Plains W.A., Wyandot 19-25 Sep (ph. Irina Shulgina, Loren Hintz) and 15-29 Oct (ph. Irina Shulgina), in Wayne 30 Aug–1 Sep (ph. Lisa Phelps, Ken & Helen Ostermiller, m.ob.), in Hancock 5 Sep (Richard Counts), and at Hueston Woods S.P., Preble 31 Aug (ph. Bruce Brooks). The Red Knot fight was restricted to the shoreline of Lake Erie but numbered no fewer than 13 birds led by 4 at Conneaut, Ashtabula, OH 10-11 Sep (ph. VF, Patience Fisher), a good showing for recent years. Rarely reported from West Virginia, a Western Sandpiper was found in Hardy 19 Aug near Mercer, Mercer 7-13 Nov (Mark Vass) and 6 near Thompsontown, Juniata 31 Oct (Dick Hart). The late fight in Ohio included 1-2 along the Cleveland lakefront 5-15 Nov (Rich & Karen Kassouf, m.ob.), one at Lorain, Lorain 21 Oct–12 Nov (Ed Wransky, ph. VF, Mary Anne Romito), and one at East Fork S.P., Cler - mont 30 Oct (Ginny Fantetti, Robert Edelen). Up to 6 appeared at Big Island W.A., Marion 28 Oct (Ron Sempier, ph. Steve Jones). There is some dispersal of Yellow-crowned Night-Her - ons to unusual locations almost every year. A juv. was at Norristown Dam, Montgomery 7-10 Aug (Michael Rosengarten), and an ad. was at the same location 8 Aug (Paul Driver); 2 juvs. were at Norristown 22 Aug (Katelyn Ruth) and one at York Haven, York 30 Aug (William Clif - ton, Keith Richardson). Singles in West Virginia were discovered 12 Oct in Mason (David Patick) and in Grant 28 Sep (ph. Frederick Atwood). Always rare in fall, a White-faced Ibis was doc - umented 2-10 Sep at Ottawa N.W.R., Ottawa, OH (Sandra Griffths, ph. Sherry Plessner, ph. Tom Frankel, m.o.b.). The White Ibis at John Heinz N.W.R., Philadelphia, PA continued from the summer season through 1 Aug (George L. Armistead). Glossy Ibis appear annually at this season in Pennsylvania's southeast, but one at Yellow Creek S.P., Indiana 11-25 Sep (Lee Car - nahan) was notable for its far inland location. VULTURES THROUGH CARACARA Northerly Black Vultures in w. Ohio were found in Champaign 20 Sep (5; Doug Overacker) and in Logan 23 Nov (3; Troy Shively). A solid push into the Cleveland region was registered, with 6 in Medina 2 Oct (Marsha Gilger) and 2 in Lo - rain 29 Nov (ph. Jason & Donna Parrish). A rare delight for Ohio, a Swallow-tailed Kite reigned over soybean felds in Highland 15-27 Aug (Justin Valentine, ph. Chris Collins, San - dra Griffths, m.ob.). An early Golden Eagle was described from Headlands Dunes State Na - ture Preserve, Lake, OH 14 Sep (Bob Powell). The only other Ohio report was from Marion 19 Nov (Steve Jones). Several Common Galli - nules strayed into Nov within Ohio, the latest lingering along the Cleveland lakefront through 27 Nov (JB). Uncommon in West Virginia, a Sandhill Crane appeared at Green Bottom W.M.A., Cabell 8 Nov (Jim Geisler). Small numbers of American Avocet were widely scattered across the Region, involving a dozen interior counties in Ohio alone. The fight was somewhat protracted; one lingered at Berlin Lake, Stark 30 Oct–1 Nov (ph. Kent Miller, m.ob.). A rare record for West Virginia, one avocet was at Gallipolis Ferry, Mason 12-14 Aug (Mike Griffth). In Pennsylva - 17-20 Sep (Mike Epler, Tim Becker). Dwindling in number and worth monitor - ing, the only American Bittern in West Vir- ginia was at Pleasant Creek W.M.A., Barbour 14-18 Oct (Joe Hildreth, Mike Slaven, m.ob.). A late Least Bittern was reported from Indian Lake S.P., Logan, OH 27 Sep (Steve Jones). Single Snowy Egrets away from their Western Basin stronghold were singles at Conneaut, Ashtabula, OH 24 Aug (Mike Shaver) and at the Columbus Upground Reservoir retention ponds, Delaware, OH 3 Sep (Steve Landes, m.ob.). It was not a fight year for Little Blue Herons, as singles in the w. were limited to Ottawa N.W.R., Ottawa, OH 12-13 Aug (ph. Tim Thompson), Hueston Woods S.P., Preble, OH 1-2 Sep (Andrew Cannizzaro, ph. Allan Claybon), Green Bottom W.M.A., Cabell, WV 23 Aug–11 Sep (David Patick, Mike Griffth, m.ob.), and Shamrock Public G.C., Butler, PA 13 Aug (Brendyn Baptiste). Another Regional rarity discovered in Ohio was a juv. Reddish Egret, only the second for that state. Steve Lan - des discovered the bird, a rare white morph, in retention ponds associated with a new reservoir under construction in Delaware 3 Sep. Much of the state's birding community mobilized to view the bird through 18 Sep. Little Blue Herons put in a good post-breeding showing in Pennsylvania this season, with reports from seven counties. Except for one, these were all in the se. part of the state, where the species is expected in early fall. The outstanding report was of one at the Plymouth Flats, Luzerne that continued from the summer season through 3 Aug (Bruce Johnson). Cattle Egret records have slumped in recent years in Pennsylvania, but this fall showed an uptick, with reports from a surprising eight counties. These included singles at Dunnings Creek Wetlands, Bedford 10 Aug (Tom Dick), Giving Pond, Bucks 26 Oct (August Mirabella, Judy Mirabella), Laurels Preserve, Chester 5 Nov (Kevin Fryberger), the PA Turnpike, Dauphin 3 Aug (Ed Bernot), Wyo - ming Valley Airport, Luzerne 1-3 Nov (Kevin Ripka), and near Pine Grove, Schuylkill 3 Aug (Lee Wells, Audrey Wells); in addition, 4 were A rare inland record of Black-legged Kittiwake for Ohio, this bird was pres- ent at Deer Creek State Park, Pickaway County 26-30 (here 29) November 2014. Photograph by Dave Smith.

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