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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 80 O N TA R I O Pat Hartwell-McLean, Jeremy L. Hatt, Chris T. Heffernan, Kurt J. Hennige, Tyler L. Hoar, Patrick C. Hodgson, Brandon R. Holden, Dana Howard, Marcie L. Jacklin, Lech Jedral, Mark W. Jennings, Daniel S. Kaczynski, Kathy Kac - zynski, Tom Kaczynski, Andrew E. Keaveney, Paul Kenny, Jeff Kietkamp, Richard Killeen, Ken Kittley, Richard W. Knapton, Lillian A. Knopf, Terry Land, Robert C. Lane, Dayna L. LeClair, Mike Lepage, Renee J. Levesque, Christina A. Lewis, Dave Lord, Timothy B. Lucas, Stuart A. Mackenzie, R. Douglas McRae, G.E. (Ted) Maddeford, Dace Maenpaa, Willy Maenpaa, Blake A. Mann, Gary E. Marmouni - er, Gillian Mastromatteo, Kevin A. McLaughlin, Janine McManus, Susan Menzies, Diana M. Miller, Martha Miller, David J. Milsom, Mark W. Milton, Caillie Monrad, Bill Mountain, Mi - chael J. Nelson, Deryl D. Nethercott, David S. New, Todd Norris, David Okines, T. Mark Ol - ivier, Wanda M. Oliver, Corrine O'Neill, Karl R. Overman, Carl A. Pascoe, Tracy Patterson, Mark K. Peck, Stephen T. Pike, Edward B. Po - ropat, Robert G. Porter, Paul D. Pratt, David I. Pryor, Alfred Raab, Andreas Radman, Brian D. Ratcliff, Iain Rayner, Mark D. Read, Peter A. Read, Kory J. Renaud, Wayne E. Renaud, Alex Rheault, Pat Rheault, Alfred H. Rider, Maureen Riggs, Garth V. Riley, Bruce E. Ripley, Vic Rizzo, Cade W. Roberts, Art Ross, Jon P. Ruddy, Diane Salter, Richard P. Skevington, Roy B.H. Smith, R. Terry Sprague, Larry Staniforth, Greg Stu - art, David E. Szmyr, Barbara L. Taylor, Rod- ney C. Thompson, Bree Tucker, Kevin Tupman, Rohan A. van Twest, Michelle L. Valliant, Rohan Van Twest, Josh Van Wieren, Joshua D. Vander - meulen, Cynthia Vis, Richard Wakelin, Sylvia Wakelin, Richard Waters, Michael J. Werner, Michael D. Williamson, Kate Wilson, Ross W. Wood, Alan Wormington, Kevin Young, An - thony E. Zammit, Gregory Zbitnew. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Mike V. A. Burrell, 2582 Washburn Road, Inverary, Ontario K0H 1X0 ( Nipissing 26-28 Nov (VR). A rare Gray- crowned Rosy-Finch was found at Gun Lake, Kenora 30 Nov (ARh, PR). Pine Grosbeaks were again absent from s. Ontario, with only three reports. Most of the other fnches had another poor year in s. Ontario as well. Crossbills in particular were mostly non-existent, with only two reports of Red Crossbill from Guelph, Wellington 3-7 Oct (ML, RAVT) and 10 of White-winged Cross - bill throughout the s. 26 Oct–23 Nov. The exception, Purple Finches peaked in mid-Oct at about 20% higher than the fnch "superfight" year of 2012 (eBird data). Pine Siskins, Common Redpolls, and Evening Grosbeaks both had aver - age fights, much better than 2013 but well be- low 2012. The single Hoary Redpoll found at Kanata, Ottawa 22 Nov (RWat) was a bit early but the only one found this fall in s. Ontario with the focks of Common Redpolls. A Eur - asian Tree Sparrow was found at Niagara-on- the-Lake, Niagara 24 Nov (BC) and continued through the end of the period, enjoyed by hun - dreds of people. This was only the eighth record for Ontario, but amazingly the fourth of 2014! Contributors (subregional editors in bold- face): Leslie Abrams, Jody R. Allair, Aaron B. Allensen, Lori Anderson, Rosemary Anderson, Michael L. Avery, Brian Bailley, James R. Bar - ber, Christopher T. Bell, Jeremy M. Bensette, Luke H. Berg, R. John Blaney, R. Kyle Blaney, Christopher G. Blomme, Joshua R. Bouman, William Bradford, Keith J. Burk, Kenneth G. D. Burrell, Mike V. A. Burrell, Christopher T. Burris, Michael D. Cadman, Eric D. Caley, A. Geoffrey Carpentier, Richard P. Carr, Stephen R. Charbonneau, Barbara N. Charlton, Chris Cheatle, Barry S. Cherriere, Richard Collins, Curtis Combden, Brianne Corcoran, Roxanna K. Corsé, Mike Cowlard, Donald A.Sutherland, Chris Davidson, Darlene M. Deemert, Dustin M. DeLange, Michael Didur, Robert Z. Dobos, Nancy Douglas, Carolle D. Eady, David H. Elder, Michael Em - mons, Kurt G. Engstrom, Wal- ter T. Fisher, Lynn K. Fleming, Lev A. Frid, J. Brett Fried, Christian A. Friis, John Ful - ford, Chris R. Gaffan, Bruce Gates, Serge M. Gendron, George MacDermid, William D. Gilmour, Peter J. Good, Clive E. Goodwin, David Goodyear, Regan Goodyear, Amanda C. Guercio, Jeffrey J. Haffner, Todd Hagedorn, Brad A. Hamilton, Marlene Hart, al.) representing a new late date for Algonquin P.P. and a single at Manitowaning 24 Oct (RCET, CTB) representing just the third Manitoulin re - cord. The Lincoln's Sparrow at Point Pelee N.P., Essex 29 Nov (BAM) was extremely late. There were no reports of Harris's Sparrow outside of the nw. corner of the province, where several were reported 20 Sep–12 Oct. Oregon Junco reports included singles at Whitby, Durham 23 Oct (AGC et al.), Camden East, Lennox and Add - ington 31 Oct (WB), Long Point P.P., Norfolk 2 Nov (SAM), Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay 4-6 Nov (BM), and Vineland, Niagara 7 Nov (ARn). A Green-tailed Towhee spent a single day at a feeder near Whites, Elgin 22 Nov (PHM)—just the eighth provincial record. A Summer Tanager at Guelph, Wellington 12 Sep (ML) made the season's only report. Northern Cardinals also had a quiet fall, with the most northerly report coming from North Bay, Nipissing of 2 males 1 Nov (RJL). A very late Rose-breasted Grosbeak attended a feeder at Providence Bay, Manitoulin 25-28 Nov (WM, DM). Three reports of Dickcissels included fy - overs at Long Point, Norfolk 21 (SAM) & 27 Aug (TBL), along with one bird at P. E. Point, Prince Edward 1 Sep (b. DO et al.). There were two reports of Yellow-headed Blackbird outside of traditional areas: a female at North Point I.B.A., Cochrane 25 Aug (RDM, JM) and an ad. male near Guelph, Wellington 2 Nov (LS, MDC, CCo, MH). Brewer's Blackbirds were widely re - ported outside of their normal range: one near Leamington, Essex 20 Nov (JLH), 3 in the Long Point area, Norfolk 21-30 Nov (SAM, DS, KGB), and one at Mountsberg C.A., Wellington 2 Nov (RAVT). As usual, lingering Baltimore Orioles were found: one near Sandbanks P.P., Prince Ed - ward 24 Oct (EDC), one at Kingston, Frontenac 27 Oct (JRBa), and a very late individual at Eto - bicoke, Toronto 2-4 Nov (GVR). Enjoyed by many over its short stay, a Brambling, the eighth provincial record but frst since 1994, visited a feeder in North Bay, Although there are seven previous records for Ontario, this Brambling at North Bay, Nipissing District 26-28 (here 26) November 2014 was the frst for the province since 1994. Photograph by Renee J. Levesque. This immature Lark Sparrow established just the second fall record locally when it appeared at Point Pelee National Park, Essex County, Ontario 22-24 (here 24) August 2014. Photograph by Alan Wormington.

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