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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 79 ONTARIO Prothonotary Warbler is normally a very rare fall migrant in the province, so one at Point Pelee N.P., Essex 2 Sep (KRO) was remarkable but outdone by the frst fall record for Presqu'ile P.P., Northumberland 26 Sep (WDG, RDM). There were extremely late singles of Tennes - see, Nashville, and Wilson's Warblers along with a Northern Parula at a park in Oakville, Halton 13 Nov+ (m.ob.). Nearby, in Oakville, a late American Redstart was present 15-17 Nov (DIP). Also very late, a Cape May Warbler at - tended a feeder in Belleville, Hastings 22 Nov+ (RJB). Nov Magnolia Warblers included one at Pelee Island, Essex (KGDB, LAK) and one at Hamilton, Hamilton (RWW), both 2 Nov. Very late Yellow Warblers including one at Port Bur - well, Elgin 22 Oct (ABA) and one at Long Point P.P., Norfolk 7 Nov (TBL). Only expected in e. Ontario, a Yellow Palm Warbler was banded at Toronto 11 Oct (ACG), the only record this fall. The only Yellow-breasted Chat of the fall came from Long Point, Norfolk, where one was pres - ent 3 Sep (L.P.B.O.). Late Vesper Sparrows were at Amherstview, Lennox and Addington 16 Nov (BER) and Long Point, Norfolk 28 Nov (SAM). Always rare in the province, an early Lark Sparrow showed up at Point Pelee N.P., Essex 22-24 Aug (JMB, CRG), the second fall record for the area. An - other was at a feeder in Carnarvon Twp. 20-23 Nov (KW), the frst fall record for Manitoulin. Quite rare in the province, a Lark Bunting was banded at T.C.B.O. 29 Sep (T.C.B.O.). Le Con - te's Sparrows were found in a few areas, with a total of six reports in s. Ontario 28 Sep–26 Oct. At least 15 reports of Nelson's Sparrows were received in s. Ontario 21 Sep–24 Oct, includ - ing 3 at Lake Travers, Nipissing 16 Oct (LAF et A Gray Jay near the Larose Forest, Prescott and Russell 25 Oct (ARo) was well outside the spe - cies' normal range in the province. H.B.M.O. re- ported single-day highs for Blue Jays and Amer- ican Crows, with 21,690 on 29 Sep and 25,360 on 22 Oct, respectively. Common Ravens were once again widely reported as they continue spreading southward, including at least 11 re - ports sw. of Hamilton during the period. Efforts to count swallows at migration roosts produced an estimated 30,000 Purple Martins at Walpole Island, Lambton 10 Aug (CAP), 120,000 Tree Swallows at Wolfe Island, Frontenac 18 Aug (MDR), and 90,000 Bank Swallows and 4275 Barn Swallows at Long Point (Old Cut), Norfolk 1 Aug (SAM). Amazingly, with just two prior re - cords, there were two reports of Violet-green Swallow: one at Port Burwell, Elgin 14 Aug (ABA) and one at Long Point (Old Cut), Norfolk 21 Aug (acc. SAM). A small southward movement of Boreal Chickadees was indicated by three reports in the Ottawa area 24 Oct–17 Nov (fde CAL). Out-of-range Tufted Titmice were singles at Kingston, Frontenac 25 Aug–2 Oct (JRBa), near Marionville, Prescott and Russell 21-22 Oct (BT, m.ob.), and at Gamebridge Beach, Simcoe 25 Nov+ (JF, m.ob.). Extremely rare anywhere in n. Ontario, a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was at Neti - tishi Point I.B.A., Cochrane 30 Sep–2 Oct (KJR, JDV, JMB, AW), with a different bird there 2 Oct (JDV, KJR). The frst since fall 2010, a Northern Wheat - ear delighted many birders near Navan, Ottawa 20-22 Sep (RK, KKi). Also rare, a Mountain Bluebird was in Mills/Burpee Twp., Manitoulin 2 Nov (RCET, CTB). It was an absolutely excel - lent fall for Townsend's Solitaires, with singles in s. Ontario at Hawk Cliff, Elgin 10 Oct (acc. CTBu), Aylmer, Elgin 19 Oct (acc. MC, ND), East Lake, Prince Edward 16-29 Nov (acc. PK), and Bailiboro, Northumberland/Peterborough 23 Nov+ (acc. IR). More expected but still unusual, n. Ontario had 6 Townsend's Solitaires 15 Oct+. While Townsend's Solitaire record have become more common in the past 20 years, Varied Thrush has gone the other way, and only two re - ports were received, one at Huntsville, Muskoka 3-9 Nov (RWak, SW) and one at Kaministiquia, Thunder Bay 12 Nov+ (RDL). There were at least 2 Gray Catbirds at North Point I.B.A., Cochrane 30 Jul–25 Aug (BNC, CAF et al.), including a juv. that may represent the frst confrmed nesting evidence for s. James Bay. An early snowfall grounded many Ameri - can Pipits 17 Nov, with 800 estimated within the P.P.B.A. (AW). Bohemian Waxwings were scarce, with only ten reports across the province and the single bird seen at Toronto Islands, To - ronto 2 Nov (DSK) representing the only report s. of Nipissing. Bay hosted at least 5 birds 3 Oct+ (fde BDR), and Rainy River had 3 birds outside of the normal range there 25 Oct+ (fde DHE). Black-backed Woodpeckers had a small fight southward, with at least 6 reported in Ottawa 5 Oct+ in addition to singles at Peterborough, Peterborough 31 Oct (KY) and near Orland, Northumberland 15 Oct (LA). There was only a single Gyrfalcon reported this fall, a white-morph bird at Kingston, Fronte - nac 21 Nov (JRBa). PASSERINES The season's highlight was undoubtedly a Gray Flycatcher captured and banded at the tip of Long Point, Norfolk 29-30 Sep (DLL et al.), representing just the fourth provincial record. Long Point hosted an Ash-throated Flycatcher at Courtright Ridge, Norfolk 23-24 Aug (acc. TBL et al.), just the eleventh provincial record and setting a new early fall date by about a month. Another was at Barrie, Simcoe 18 Nov (acc. DMD), marking the frst record away from the Great Lakes. The only Western Kingbirds reported were at Sparta, Elgin 7 Sep (CTBu) and Poplar, Manitoulin 20 Sep (RCET, CTB). Scissor- tailed Flycatchers continued their excellent year in the province, with birds at Amherst Island, Lennox and Addington 15 Sep (LKF), Gordon Lake, Algoma 22-23 Oct (TMO, WMO), and In - nis Point, Ottawa 1 Nov (CM et al.). Also still rare anywhere in Ontario, a Say's Phoebe was at Pay's Platt, Thunder Bay 22 Sep (AW). It was another good fall for White-eyed Vir - eos, with a number of reports in addition to the more expected ones in sw. Ontario. Most un - usual was a single bird at Chub Lake, Algoma 28 Aug (KK, TK). Another was at Ottawa 3-9 Oct (RK, m.ob.), marking just the fourth local record; similarly rare was one near Westport, Frontenac 12-16 Oct (RA). Late Red-eyed Vireos in n. Ontario were at Netitishi Point I.B.A., Co - chrane 4 Oct (KJR) and Marathon, Thunder Bay 15 Oct (AW). Almost a month earlier than the previous early fall date, this Ash-throated Flycatcher was unexpected but well documented at Courtright Ridge, Norfolk County, Ontario 23-24 (here 23) August. Photograph by Timothy B. Lucas. This immature Say's Phoebe was found at Pays Plat, Thunder Bay District, Ontario on 22 September 2014. Photograph by Alan Wormington.

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