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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 77 ONTARIO good numbers of many species including 30,000 White-rumped and 10,000 Semipalmated Sand - pipers at Little Piskwamish Point I.B.A., Cochrane 12 Aug (MKP et al.). It was another poor fall for Western Sandpipers, with the only reports com - ing from Presqu'ile P.P., Northumberland: 2 juvs. there 7 Sep (m.ob.) and at least one continu - ing until 22 Sep (DIP). Very rare for n. Ontario, Long-billed Dowitchers were at Red Rock 22-23 Sep and near Hurkett Cove C.A. 23 Sep, both Thunder Bay (AW). Red-necked Phalaropes, as usual, showed up in ones and twos throughout Morven, Lennox and Addington 22 Aug (KJH) and at Canada Centre for Inland Waters, Halton 28 Aug (RZD). Another 2 were at Rock Point P.P., Haldimand 1 Sep (CCh) and singles at Winder - mere Basin and nearby Tollgate Pond, Hamilton 3-7 Sep (m.ob.) and at Rondeau P.P., Chatham- Kent 6-10 Sep (BAM). The 1200 Hudsonian Godwits at Netitishi Point I.B.A., Cochrane 8 Oct (AW, JDV, KJR, JMB) was a very good count and serves well to illustrate the signifcance of s. James Bay for shorebirds staging in fall. In contrast, s. Ontario had only nine reports of single birds, with the frst being a very good record for Parry Sound at Powassan S.T.P. 6 Sep (RJL) and the last a bird at Presqu'ile P.P., Northumberland 11-18 Oct (m.ob.). One Hud - sonian was at Conestogo Lake, Wellington 29- 30 Sep (KGDB). Amazingly, there was only a single Marbled Godwit reported in s. Ontario, one at Grant Bend, Lambton 11 Sep (DDN). A Ruddy Turnstone near Breslau 8 Sep (KT) represents the frst documented record for Waterloo, and one in Evanturel Twp. 31 Aug (SMG, MJW, MWM) was very rare for Timis - kaming. Red Knots have continued to become rarer in s. Ontario, with only about 15 reports 17 Aug–22 Sep, plus an extremely late indi - vidual at Windermere Basin, Hamilton 3-12 Nov (m.ob.). The peak count from s. James Bay, where this species stages each fall, was 2000 on 12 Aug at Little Piskwamish Point I.B.A., Cochrane (MKP et al.). Beginning with a single at Pelee Island, Essex 2 Nov (KGDB, LAK), there were at least 11 Purple Sandpiper records in s. Ontario through the end of the period. It was an excellent fall for Buff-breast - ed Sandpiper, with at least 20 reports in s. Ontario 26 Aug–16 Sep; a rare ad. was earlier, at Oliphant, Bruce 5 Aug (ARa). Exceptional records came from St. Jacobs 8 Sep (KGDB) and Breslau 12-15 Sep (AEZ), representing the frst and second records for Waterloo, and a very rare Timiskaming record from Evanturel Twp. 31 Aug (SMG, MJW, MWM). Shorebird survey crews on s. James Bay were treated to Good one-day counts were 7782 Turkey Vultures at Holiday Beach I.B.A., Essex 11 Oct (H.B.M.O.) and 33,346 Broad-winged Hawks at Hawk Cliff, Elgin 19 Sep (m.ob.). Other signifcant raptor sightings included a probable record-late (for s. James Bay) Osprey at Netitishi Point I.B.A., Cochrane 28 Sep (JDV, KJR, JMB), a record-high count for the site of 22 Golden Eagles at Whitby, Durham 2 Nov (MDW et al.), and a rare dark-morph Broad-winged Hawk at Port Perry, Durham 6 Sep (DJM et al.). Swainson's Hawks were reported at Port El - gin, Bruce 4 Oct (acc.), Wheatley, Chatham- Kent 22 Oct (acc., PDP), and Oshawa, Durham 16 Sep (p.a., TLH). A beautiful ru - fous/dark-morph calurus Red-tailed Hawk was reported near Caledonia, Haldimand 7 Nov+ (m.ob.), likely the same individual wintering in this area for the past few years. Another rufous- morph calurus was photographed 1 Oct near Dryden, Kenora (CDE), in nw. Ontario, where they are presumably more regular. RAILS THROUGH FALCONS A Sora at Netitishi Point I.B.A., Cochrane 30 Sep (KJR, JV, JMB) may represent a record-late date for s. James Bay. Sandhill Cranes continue in - creasing in s. Ontario, and the 843 counted on 28 Nov (MVAB, JRA) was an all-time high for the Long Point area, Norfolk but was eclipsed just two days later with a count of 1173 (KGDB). American Avocets had a very poor fall, with only three reports of single birds: Blenheim, Chatham-Kent 1-4 Aug (KJB), Point Pelee N.P., Essex 6 Sep (STP, JLH, JMB, CRG), and Amherst Island, Lennox and Addington 8-9 Nov (BAH, RKB). An American Golden-Plover was late at Fort Erie, Niagara 22 Nov (MLJ), as was a Solitary Sandpiper at Wilton Creek, Lennox and Addington 1 Nov (KJH). A single Piping Plover at Windermere Basin, Hamilton 12-13 Aug (BSC) was the only one reported away from breeding sites on Lake Huron. There were six reports of Willet in s. Ontario this fall, beginning with 2 at Boathouse Point, Manitoulin 10 Aug (BG), followed by singles near An incredible number of waterbirds congregated on Lake Simcoe, Simcoe County, Ontario in autumn 2014, including this Black-legged Kittiwake 16-26 (here 18) October, a great rarity in the province away from the Great Lakes. Photograph by Joshua D. Vandermeulen. Three Red Phalaropes at Sandbanks Provincial Park, Prince Edward County, Ontario 12-17 (here 15) November 2014 provided excellent views and photographic opportunities. Photograph by Chris T. Hefernan. Prior to autumn 2014, Lesser Black-backed Gull had not been doc - umented in Haliburton County, Ontario, so this bird, the second of the season photographed at Haliburton Landfll 19 October, was an excellent fnd. Photograph by Edward B. Poropat. Yet another frst for Haliburton County, this Thayer's Gull was photographed at the Minden Landfll on 23 November 2014. Photograph by Edward B. Poropat. Long-billed Dowitcher is a very rare fall transient throughout northern Ontario, where it is recorded less than annually. This juvenile was found at Hurkett Cove Conservation Area, Thunder Bay District 23 September 2014. Photograph by Alan Wormington.

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