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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 76 ONTARIO DIP) and Wheatley P.P., Chatham-Kent 14-16 Sep (acc., RKC). Adults (possi - bly both the same individual) were seen briefy at Ridgeway, Niagara 24 Sep (acc., DMDL) and Rattray Marsh, Peel 26 Sep (acc., WER). Not nearly as rare, a Glossy Ibis was seen well at Winder - mere Basin, Hamilton 3 Sep (KAM), and an unidentifed Plegadis ibis was seen in fight not too far away, still in Hamilton, Hamilton 5 Sep (RGP). A fock of 4 Ple - gadis was seen at Long Point, Norfolk 19 Aug (GTM). Black Vultures were again present at Queenston, Niagara, with the frst report of 5 on 20 Sep (CTH), a max - imum of 11 on 4 Nov (GS), and re- ports continuing through the end of the period. Other Black Vultures were singles at Cranberry Marsh, Durham 23 Oct (AGC), seen later the same day at Scarborough, Toronto (WTF et al.), and at South Bay, Prince Edward 14 Aug (JJH). After some digging, it was revealed that a wing- tagged Turkey Vulture seen near Cayuga, Hal - dimand 4 Oct (LPM et al.) was originally tagged 13 Dec 2013 at Key West, Florida (fde MLA). The fall hawk fight was good at Hawk Cliff, Elgin and Holiday Beach I.B.A., Essex, with sea - son totals of 118,107 and 98,453, respectively. morant was at Wolfe Island, Frontenac 9 Nov (acc., MDR). Also extremely rare, an ad. North - ern Gannet was seen at Netitishi Point I.B.A., Cochrane 27-28 Nov (AW, JDV, KJR, JMB), the third record for n. Ontario, all of which have come from this location. Reports of American White Pelicans in s. Ontario were few: one at York, Haldimand 11 Oct (m.ob.), 15 at Holiday Beach I.B.A., Essex 13 Sep (H.B.M.O.), and sin - gles nearby 11-29 Oct (m.ob.). It was an excellent fall for rare herons across the province. A Great Egret, extremely rare in n. Ontario, that was seen at Thunder Bay 26 Aug–11 Sep (acc., GEM, m.ob.) and nearby at Murillo 12 Sep–19 Oct (CV, DMM), both Thunder Bay. Up to 4 Snowy Egrets were at Holiday Beach I.B.A., Essex 18 Aug–22 Sep (KJR, m.ob.), and one was at Conestogo 30 Aug–17 Sep (MD, m.ob.), a frst for Waterloo. A Snowy Egret was not far away at Laurel Creek C.A., Waterloo 22 Oct (ME, CO). There were at least seven reports of Cattle Egret in s. Ontario, beginning with one at Lighthouse Cove, Chatham-Kent 9-11 Oct (RWW); the last, a very rare Peterborough sighting at Millbrook 10-16 Nov (m.ob.), was transported to a reha - bilitation facility. Other Cattle Egrets away from the sw. were singles at Whitby/Ajax, Durham 6-16 Nov (AGC) and near Storms Corners, Len - nox and Addington 2-3 Nov (JRBa, MVAB, MDR) and, presumably the same bird near Camden East, Lennox and Addington 4 Nov (PJG). Just the eleventh record for n. Ontario, a Green Heron at McGinnis Creek, Rainy River 17 Aug (acc., DSN) was very rare, and one at Wheatley P.P., Chatham- Kent 15-16 Nov (RPC, BAM) was extremely late. With only about one record per year, Yellow- crowned Night-Heron is a great rarity in On - tario, so a long-staying juv. at Etobicoke, Toronto 9 Aug–14 Oct (acc., LJ, m.ob.) delighted hun - dreds of observers. Even rarer, with just six pre- vious records, White Ibis put in the species' best showing ever, with a juv. at Napanee, Lennox and Addington 24-26 Aug (acc., RCL) and possibly the same bird at Oshawa, Durham 11 Sep (acc., was 1740 on 15 Oct (DES). Patience paid off for careful observers sifting through the Common Loons; a single Pacifc Loon was found there 15 Oct (acc., DES, JDV). With many observ - ers coming to study the fock, at least 4 Pacifc Loons were determined to be present 15-24 Oct (acc., m.ob.). Other Pacifc Loons were singles at Oshawa Harbour, Durham 15-18 Oct (acc., DSK) and at Point Pelee N.P., Essex 26 Oct (acc., AW) and 9 Nov (acc., JDV). A very young Pied- billed Grebe in a cattail marsh at Little Pisk - wamish Point I.B.A., Cochrane 6 Aug (RDM) likely represents the frst breeding record for s. James Bay. Eared Grebes put on another good showing, with eight reports in s. Ontario, all 30 Oct–15 Nov, including just the third record for Manitoulin, one at Indian Point Bridge 15 Nov (RCET). The only Western Grebe report was one from Lake-of-the-Woods, Rainy River 19 Oct (KGE, CWR). Neotropic Cormorants continue to show up with increasing frequency, so it was probably a matter of time before Lake Huron got in on the action: one was at Kettle Point, Lambton 30 Sep–1 Oct (acc., AHR). Now the least expected cormorant on the provincial list, a Great Cor - With just six prior records, White Ibis is a rarity in Ontario. This juvenile at Napanee, County of Lennox and Addington 24-26 (here 26) August 2014 stayed true to the species' reputation for evanescence, remaining for mere hours at a time at any particular site. Photograph by Mike V. A. Burrell. This Purple Sandpiper provided excellent photographic opportunities when it appeared at the Tip of Point Pelee National Park, Essex County, Ontario on 13 November 2014. Photograph by Alan Wormington. These Willets were cooperative subjects for photography at Boathouse Point, Manitoulin District, Ontario on 10 August 2014. Photograph by Bruce Gates. Of six Willet reports in Ontario in autumn 2014, this juvenile was the latest, present at Rondeau Provincial Park, Municipality of Chatham-Kent 6-10 (here 6) September. Photograph by Blake A. Mann. Autumn 2014 produced several sightings of White Ibis in Ontario, including this juvenile at Wheatley Provincial Park, Chatham-Kent Regional Municipality on 14-16 (here 15) September 2014, the second record ever for the Point Pelee Birding Area. Photograph by Alan Wormington.

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