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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 73 FLORIDA at Long Key S.P. 16 Sep (AxH), and 3 at Fort De Soto Park 4 Oct (RoS et al.). A Brews - ter's Warbler was at Sawgrass Lake Park 14 Sep (MBu, STa), and 3 were at Inverness 11 Sep (E&MSm); a Lawrence's Warbler was at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. 31 Aug (MiM). Single Swainson's Warblers were seen at Sad - dle Creek Park 25 Aug–27 Sep (Daniel Esta- brooks, Roy Morris et al.), Hillsborough River S.P. 6 Sep (CFi), Honeymoon Island S.P. 13- 14 Sep (TKa, EKw), A. D. "Doug" Barnes Park 15 Sep (A&MA), O'Leno S.P. 3 Oct (JKr), Fort De Soto Park 4 Oct (RoS et al.), and Long Key S.P. 11 Oct+ (BAh, KRo et al.). A Connecticut Warbler was found at Bolen Bluff Trail 12 Oct (Ignacio Rodriguez). Always rare in Florida, a MacGillivray's Warbler was at Fort Zachary Taylor S.P. 21 Oct (CGd), and another was at Boca Chica Beach 14 Nov (CGd). Mourn - ing Warblers were reported from Gulf Breeze 7 Sep (B&LDu) and Honeymoon Island S.P. 20 Sep (TKa et al.). On a pelagic trip, 60 American Redstarts were found far offshore off Ponce de Leon Inlet 28 Sep (MBr et al.). A dozen reports of Cerulean Warblers included up to 3 at Sawgrass Lake Park 3-7 Sep (Jeff Miller). A Canada Warbler at Blackwater Creek Preserve 9 Sep (Joel Strong) provided the frst Hillsborough record. Wilson's War - blers made appearances throughout the pen- insula 10 Sep–16 Nov. A rare Bananaquit was found at John D. MacArthur Beach S.P., Palm Beach 29 Nov (Dan O'Malley). A Cuban Grassquit at Miami 3 Aug (Ezequiel Bugallo) was presumed to be of captive provenance. Clay-colored Sparrow singles were at Bald Point S.P. 30 Sep (JMu), Alligator Point 12 Oct (Daphne Asbell), Fort Zachary Taylor S.P. 17 Oct (AxH), Weedon Is - land Preserve 4 Nov (RoS et al.), and Hague Dairy 14 Nov (JoH); 2 were at Everglades W.M.A., Broward 8 Nov (Steve Kaplan), and as many as 3 were at Fort Pickens 19-22 Oct (CaC et al.). Four Vesper Sparrows n. of Punta Gorda, Charlotte 23 Nov+ (D. Peacock, MiM) provided the frst Charlotte record. Lark Spar - rows were unusually well represented this season, with 19 reported. Rare Henslow's Sparrows were identifed at Huguenot Memo - rial Park 4 Nov (Roger Clark), Bald Point S.P. 14 Nov (JMu), and Sumatra, Liberty 30 Nov (L&RSm); up to 3 were at Gum Root Park, Alachua 12-19 Nov (AKe). A Le Conte's Spar - row was at Apalachicola 29 Nov (LaG, JMu), the only report. Five Nelson's Sparrows were at Cockroach Bay Preserve 25 Oct+ (BAh et al.); 4 were banded at Shell Key Preserve 25 Oct (LDe et al.); and one was at Emerson Point Park, Manatee 27 Nov (Tom Ford). Single Saltmarsh Sparrows were found at Fort Island Gulf Beach, Citrus 6 Nov (MuG et al.), Honey - rare in the state, so a season with four reports is exceptional. One was at Long Key S.P. 25 Oct (B. & N. LaFramboise); 3 were at Curry Hammock S.P. 26 Oct and one there 1 Nov (AxH et al.); and one was at Bill Baggs Cape Florida S.P. 26 Oct (fde LaM). Single Cave Swallows were widespread: Bald Point S.P. 5 Oct (JMu), Freedom Memorial Park, Collier 26 Oct (KLa), Merritt Island N.W.R. 10 Nov (Joyce Stefancic), and Cockroach Bay Preserve 16 Nov (DGo). Two each were at South Rock - ledge, Brevard 28 Oct (MiH) and at Newnans Lake 19 Nov (Samuel Ewing, AKe et al.); 4 were at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve 29 Nov (STa); and 8 s. of Charlotte County Airport 4 Nov (Dennis Peacock, MiM et al.) provided the frst Charlotte record. Single Brown Creepers crept southward in the state at Bald Point S.P. 11 Nov (DBr) and at Florida Caverns S.P., Jackson 29 Nov (L&RSm). Winter Wrens appeared in several n. Florida locations. Two were at Parrish Lake Landing, Calhoun 25 Oct+ (AWr); and singles were noted at Gulf Breeze 8 Nov (B&LDu), Jackson View Park, Leon 14-16 Nov (AWr), O'Leno S.P., Columbia 16 Nov (Patricia Burns), and Florida Caverns S.P. 29 Nov (L&RSm). A Golden-crowned Kinglet was at Tall Timbers 4 Nov (ESc), and 3 were at Florida Caverns S.P. 29 Nov (L&RSm). A stunning Northern Wheatear graced Long Key S.P. 24 Oct (fde AxH). An ad. American Robin feeding a juv. at Gainesville 24 Aug (Geoff Parks) provid - ed the frst breeding record for Alachua. Al- though Gray Catbirds can be abundant in fall, 164 at Honeymoon Island S.P. 11 Oct (EKw) made an exceptional count. Sprague's Pipits appeared at their regular location, with 4 at Apalachicola 29 Nov+ (LaG, JMu). Rare in Florida, a Lapland Longspur was at Merritt Island N.W.R. 8 Oct (Tom Dunkerton). Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. was the water- thrush hotspot, with 32 Louisianas 15 Aug and 40 Northerns 20 Sep (HRo). Among re - ports of 15 Golden-winged Warbler, 3 were at Fort De Soto Park 4 Oct (RoS et al.), with the rest being singles at Poe Springs, Alachua 12 Sep (MiM), Merritt Island N.W.R. 17 Sep (MiH), Fort De Soto Park 23 Sep (EPl) and 4 Oct (RoS), Coleman Landing Park, Sumter 28 Sep (CFr, W. Jones et al.), Key Vista Na - ture Park 4 Oct (DGa, BPr), Pace, Santa Rosa 16 Oct (D. Stangeland), A. D. "Doug" Barnes Park 18-19 Oct (RoT), and Long Key S.P. 23 Oct (AxH). Thirteen reports of Blue-winged Warbler including one at Saddle Creek Park 25 Aug (Daniel Estabrooks), 2 at Paynes Prai - rie Preserve S.P. 31 Aug (MiM), one at Merritt Island N.W.R. 10 Sep (MiH), one at Sawgrass Lake Park 11 Sep (J. Miller), one at Honey - moon Island S.P. 11-13 Sep (EKw, TKa), one Islands Natural Area, Palm Beach 14-20 Sep (Pam Schneider), and S.T.A.-5 on 22 Nov+ (MEn et al.); 2 were at Frog Pond W.M.A. 13 Nov+ (LaM). A Tropical/Couch's Kingbird turned up at Dog Island, Franklin 12 Aug (JMu). Good counts of Western Kingbird in - cluded 5 e. of Bartow 26 Oct (CFr), up to 25 at Cox Rd. 14 Nov+ (N. Langwald), 9 at Bald Point S.P. 26 Nov (JMu), and 4 at Palmetto, Manatee 29 Nov+ (Bob Knight). A remarkable 1953 Eastern Kingbirds were seen at Curry Hammock S.P. 11 Sep (AxH et al.). An un - usual inland report of a Gray Kingbird came from Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. 14 Sep (CaC, AKe, MiM), and late reports included one at Sebastian Inlet S.P. 29 Oct (DaS) and one at S.T.A.-5 on 8-22 Nov (MEn et al.). Seven re - ports of single Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were received, 3 Aug–27 Nov; reports of multiples were 3 in Escambia 30 Sep–22 Oct (LDu, LaG et al.), 4 at Fort Pickens 15 Oct (B&LDu), 4 at Colding Loop Rd. 9 Nov+ (Ray Webb), and 2 at Cox Rd. 14 Nov+ (Nathan Langwald). Four reports were received of the rare Bell's Vireo: Veterans' Park, Okaloosa 17 Sep (MSw), Aripeka Sandhills Preserve 5 Oct (BPr, CFi et al.), Fort Pickens 10 Oct (LDu), and Fort Zachary Taylor S.P. 18 Oct (CGd). A late Yellow-throated Vireo appeared at Picayune Strand S.F., Collier 23 Nov (MHi). A Warbling Vireo appeared at Gulf Breeze 6 Sep (LDu); another was at St. George Island S.P. 9 Sep (JCa). Philadelphia Vireos were widely report - ed, with a total of 21 individuals, including 3 at Fred Howard Park 17 Oct (Tom Mast et al.) and 4 at Kiwanis Park, Charlotte 21 Oct (Jeff Bouton et al.). A very rare Yellow-green Vireo was found at Long Key S.P. 24 Sep (AxH). Generally rare in Florida, Horned Larks have been dependable in Jackson; however, 45 at Concord Rd., Jackson 22 Nov (ESc) was a very large number. Bahama Swallow is very This Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher was found at Matheson Hammock Park by Frank Izaguirre on 4 October and was one of three found in southeastern Florida in autumn 2014. Photograph by Trey Mitchell.

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