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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 72 FLORIDA bers, Leon 12 Nov (ESc), Balm, Hillsborough 16 Nov (CaC), Bahia Honda S.P., Monroe 26 Nov (Jody Shugart), and Fort De Soto Park 28 Nov (Sharon Wilcox). Single Yellow-bel - lied Flycatchers were at Tallahassee 20 Sep (ESc), Pinecraft Park 25 Sep and 4 Oct (Stu Wilson, JGi), Alafa River S.P. 3 Oct (CaC, CFi; the frst Hillsborough record), Fort De Soto Park 4 Oct (EPl, CaC), Lake Lotus S.P. 4 Oct (b. Andrew Boyle), Aripeka Sandhills Preserve 5 Oct (BPr, DGa et al.), Spanish Riv - er Park 5 Oct (CoC), DeLand, Volusia 8 Oct (MBr), and Mead Botanical Gardens, Orange 16 Oct (PaH et al.). Alder Flycatchers were reported throughout the state, with singles at Frog Pond W.M.A. 17 Aug (LaM et al.), at Bill Baggs Cape Florida S.P., Miami-Dade 18 Sep (RoD), at Evergreen Cemetery 8 Oct (RuT), and in Baker 15 Oct (BoR); 2 each were at Fort De Soto Park 23-29 Sep (EPl et al.) and Chekika, Everglades N.P., Miami-Dade 28 Aug (AxH); and up to 6 were at Paynes Prai - rie Preserve S.P. 31 Aug–29 Sep (MiM, JMy et al.). A Willow Flycatcher was at Frog Pond W.M.A. 17-24 Aug (LaM et al.). A remarkable 124 Eastern Phoebes were found at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 26 Oct (HRo). A lone Say's Phoebe at North Key Largo, Mon - roe 17-18 Oct (LaM) provided the frst Monroe record, and one at Morning Star Farms Rd. 16 Nov+ (CoC) provided the frst Palm Beach re - cord. The male Vermilion Flycatcher returned to Orlando Wetlands Park 11 Oct+ for the fourth consecutive year (Brook Rohman), and singles were at St Marks N.W.R. 16 Oct+ (Jeff O'Connell et al.), Lake Miccosukee, Jefferson 2 Nov+ (AWr), Alligator Lake Recreation Area, Columbia 8 Nov (Patricia Burns), Frog Pond W.M.A. 13 Nov+ (LaM), Lynn Haven, Bay 19 Nov+ (Pamela Kelly), and Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 26 Oct+ (Ron Robinson); up to 2 were at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. 30 Oct+ (Debbie Segal et al.). Single Ash-throated Flycatchers turned up at Fort Pickens 15 & 21 Oct (BrC), Viera Wetlands, Brevard 8 Nov (Rich Eginton), Gulf Breeze 10 Nov (LDu), one at Jessamine Lake, Pasco 11 Nov+ (KeT), Fort Walton Beach Spray Field, Okaloosa 1 Nov (Joe FitzGerald), and St. George Island S.P., Franklin 2 Nov (JCa). Single Brown-crested Flycatchers were seen at A. D. "Doug" Barnes Park, Miami-Dade 2-22 Nov (Bill Boeringer, CSa) and at East Everglades, Miami-Dade 15 Nov (BRa). An amazing 3 Sulphur-bellied Flycatchers were found in the s. tip of the state: Long Key S.P. 17-18 Sep (RAG, AxH et al.), A. D. "Doug" Barnes Park 1 Oct (J. Crit - tenden), and Matheson Hammock Park 4 Oct (Frank Izaguirre et al.). Tropical Kingbirds were at Fort De Soto Park 17 Aug (Troy & Nicole Ploger), Snook Oct (Jeff O'Connell et al.), while singles were at Fort Pickens 1-22 Oct (LaG, Alan Gurney), Fort De Soto Park 25-28 Oct (William Steele), Taminco Sanctuary 27 Oct (Les Kelly, LaG et al.), and Bald Point S.P. 7 Nov (JMu). An impressive 112 Barn Owls were report - ed at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 31 Oct (HRo); one was at Okaloosa Veterans Park 19 Oct (BrP). A Short-eared Owl was at Mayport Naval Air Station, Duval 3 Nov (fde AKr). A Lesser Nighthawk was at Bald Point S.P. 12 Nov (JMu), and 6 were at Frog Pond W.M.A. 24 Nov (CSa et al.). Large numbers of migrat - ing Common Nighthawks included 300 at Hastings, Nassau 7 Sep (C. Hooker), 4275 at Curry Hammock S.P., Monroe 10 Sep (AxH, KRo et al.; one late there 31 Oct), and 490 at Largo, Pinellas 23 Sep (TKa). An amazing 30 Chuck-will's-widows were found at Long Key S.P. 12 Sep (AxH et al.). Three Eastern Whip-poor-wills turned up at Fort De Soto Park 21 Oct (EPl) and one at Fort Pickens 28 Oct (Bob Duncan). A lone Buff-bellied Hummingbird appeared at Pensacola 8 Nov (Vaughen Hedrick). An Anna's Hummingbird at Ensley, Escambia 22-28 Nov (P. Rutherford, D. Timmons) provided the frst Escambia and third Florida record. As many as 3 Rufous Hummingbirds were at Valrico, Hillsborough 7 Sep+ (StB), and singles were at Gainesville 11-13 Aug (MiM), in e. Gilchrist 12 Aug (Jim Allison), at Bok Tower Gardens, Polk 30 Sep+ (Daniel Estabrooks et al.), at Stuart, Martin 9 Nov (Bill & Nancy LaFramboise), and at Delray Beach, Palm Beach 21 Nov+ (CoC). A Rufous/Allen's appeared at Spring Hill 22 Nov (Al & Bev Hansen). Two Red-headed Wood - peckers were rare at the s. end of the state at Matheson Hammock Park, Miami-Dade 21 Sep+ (John Boyd et al.). A Masked Lovebird was found near Astor, Volusia 4 Oct (MBr). A Budgerigar at Honeymoon Island S.P. 6-14 Sep (TKa) was unexpected, given the species' drastic decline in Florida. Another non-estab - lished exotic, 12 Turquoise-fronted Parrots were at Plantation Preserve, Broward 7 Nov (Corey Callahan). PASSERINES Always rare in Florida, single Olive-sided Flycatchers were at Gulf Breeze 7 & 15 Sep and 5 Oct (B&LDu) and at Fort Pickens 13 Sep (Ron Sinclair). A Western Wood-Pewee at Alafa River S.P., Hillsborough 1-2 Oct (DaS, Eric Haney et al.) provided the second Flor - ida record. Eastern Wood-Pewees reports of note included single early birds at Fort De Soto Park 11 Aug (EPl) and at Kendall In - dian Hammocks Park, Miami-Dade 19 Aug (Stephen Perez), 60 at Fort De Soto Park 4 Oct (RoS et al.), and late birds at Tall Tim - Park 13 Sep–10 Nov (fde RoS), Honeymoon Island S.P. 1 Nov (EKw, TKa), and Garden Key, Dry Tortugas N.P. 27 Nov (Jody Shugart); 2 each were at Ben T. Davis Beach, Hillsbor - ough 9 Nov (CFi) and Amelia Island, Nassau 29 Nov (KDi). Although Common Ground- Doves are quite common in the state, 55 at 3D Spoil Island 13 Sep (JGu) was an unusu - ally high number. One of the highlights of this season was a Key-West Quail-Dove at Long Key S.P., Monroe 27 Sep+ (AxH, Joel Wilcox). Fifty Yellow-billed Cuckoos at Fort De Soto Park 15 Oct (EPl et al.) made an impressive - ly high number; late singles were at Merritt Island N.W.R. 6 Nov (PhM), Brooksville 7 Nov (Debbie & Colin Grimes), and Fort Zachery Taylor S.P., Monroe 22 Nov (CGd). Single Black-billed Cuckoos were at Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, Lee 20 Sep (Jose Padilla-Lopez), Pinecraft Park, Sarasota 24 Sep–4 Oct (Susan Daughtrey et al.), Dunedin Hammock Park, Pinellas 15 Oct (Sarah Gilm - ore), Lower Chipola River, Gulf 23 Oct (JMy), and Tampa Bay Watch, Pinellas 27 Oct (EPl). Single Smooth-billed Anis, now quite rare in the state, were at Virginia Key through 3 Aug (m.ob.), along Research Rd., Everglades N.P. 27 Oct (BSh), and e. of Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee N.W.R. 6 Nov (RoD). Groove- billed Anis are increasingly reported. Two re - mained at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 16 Nov+ (L. Reiners), and 2 were at St. Marks N.W.R. 7-10 This Anna's Hummingbird was banded by Fred Bassett on 22 November 2014 at a home in Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida. Photograph by Fred Bassett.

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