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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 68 (JMi), Carl Miller (CM), Charlie Muise (CMu), Eddie Owens, Brian Patteson, Stefanie Paventy, Jeff Pippen (JP), Jesse Pope (JPo), Nikki Reiber, Steve Ritt, Eliese Ronke, Wayne Schaffner, Josh Southern, Peter Stangel, Simon Thomp - son, Andrew Thornton, Craig Watson, Marilyn Westphal, Jay Wherley, Timothy White, Au - drey Whitlock, Ben Williams, David Williams, Scott Winton. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Robert Sattelmeyer, 1158 East Peachtree Street, St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522 ( Richard Hall, Odum School of Ecology, 140 Green Street, Athens, Georgia 30602 ( Josh Southern, 203 Hyannis Drive, Holly Springs, North Carolina 27540 ( Derb Carter, Walt Chambers, Ron Clark Ricky Davis, Kevin DeBoer, Phil Dickinson, Diana Doyle, Nathan Farnau, Jim Ferrari (JFe), Jim Flynn (JFl), Wayne Forsythe, Jan Fowler (JFo), Sandra Frantz, John Fussell (JF), Nathan Gat - to, Lauren Gingerella (LG), Aaron Given, Gil- bert Grant, Larry Gridley (LGr), Bill Haddad, Richard Hall, Simon Harvey, Earl Horn, Kel - ley Hughes, Mason Jarrett, Kevin Jensen, Ryan Justice, Gene Keferl, Dennis Kent, Tim Keyes, Rick Knight, Aija Konrad, Jane Kramer, Josiah Lavender (JL), Frank Lawkins, Doug LeQuire, Jeff Lewis (JLe), Merrill Lynch, Dwayne Mar - tin, Greg Massey, Mike McCloy, Tara McIver, David McLean (DMc), Patty McLean, Joel Mc - Neal, Kevin Metcalf, Robin Meyers, Jill Midgett for the North Carolina mountains. Another of this fall's impressive counts of migrants was 100 Baltimore Orioles around the Old Coast Guard Station on Pea Island, Dare, NC 28 Aug (AW). The 53 Purple Finches visiting feeders at Riverbend Park, Catawba, NC 1 Nov (DM) signalled the beginning of a moderate irrup - tion winter for the Region. A larger irruption of Pine Siskins began in late Oct, with as many as 70 noted at Cowan's Ford Wildlife Refuge, Mecklenburg, NC by 23 Nov (KM). Contributors: Jamie Adams, Helen Aikman, Todd Arcos, Chandra Biggerstaff, Toni Bow - en, Rich & Susan Boyd, Steve Calver (SC), Susan Campbell (SCa), Sam Cooper (SCo), S O U T H E R N AT L A N T I C Aug (Wendi Greene, MSw, BrP); 2 ads. and 15 juvs. at Taminco Sanctuary, Santa Rosa 4 Aug (Les Kelly, LaG, Bruce Furlow), the frst breeding report for the w. Panhandle; 14 at Tallahassee, Leon 14 Oct (JCa); 112 at Dade City, Pasco 8 Nov (BPr, VPo); 6 at Tower Rd., Jackson 22 Nov (ESc); and as many as 35 in Jefferson 10 Aug–30 Nov (MSm, AWr). The 478 at 3D Spoil Island, Hillsborough 16 Aug (JGu et al.) shows that the cen. areas of the state still hold large numbers. Fulvous Whis - tling-Ducks were underreported: singles were at Bowling Green, Hardee 9 Aug (CFr) and Lake Hancock Outfow Wetlands, Polk 24 Aug (CFr, W. Jones et al.). Greater White-fronted Geese appeared across n. Florida, with 55 at Gulf Breeze, Santa Rosa 2 Nov (B&LDu); 3 at Newnans Lake, Alachua 16 Nov (JoH, LlD et al.); and 5 at M & M Dairy, Duval 22 Nov+ (DaF et al.). Snow Geese were more wide - spread, with singles at Perdue Rd., Duval 23 Oct (DaF), St. Marks N.W.R., Wakulla 25 Oct (Deena Mickelson), Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P., Alachua 9 & 16 Nov (Geoff Parks, LlD), Newnans Lake 16 Nov (JoH, LlD et al.), Fort De Soto Park, Pinellas 22 Nov (P. Plage), and M & M Dairy 22 Nov (DaF). Three each were at Sneads, Jackson 14-16 Nov (M. & L. Hughes) and S.T.A.-5, Hendry 22 Nov (BRa et al.), and 4 each were at Sheffeld Park, Duval 23-27 Nov (DaF) and Oil Well Rd., Collier 28 Nov+ (MHi). Always rare in Florida, 2 Ross's Geese were at St. Marks N.W.R. 16-26 Nov (AWr, JCa) and one at Gainesville, Alachua 20-22 (Steven Kobb). A Canada Goose was at Alligator Point, Franklin 16 Nov (JMu) and another at Bailey Tract, Sanibel Island, Lee 21 Nov (France Paulsen). Reports of Egyp - tian Geese (newly recognized as established) Quail-Dove stayed through the season, and a Northern Wheatear, a Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher, and a Yellow-green Vireo enlivened birding. The rest of the state was not to be outdone, with other high - lights including a Yellow-nosed Albatross photographed off Clear - water Beach, a Little Gull at Nas- sau Sound, an Elegant Tern (and apparent hybrid) at Siesta Key, an Anna's Hummingbird at Ensley, a Western Wood-Pewee at Alafa River State Park, and two more Sulphur-bellied Flycatchers in southeastern Florida. Abbreviations/definitions: Big Bend (the part of Florida from the Apalachic - ola River e. through Jefferson); Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. (Lake Apopka North Shore Restora - tion Area, Orange unless otherwise stated); N.E.R.R. (National Estuarine Research Re - serve); Panhandle (that part of Florida from the Apalachicola River through Escambia); Paynes Prairie (Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P., Alachua); record (only those reports verifable from photograph, videotape, or specimen evidence); report (any observation); S.T.A. (Stormwater Treatment Area); S.T.F. (Spray Treatment Fields); Viera Wetlands (Ritch Gris - som Memorial Wetlands, Viera, Brevard). WATERFOWL THROUGH HAWKS Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks continue to push northward and westward out of their stronghold in the interior peninsula, with re - ports of 2 at Okaloosa S.T.F., Okaloosa 1-26 Michael Brothers –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– M ost of the state had somewhat un- eventful weather during the autumn, though the Florida Keys experienced much rain and wind associated with a tropical depression brewing in the Gulf of Mexico 20- 24 October. During these fve days, the Flor - ida Keys Hawkwatch counted 10,311 passer- ines migrating through the Keys. The rain and wind associated with this low-pressure system that gained strength in the Gulf of Mexico pushed continuous thunderstorms and strong gusts into the area. On 24 October, a total of 4948 passerines, 4623 of which were war - blers, was recorded at the hawkwatch. Over- all, the Keys took center stage this season, with three Bahama Swallows at Curry Ham - mock State Park and a Zone-tailed Hawk at Marathon; at Long Key State Park, a Key West Florida

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