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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 67 S O U T H E R N AT L A N T I C and new state late date was a MacGillivray's Warbler at the well-known migrant trap Cen - tennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Fulton, GA 19 Oct (ph. NF). Several impressive counts of Cape May Warblers were made around Ridge Junc - tion along the B.R.P. in Yancey, NC, including at least 32 on 6 Sep and 31 on 17 Sep (MW et al.); 5 around Bass Lake, Wake, NC 16 Oct (JS) was a high count for a site outside the moun - tains. Twenty-fve Magnolia Warblers were seen at Jackson Park, Henderson, NC 20 Sep (GM), while one lingered at Jasper, Pickens, GA until 10 Nov (SF), a new late date; and a remarkable 66 Bay-breasted Warblers were counted around Ridge Junction along the B.R.P., Yancey, NC 9 Oct (BH et al.). A frst-year female Townsend's Warbler was photographed along the B.R.P. near Richard Balsam Overlook, Haywood/Jack - son NC 13 Sep (TA), the third state record and frst for the mountain region. Also along the B.R.P. in Yancey, NC, 34 Black-throated Green Warblers made the Region's high count 3 Sep (ST). Sparrow sightings fell generally more within normal parameters, with the most unusual fnd an American Tree Sparrow near Warren Wil - son College, Buncombe, NC 12-16 Nov (ph. JW, JFo), the only fall period record in eBird in the past 10 years for the Region. Clay-colored and Lark Sparrows were scattered as usual, with nine reports of 1-2 individuals for both spe - cies. A Henslow's Sparrow at Warren Wilson College, Buncombe, NC 4-8 Nov (ph. KH, JFo et al.) may have been the same individual seen at that site the previous fall and spring, while the frst winter resident at the traditional site of Paulk's Pasture, Glynn, GA was detected 22 Nov (m.ob.); no migrants were reported. As many as 5 Le Conte's Sparrows were at N.R.F. based on counts made 9, 16, & 23 Nov (JF et al.). Among the widespread sightings of Lin - coln's Sparrows in the Carolinas, 13 at Warren Wilson College, Buncombe, NC 16 Oct (SR) was a notable tally. A new state high count of 110 Blue Grosbeaks was recorded at Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center, Muscogee, GA 13 Sep (MJ). A banded male Painted Bunting returned for a third winter to a feeder in Manteo, Dare, NC 11 Oct (fde AW); this bird was originally banded at St. Mat - thews, Calhoun, SC in 2012, suggesting that it moves northeastward to winter on the coast. An imm. Yellow-headed Blackbird along Hooper Lane, Henderson, NC 1 Sep (ph. WF, SH) was a great fnd for the mountain region. Two of the larger counts of Rusty Blackbirds were 450 at Flat River Waterfowl Impound - ment, Durham, NC 2 Nov (EO) and 162 at Lake Conestee Nature Park, Greenville, SC 29 Nov (JK). Nine Brewer's Blackbirds at a farm in n. Watauga, NC 16 Nov (ML) were a frst for the third year to a Macon, Bibb, GA feeder 9 Nov (JFe). Among several early sightings of Rufous Hummingbirds, a female captured at New Bern, Craven, NC 22 Nov (S. Campbell) was discovered to have been banded in Fort Atkinson, WI 19 Oct. This bird was last seen in Wisconsin on 23 Oct and was frst seen at New Bern 15 Nov, so it had covered over 1280 km in about three weeks. Three Alder Flycatchers were banded along the coast at Kiawah Island, Charleston, SC 15- 25 Sep (AG et al.), and single birds were iden - tifed inland at Bradley Unit, Eufala N.W.R., Stewart, GA 3 Sep (WC), and Little Lake Her - rick, Clarke, GA 5 Sep (RH). The only positively identifed Willow Flycatchers in Georgia were singles banded at Jekyll Island, Glynn 30 Sep and 2 Oct (Evan Pitman et al.). An Ash-throated Flycatcher was found on Kimbrell Rd., Miller, GA 29 Nov (WS). A remarkable concentration of migrating Eastern Phoebes—175—was ob - served at Cape Lookout, Carteret, NC 5 Oct (JA et al.). A Say's Phoebe was reported at N.R.F. 28 Sep (CB et al.), especially notable because most sightings in the Region have been later in the autumn or during winter. Becoming more com - mon, 6 Western Kingbirds were reported from across the Region. About 87 Eastern Kingbirds were around the Old Coast Guard Station at the n. end of Pea Island, Dare, NC 28 Aug (AW); this location has long been known as a collect - ing point for passerine migrants in autumn but is seldom checked. Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were also relatively frequent in the Region, with fve sightings, mostly along the coast. Six widely scattered reports of Warbling Vir- eos from all three states were received. A re- markable 40,000 Purple Martins were estimat- ed to be roosting at the Unif Plant, Yadkinville, Yadkin, NC 6 Aug (DM et al.). Some 100 Bank Swallows were estimated at Savannah Spoil Site, Jasper, SC 28 Aug (SC). At least 75 Swain - son's Thrushes at Asheville, Buncombe, NC 30 Sep (ST) made a remarkable count of migrants. A Lapland Longspur on Round Bald, Mitchell, NC 10 Nov (RK) was possibly a frst for that area of the mountains (elevation 1740 m). It was a notable season for warbler migra- tion, both in terms of unusual vagrants and high counts of expected species. Along the B.R.P. at Lyn Lowry Overlook, Jackson, NC, 140 Tennessee Wablers passed by 5 Oct (MM). Sixteen Orange-crowned Warblers at Matta - muskeet N.W.R., Hyde, NC 30 Nov (JLe) was a good count. There were dozens of sightings of Nashville Warblers across the Region, with a high count of 3 at Jackson Park, Henderson, NC 12 Sep (DK et al.). A Connecticut Warbler was photographed a few km off Cape Point, Dare, NC 13 Sep (BP et al.), a welcome surprise to pe - lagic birders and slightly early. An excellent fnd ers on 2 Sep (GM), while 3204 were counted at Wassaw Sound, Chatham, GA 21 Aug (TK). Unusual close to shore, Pomarine Jaegers were seen at Rich Inlet, New Hanover/Pender, NC 13 Sep (DC) and from St. Catherines Is - land, Liberty, GA 27 Sep (JFe, EH). A second- cycle Little Gull was well documented at Lake Lanier, Hall, GA 14 Nov (JFl), while up to 600 Lesser Black-backed Gulls congregated at Cape Point, Dare, NC 26 Oct (RD). A high count of 105 Caspian Terns came from Sunset Beach, Brunswick, NC 4 Oct (SCo); 6 were in the mountains at Carter's Lake Reregulation Area, Murray, GA 18 Sep (PM). A high count of 260 Black Terns came from Mason Inlet, New Hanover, NC 7 Sep (SCo), while 3000 Black Skimmers were observed fying southward at Rachel Carson Reserve, Carteret, NC 27 Sep (JF) and 1800 at Mason Inlet the following day, likely some of the same birds (SCo). DOVES THROUGH FINCHES Two Inca Doves continued from the summer season along Privett Store Rd., Miller, GA 3 Nov (WS). After passage of a cold front, a remarkable 100 Yellow-billed Cuckoos were seen at Cape Lookout, Carteret, NC 5 Oct (JA et al.), while single Black-billed Cuckoos were reported from six scattered locations in Geor - gia 7-29 Sep (m.ob.). We learned belatedly of a moribund Snowy Owl being discovered near Albemarle Sound, Chowan/Washington, NC 11 Jan (DL). Two Short-eared Owls were sighted on Laramore Rd., Lee, GA 26 Nov (WS), and a Northern Saw-whet Owl was banded this year in the long-term project in Lamar, GA 7 Nov (CMu). An amazing 17,000 Chimney Swifts were estimated at a roost in downtown Winston-Salem, Forsyth, NC 7 Sep (NG). A female Black-chinned Hummingbird returned This Henslow's Sparrow at Warren Wilson College, Buncombe County, North Carolina 4 November 2014 may have been the same individual seen at that site during the previous spring and fall. Photograph by Kelly Hughes.

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