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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 66 S O U T H E R N AT L A N T I C tered reports of American Golden-Plover dur- ing migration was 14 in a recently harvested soybean feld at N.R.F. 7 Sep (JA et al.), while 96 Wilson's Plovers at the Rachel Carson Re - serve, Carteret, NC 28 12 Aug (JF) was a sub- stantial post-breeding aggregation. A good count of 34 Piping Plovers came from Rich Inlet, New Hanover/Pender, NC 5 Sep (TM). Among the many sightings of Upland Sand - pipers at sod farms, the high count was 27 at American Turf, Washington, NC 28 Aug (JA). A new state high count of 15 Long-billed Cur - lews came from Wolf Island N.W.R., McIntosh, GA 9 Oct (TK et al.). Two Hudsonian Godwits were found at Mackay Island N.W.R., Curri - tuck, NC 1 Sep (RJ), and one was at the Savan- nah Spoil Site, Jasper, SC 12 Sep (SC). Notable among a number of high counts of Marbled Godwits along the Carolina coast was 268 at Bulls Island, Cape Romain N.W.R., Charleston, SC 12 Sep (DMc, ER). There were no reports of substantial focks of Red Knots this season, but an impressive new state high count of Stilt Sandpipers was 377 at Onslow Island, Cha - tham, GA 26 Aug (SC). About average for the season were fve widely scattered reports of Baird's Sandpipers and eight of White-rumped Sandpipers, all single birds, from across the Region. A high of 9 Buff-breasted Sandpipers was reported from the American Turf sod farm, Washington, NC 31 Aug (RM), with scattered reports mostly of individual birds at other sites in all three states. Peak counts of 320 Pectoral Sandpipers came from Super Sod farm, Orangeburg, SC 1 Aug (CW), and 200 from American Turf sod farm 3 Aug (AW). A remarkable 8000 West - ern Sandpipers were counted on the rocks at Fort Fisher, New Hanover, NC 8 Aug (GM); the same site yielded 4500 Short-billed Dowitch - Snowy Egrets in the Piedmont, but one at Lake Junaluska, Haywood, NC 4 Oct (SR) was very unusual for the mountain region. Six Little Blue Herons at a roadside pond in Guilford, NC 6 Aug (AT) was also an unusual concentration so far from the coast. An excellent count of 8 Reddish Egrets came from Little St. Simons Is - land, Glynn, GA 24 Sep (LG), but the count of 14 farther n. at Jack's Creek Impoundment on Bulls Island, Cape Romain N.W.R., Charleston, SC 4 Oct (KD) was more notable still. A huge concentration of 650 Cattle Egrets was reported along SC-32 in Jackson, SC 16 Aug (PS). Un - usual above the Fall Line, a Glossy Ibis was at Dyar Pasture, Greene, GA 4-11 Aug (JL, BW), while rare White-faced Ibis were spotted in se. Georgia on River Rd., Mitchell 23-31 Aug (WS) and on Church Rd., Baker 14 Sep (WS); 2 were teased out of a fock of Glossy Ibis at Matta - muskeet N.W.R., Hyde, NC 3 Nov (SW). Oddly, no Roseate Spoonbill reports came from North Carolina during the period, but high counts elsewhere included 65 at Bear Island W.M.A., Colleton, SC 24 Aug (AK) and 124 at Andrews Island, Glynn, GA (GK), with the usual reports of scattered post-breeding birds elsewhere. High aggregations of Swallow-tailed Kites at traditional post-breeding sites included 50 in Allendale, SC 2 Aug (JMi et al.) and 108 in Long, GA the same day (TB). Impressive counts of migrating Broad-winged Hawks, all in North Carolina, included 2279 over Linville Peak, Av - ery 20 Sep (JPo), 594 over Riverbend Park, Ca- tawba 22 Sep (DM), 1323 and 2392 over Pilot Mountain, Surrey 22 & 27 Sep (PD et al.), and 1200 over Jackson Park, Henderson 28 Sep (RC et al.). A fortunate group of banders at Panola Mountain S.P., Rockdale, GA observed a Golden Eagle 15 Nov (CMu et al.); an ad. was seen over Lake Phelps, Washington, NC 28 Nov (R&SB). A striking count of 20 Purple Gallinules came from Savannah N.W.R., Jasper, SC 6 Oct (TW), and the 3 Limpkins observed during the sum - mer at Georgia Veterans S.P., Crisp, GA contin- ued there at least until 23 Sep (m.ob.). The Region's high count among many scat- Cinnamon Teal showed up at Coon Pond, a farm impoundment in Baker, GA 30 Nov (LGr), where it stayed into winter. By the end of the period, 8000 Redheads were estimated to be on S.P.P.I. (JL). Five Common Eider sightings were scattered along the Carolina coast: at New River Inlet, Horry, SC 24 Aug (SP); at Nags Head, Dare, NC 23 Oct (AW et al.); at Mason - boro Inlet, New Hanover, NC 12 Nov (DD); on Silver Lake, Hyde, NC 28 Nov (GG, NR); and at the Cedar Island Ferry Terminal, Carteret, NC 30 Nov (GG, NR). A female Long-tailed Duck at a wastewater treatment plant in Wayne, NC 15 Nov (ph. SCo) was rare for that inland site. Two Pacifc Loons were found among a large fock of Common Loons off Crystal Pier, Wrightsville Beach, New Hanover, NC 28 Nov (SCo); this appears to be a regular location for this species. A Bermuda Petrel was seen on a pelagic trip out of Hatteras, Dare, NC 30 Aug, and single Fea's Petrels were seen on the same pelagic trips 8 & 17 Aug (both BP et al.) An Audubon's Shearwater, possibly injured, was observed on the n. end of Folly Beach, Charleston, SC 1 Aug (KJ), and counts of 25 and 26 Band-rumped Storm-Petrels came from the Hatteras pelagics of 8-9 Aug (BP et al.). Scattered reports of post- breeding Wood Storks came from inland sites across the Region. The count of 234 from Hun - tington Beach S.P., Charleston, SC 22 Aug (FL) hinted at their slow recovery: the species was downlisted from Endangered to Threatened status in the state this year. A high count of 5 Great Cormorants came from New River Inlet, Onslow, NC 12 Nov, where one or more were present throughout the period (GG), and a sin - gle bird was spotted at Oregon Inlet, Dare, NC 3 (AW) & 29 Nov (R&SB). A new state high count of 200 Anhingas came from an aerial survey over a site in Chatham, GA 28 Sep (SC). There were typical scattered reports of A few Gray Kingbirds are found along the Carolina coast each year from late spring through early fall. This Gray Kingbird was photographed at the northern end of Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, Dare County, North Carolina 1 September 2014. Photograph by Bobby Koch. This frst-year female Townsend's Warbler, seen along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Great Balsam Mountains, Haywood/ Jackson County border, North Carolina on 13 September 2014, provided the state with its third record and frst from the mountain region. Photograph by Todd Arcos. American Tree Sparrows have become quite rare in the Southern Atlantic Region in the past few decades. This individual was photographed at Warren Wilson College, Buncombe County, North Carolina on 12 November 2014. Photograph by Jay Wherley.

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