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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 65 M I D D L E AT L A N T I C Mike Burchett, Kathy Calvert, Tim Carney, Linda Chittum, J. B. Churchill, David Clark, Mike Collins, Keith Eric Costley, Bruce Cros - san, Wendy Crowe, Dave Czaplak, Kent Da- vis, Todd M. Day, Adam D'Onofrio, Vincent De Sanctis, Maggie Dunson, Wes Earp, Josh Emm, Judy Ferris (JFe), Jared Fisher, Larry Frauen (LaF), Lindsay Frauen, Kurt Gaskill, Thomas Gray, Kathy Green, Dan Haas (DHa), Matt Hafner, John Hannan, Frank Hawkins, Rob Hilton, Bill Hohenstein, Hans Holbrook, Diane Holsinger (DHo), Derek Hudgins, Mark Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Barry Kinzie, William Leigh, Daniel Lipp, Brooks Longley, Mikey Lu - tmerding, Gabriel Mapel, James Marcum, Barry Marsh, Hugh McGuinness, Clyde Morris, Elli - son Orcutt, David Palmer, Adam Parr, Zachary Poulton, Robert F. Ringler, Katie Rittenhouse (KRt), Dave Roberts, Karen Roberts (KaR), Keith Roberts, Mark Rositol, Perri Rothemich, Russ Ruffng, Lauren Schneider, Barbara Shorb, Brooke Smith, Sue Smith, Jason Strickland, Brian Sullivan (BSu), Brian Taber, Tracy Tate (TTa), Brenda Tekin (BTe), Katherine Thoring - ton, MaryAnn Todd, Randy Vickers, Rebecca Walawender (RWa), Laura Weetall, Roxana Whitt, JoAnn Wilbur, Bill Williams. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Arun Bose, P. O. Box 8807, Richmond, Virginia 23225, ( Robert Ostrowski, 157 Broadway, Apt. B, Bangor, Maine 04401, ( Le Conte's Sparrows were found this season in Maryland, including one at Hydes Road Park, Baltimore 3-5 Oct (MH, m.ob.), where one was seen last fall; one at Hart-Miller Island, Baltimore 13 Oct–20 Nov (RFR et al., m.ob.); and one at E. A. Vaughn W.M.A., Worcester 15 Nov (JF). Eight Clay-colored Sparrows were found in sev - en Maryland counties 28 Sep–8 Nov (m.ob.), while Virginia saw fve reports in as many coun - ties 27 Sep–30 Nov (m.ob.). Rare but regular on the coast, single Lark Sparrows were nice fnds at the following inland locations: Calvert Cliffs S.P., Calvert, MD 25 Aug (JFe); Hog Is - land W.M.A., Surry 16 Sep (JB); and again in Calvert 19 Nov (RW). A male Western Tanager returned to a James City feeder 10 Nov+ (BW) for its sixth winter. In Maryland, one was found at Assateague, Worcester 14-16 Nov (DCz, MAT, m.ob.). There were four reports of Yellow-head - ed Blackbird in the Region, highlighted by an impressive count of 3 found in a mixed black - bird and starling fock at Cheriton, Northampton 7 Nov (TMD). Three male Brewer's Blackbirds were a welcome sight at Drummond's Field, James City 13 Nov (BW). Red Crossbill reports were few and far between this season, though Rockingham and Giles, VA saw a handful of re - ports 2 Aug–25 Oct (m.ob.). Contributors: Robert Ake (RLAk), Harry T. Armistead, Frederick Atwood, Betsy Bangert, Jeffrey Blalock, Arun Bose, Edward Brinkley, throated Flycatcher was from Vic Thomas Park, Roanoke 1 Nov (KD, BK); an unidentifed Myiar - chus was seen at Rock Creek Park, Washington D.C. 11 Oct (AP). Much rarer in the East than its counterpart Tropical Kingbird, a Couch's Kingbird at Mason Road Pond, Allegany 11-24 Nov (KC, MW, m.ob., v.r. ML) established a frst Maryland record. Virginia lacks a record of ei - ther species, so it is regrettable that a bird pho- tographed at the intersection of West Gibbs Rd. and Blackwater Rd., Virginia Beach 27 Nov (KR, KaR) could not be pinned down more precisely than Tropical/Couch's Kingbird. The Region saw an above-average fve reports of Western Kingbirds this season, including singles at As - sateague, Worcester 15 Aug (JH); along Seaside Rd., Northampton 9 Sep (ZP, KRt); at the Marine Science Consortium, Accomack 15 Sep (DL); at Swan Harbor Farm Park, Harford 17 Sep (JE); and at Capeville, Northampton 7-16 Nov (TMD, ESB, DC, m.ob.). A reviewable species in Mary - land, a Loggerhead Shrike was a nice fnd at Irvine Nature Center, Baltimore 28 Sep (KEC). Rare this late into Nov, a White-eyed Vireo was found at Occoquan 27 Nov (LC). Long after the typical Purple Marin departure date, an all-dark unidentifed martin was at Swan Harbor Farm Park, Harford 5 Nov (MJ). Rarely seen in the state away from breeding grounds in far w. Maryland, a Henslow's Spar - row was an excellent fnd at Hanlon Park, Bal- timore 4 Nov (KEC). A remarkable 3 different Southern Atlantic WATERFOWL THROUGH SKIMMER Sixty-fve Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks along the Intracoastal Waterway at Santee Coastal Reserve, Charleston, SC 5 Oct (CM) furnished evidence of their continued spread northward. Reports of Ross's Geese were of 1 or 2 birds, except for 4 seen in Bartow , GA 26 Nov (JM). Uncommon on n. Hatteras Island, a Brant was on S.P.P.I. 22-23 Oct (RD), and 2 were at near - by Coquina Beach 25 Oct (RD, JP). There were three sightings of Tundra Swans in South Caro - lina and Georgia, including an unusually high count of 7 at Turkey Pond, Burke, GA 29 Nov (HA), where they continued into winter. One or 2 Eurasian Wigeon drakes appeared in their usual haunts near the Outer Banks in North Carolina: singles at Pea Island N.W.R., Dare 12 (RJ et al.) & 23 Oct (RD, DW), with 2 there 4 Nov (JL, AW), and singles at Mattamuskeet N.W.R., Hyde 29 Oct (SR) and 3 Nov (SW). Two Mottled Ducks on Eagle Island, Brunswick, NC 17 Aug (GM) were likely from the adjacent in - troduced South Carolina population. A drake There was a record-early cold snap with snow as far south as South Carolina on 1 November, but it fell after shorebird and passerine migra - tion for the most part and seems to have had little impact on waterfowl reports. Nevertheless, there were some very impressive counts of mi - grants throughout the Region, es- pecially along the coast, and some interesting fnds in the historically underbirded coastal plain of south - ern Georgia, including continuing Limpkins and Inca Doves, as well as multiple White-faced Ibis, a Cinna - mon Teal, and an Ash-throated Flycatcher. Two vagrant western warblers, a Townsend's and a MacGillivray's, were spotted in North Carolina and Georgia, respectively. Abreviations: B.R.P. (Blue Ridge Parkway); N.R.F. (North River Farms, Carteret, NC); S.P.P.I. (South Pond, Pea Island N.W.R., Dare, NC). Robert Sattelmeyer Richard Hall Josh Southern –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he Region had no extreme weather events that impacted bird sightings dur - ing the fall, happily continuing a series of years without a major hurricane landfall.

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