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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 64 M I D D L E AT L A N T I C Montgomery, MD 27 Aug (DCz) was an almost unprecedented record for the piedmont. Rare in the Bay, especially n. of Point Lookout S.P., St. Mary's, MD, 9 Sandwich Terns on the Honga River, Dorchester, MD 20 Sep (HTA) were stun - ning in the absence of tropical storm activity. The season's only Roseate Tern was reported from Chinc. 23 Aug (JS). A White-winged Dove few over the Kiptopeke Hawkwatch, Northampton 18 Oct (KRt). OWLS THROUGH FINCHES The beginning of a minor Snowy Owl irrup- tion into the Region was frst made evident with sightings from Assateague, Worcester 22 Nov+ (BB, MB) and Poplar Island, Talbot 17 Nov+ (fde TC). Two large groups of Common Nighthawks were reported in Virginia: 1400 at a private residence in Grayson 31 Aug (MD) and 2072 at the Rockfsh Gap Hawkwatch, Augusta 3 Sep (GM et al.). Remarkably fewer Rufous Hummingbirds were reported this season than in the previous year, with reports of an ad. male at the Rockfsh Gap Hawkwatch, Augusta 1 Sep (BTe et al.); an imm. male in Somerset, MD 6-12 Sep (KG, m.ob.); and another imm. male in Montgomery, MD 14-16 Sep (SS). A Crested Ca - racara, only the second ever photographed in Virginia, was spotted in a feld along Hungarian Rd., Virginia Beach 24-26 Nov (ph. KR, m.ob.). Peregrine Falcon migration peaked 3-4 Oct at the Kiptopeke Hawkwatch, Northampton with notable high counts of 214 and 251, respec - tively (BT). A rare regular vagrant in the East, a Say's Phoebe was a surprise on Cold Springs Rd., Rockingham, VA 22-23 Nov (DHo et al.). The season's only positive report of an Ash- (LS, m.ob.) was likely a returning bird; this area has produced records of 1-4 individuals for over a decade now. Single Hudsonian Godwits were found at Hunting Creek, Fairfax 1-7 Sep (FA), Pickering Creek Audubon Center, Talbot 7 Sep–7 Oct (DP, m.ob.), Fort Monroe, Hampton, VA 9 Sep (MC), and Chinc. 8 Nov (CM). A Mar - bled Godwit was a surprise away from the coast at Staunton View Public Use Area, Mecklenburg, VA 6 Sep (JB). Four Ruddy Turnstones were lo - cally rare at the Roanoke Sewage Ponds, VA 2-3 Aug (TG, m.ob.). Both Maryland and Virginia enjoyed their frst Ruff sightings in two years, with singles at Princess Anne W.M.A., Virginia Beach 15-17 Aug (RLAk, m.ob.) and Oakwood Turf Farm, Wicomico, MD 7 Sep (JW). Uncom - mon inland, single Red-necked Phalaropes were found at Youghiogheny Reservoir, Garrett, MD 16-18 Aug (JBC, m.ob.) and at Swan Harbor Farm, Harford 27 Sep (JE). A Red Phalarope was at Oakwood Pond, Rockingham, VA 13-18 Oct (WL, m.ob.). In Maryland, a frst-cycle Black-legged Kit- tiwake at Jackson's Landing, Prince George's 7 Nov (ML) made a frst county record; another at Sandy Point S.P., Anne Arundel 24 Nov+ was also very unusual (DHa, m.ob.). In Virginia, a remarkable Sabine's Gull was seen almost dai - ly from the Jamestown–Scotland Ferry, James City/Surry 14-20 Sep (BT, m.ob.). For the ffth consecutive year, a Black-headed Gull returned to Loch Raven Reservoir and the Hunt Valley Towne Center, Baltimore 1 Nov+ (RR, m.ob.); another was spotted at Chinc. 25 Nov (BC). Though still considered rare, Franklin's Gull has been recorded annually in Maryland since 2007; this year saw two reports, both singles, at Jug Bay, Anne Arundel/Prince George's 30 Aug (HH) and at the Chestertown W.T.P., Kent 19 Nov+ (MJ, m.ob.). An Iceland Gull was at Ke - nilworth Park, Washington, D.C. 9 Nov (HM). There were at least two counts of 200 or more Lesser Black-backed Gulls in Virginia Beach: 271 on 25 Sep (RWa) and 200 on 24 Oct (RLAk). A Gull-billed Tern at Violette's Lock, more numerous than usual this season: 18 in - dividuals were noted in nine Maryland coun- ties 12 Oct–28 Nov (m.ob.); a single bird was at Fort Reno, Washington, D.C. 25 Oct (FH); and 28 individuals were reported in Virginia, the bulk of which came from the Rockfsh Gap Hawkwatch 7 Aug–18 Nov (m.ob.). Between Maryland and Washington, D.C., the only re - port of a Northern Goshawk came from Black Walnut Point, Talbot 3 Nov (VD), but Virginia saw many more reports with 16 individuals re - ported in three counties 9 Oct–29 Nov (m.ob.). Four-digit Broad-winged Hawk counts are un - usual in Maryland, making the 4428 seen at the Cromwell Valley Park Hawkwatch, Balti - more 14 Sep exceptional. Single Swainson's Hawks in Virginia were reported from Kipto - peke Hawkwatch, Northampton 19 Sep (KRt), at the Rockfsh Gap Hawkwatch, Augusta 4 Oct (GM et al.), and Sunset Beach, Northampton 10 Oct (BSu, m.ob.); the last bird, a juv. light morph, was struck by a vehicle and perished (*Old Dominion University; frst specimen record for the Region). A blackish Buteo-like hawk that passed Kiptopeke 9 Oct was believed to be a Zone-tailed Hawk; the bird disappeared behind a line of pines e. of the observation area and could not be relocated (T. Tran et al.). Seldom detected as a migrant away from the outer coast plain, a Clapper Rail was found dead on Wise Rd., the second record ever for Harford, MD 6 Oct (BM). A migrant Wilson's Plover at Back Bay N.W.R., 30 Aug (LaF, LF), perhaps represented the frst Virginia Beach record in 60 years or more. A Piping Plover was a remark - able inland discovery at Hunting Creek, Fairfax, VA 13 Sep (KG). There were several reports of Willets that were notable for their inland loca - tions, including 3 at Bristow Road Sod Farm, Prince William, VA 20 Aug (PR); a single at the Nazarene Church Road Wetlands, Rockingham, VA (WL); and a single at Charles City, VA 9 Sep (AB, EO). A Long-billed Curlew in the lagoon system off Wachapreague, Accomack, VA 25 Sep Two Long-tailed Jaegers were recorded in Maryland waters, Worcester County 23 August 2014; the species is certainly a regular migrant through Maryland waters but well ofshore, where seldom observed. Photograph by Mikey Lutmerding. This juvenile Sabine's Gull, found by Brian Taber 14 September 2014 on the Scotland–Jamestown ferry, frequented the James River in James City County and Surry County, Virginia. It was observed by many birders who crossed the ferry to see it, 14-20 (here 19) September. Photograph by Ernie Miller. Virginia's second (or third) record of Crested Caracara was furnished by this bird along Hungarian Road in Virginia Beach 24-26 (here 25) November 2014. Photograph by MC Miguez.

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