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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 59 N E W E N G L A N D Aug (ph. W. Hutcheson), and Connecticut bird- ers found 3, with the balance in Massachusetts. Only 2 Orchard Orioles were reported n. of Massachusetts, in se. New Hampshire in early Aug. A tardy Orchard Oriole was at Chestnut Hill Reservoir, Boston 23 Sep (E. Lipton, ph. R. Merrill). Nov Baltimore Orioles along the s. coast were supplemented by 2 in New Hamp - shire and 4 in Maine, one n. to Winterport, Waldo as late as 29 Nov (J. Wyatt). A few Pine Grosbeaks appeared in Vermont and Maine in Nov, with a maximum of 15 at New Sweden, Aroostook, ME 29 Nov (N. Hu - dak). Purple Finches staged a modest fight in Massachusetts, with high counts up to 210, and at Lighthouse Point, where 1300 passed 19 Oct (FG) and 1600 were estimated 26 Oct (S. Mayo). Crossbills were limited to the three n. states, usually in single digits; the exceptions were a fock of 12 Red Crossbills at Holderness, Grafton, NH 26 Nov (I. MacLeod) and White- winged Crossbills in Maine, with 35 near Unity, Waldo 30 Sep (L. Potter) and an unexpected fock of 60-75 at Portland 9 Nov (DL et al.). Common Redpolls showed a similar pattern, appearing frst in early Nov in the north, al - though a few reached the Bay State, including 25 at Amherst, Hampshire 26 Nov (J. Rose). A modest fight of Pine Siskins joined the Purple Finches, especially on the s. coast: 425 were at Wellfeet, MA 25 Oct (MF), and watchers at Lighthouse Point tallied 1500 on 19 Oct (FG), 1100 on 20 Oct (GH), and 1500 on 26 Oct (S. Mayo). There were widespread reports of Eve - ning Grosbeak, especially in Vermont, with a few reaching Connecticut, including 7 at Light - house Point 28 Nov (D. Campbell). Subregional editors (boldface), contributors (italics), and observers: Jim Berry, Louis Bevi- er, Bird Observer, Nick Bonomo, Paul Cham- plin, Don Clark, Zeke Cornell, Ian Davies, Eddy Edwards, Mark Faherty, Rachel Farrell, Shaw - neen Finnegan, Tom Gagnon, Hector Galbraith, Frank Gallo, Noah Gibb, Greg Hanisek, Rick Heil, Doug Hitchcox, David J. Hoag, Pam Hunt, Eric Hynes, Vernon Laux, Richard B. Lavallee, Derek Lovitch, Mark Lynch, Bruce MacPherson, Frank Mantlik, Jim Mead (JMe), Steve & Jane Mirick, Ted G. Murin, Blair Nikula, Trish Pas - tuszak, Ron Payne, Bryan Pfeiffer, Linda Piva- cek, Chris Raithel (CRa), Chris Rimmer (CRi), Marj Rines, Mike Schanbacher, Bill Sheehan, James Smith (JaS), Jerry Smith (JeS), Rebecca Suomala, Larry Therrien, Jeremiah Trimble, Alison Wagner, Sean Williams, Paul Wolter, Ian Worley, John Wyatt. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Nancy L. Martin and Walter G. Ellison 23460 Clarissa Road, Chestertown, Maryland 21620 ( Grinley et al.) and at Cambridge 28 Oct (T. Spahr et al.). Inland reports of Nelson's Sparrow came from Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, Northampton, MA 12-15 Oct (J. Coleman, ph. LT et al.) and Ban - gor, Penobscot, ME 14 Oct (R. Os- trowski). A juv. Seaside Sparrow on Monhegan 6-10 Oct (JT et al.) was well n. of the species' usual coastal distribution. An ad. Har - ris's Sparrow found at Bridport, Addison, VT 29 Nov stayed in the area through 14 Dec (EH, AW) and was about the fourth for the Green Mountain state. Gambel's White-crowned Sparrows were found at Hollis, Hillsborough, NH 21 Oct (M. Resch) and Cape Elizabeth, ME 14 Nov (ph. DL). A Summer Tanager was photo - graphed with a vireo fock at Trustom Pond N.W.R., RI 25 Sep (S. Mitra, P. Lindsay), and another spent 8-9 Oct on Monhegan (JT et al.). An imm. female Scarlet Tanager at Falmouth, Barnstable, MA 9-10 Nov was seen again 28 Nov after a snowfall (ph. MS). A female Rose-breasted Grosbeak dropped in at a feeder in Athol, Worcester, MA 9 Nov (D. Small), and an ad. male appeared on Nantucket 10 Nov (TP). About 28 Blue Grosbeaks reached New England, the farthest afeld being at Northamp - ton, MA 23 & 25 Sep (LT, D. McLain), Penacook, NH 17 Aug (PH), Concord, NH 5-6 Oct (R. Woodward et al.), and Monhegan 17 (T. Johnson et al.) & 28 Sep (DL et al.). The lat - est of a handful of Nov Indigo Buntings were at Bath, Sagadahoc, ME 16-21 Nov (H. Heuer) and Falmouth, MA 28 Nov (ph. MS). Two Painted Buntings appeared at about the same time, at Cove Island Sanctuary, Stamford, CT 27 Oct (P. Dugan) and in a cemetery in Brighton, Suffolk, MA 28 Oct–3 Nov (ph. P. DeGennaro, m.ob.). Of the about 75 Dickcissels found in the Re - gion, 4 were in Vermont, 3 in the Champlain Valley n. to Burlington and one at Brattleboro, Windham; an inland bird at Clinton, Kennebec, ME was supplemented by others on the coast, including a maximum of 8 on Monhegan 10 Oct (JT). Tardy Bobolinks surprised observers at Con - cord, NH 4 Nov (D. Stokes) and at Westmin- ster, Worcester, MA 9 Nov (TP). Yellow-headed Blackbirds made a strong incursion into the Region, with about 16 total reported; up to 3, perhaps 4, accompanied a cowbird fock that ranged along the coast from Hampton, NH to Salisbury, MA 29 Sep–23 Nov (m.ob.), 3 were in Maine, e. to Great Wass Island, Washington 22 amply rewarded with sparrows the morning of 19 Oct, fnding 76 Chippings, 575 Songs, 45 Swamps, an estimated 1600-2100 White- throateds, and 130 Dark-eyed Juncos. Observ - ers dedicated to searching for sparrows in Mas- sachusetts found high counts of 124 Chipping Sparrows at Wachusett Reservoir 25 Sep (ML et al.), 280 Savannah Sparrows at West Bridgewa - ter, Plymouth 16 Oct (L. Waters), 108 Swamp Sparrows at Bolton, Worcester 21 Sep (K. Bouri - not et al.), and 164 Dark-eyed Juncos at Sand- isfeld, Berkshire 12 Oct (ML et al.). With about 45-50 reported Regionwide, Clay-colored Sparrows returned to what had been expected numbers prior to the elevated counts of the past three autumns. About 16 were in Massachu - setts, including an early bird at Hadley 29 Aug (LT); about 14 were in Maine, with a maximum of 4 on Monhegan 9 Oct (JT); and 5 each were reported in the other states. Over 40 Lark Spar - rows were well distributed along the coast, with inland reports at Concord, NH 11 & 14 Sep (PH et al., ph. D. Jackson), Waterville, Kennebec, ME 28 Nov (M. Viens), and 2 in cen. Massachusetts. Two Le Conte's Sparrows put in brief appear - ances in Massachusetts, at Nahant 19 Oct (S. This Harris's Sparrow was found at Bridport, Addison County, Vermont on the frosty morning of 29 November 2014 (here) and remained in the area to be enjoyed by birders through 14 December 2014. Photograph by Eric Hynes. Gambel's White-crowned Sparrow is a central and western Canadian- breeding subspecies that appears irregularly in very low numbers in autumn in the East. This individual was found at Alewives, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland County, Maine 14 November 2014. Photograph by Derek Lovitch.

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