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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 57 N E W E N G L A N D Nov (D. Finizia) set a Rhode Island late-date re- cord. Acadian Flycatchers were reported from breeding habitat at Boston Hollow, Ashford, Windham, CT 1 & 5 Aug (D. Morgan) and at Dighton, Bristol, MA 7 Aug (A. Eckerson et al.), and 3 were banded at Brewster, MA in Sep (SF). The lone Say's Phoebe of the season appeared briefy in a parking lot in Greenfeld, Franklin, MA 3 Oct (JaS). Ash-throated Flycatchers were more cooperative, the frst was seen on several days 5-13 Nov at Sachuest Point N.W.R., RI (R. Holbert, m.ob.), followed by others in Massa - chusetts at Harwich, Barnstable 8-12 Nov (P. Kyle, m.ob.), Plymouth 22 Nov (B. Silkas), and Milton, Norfolk 24 Nov (E. Lipton). Other va - grant fycatchers this season were limited to a scattering of Western Kingbirds on the coast 18 Aug–16 Nov: Maine birders reported 3, Massa - chusetts and Connecticut each one. Northern Shrikes were well reported from Vermont, with about 18 total, the frst appearing at Stowe, Lamoille 22 Oct (L. Lackey); Maine followed with about 9, the frst at Fort Fairfeld, Aroos - took 21 Oct (BS); Massachusetts birders report- ed only 5 for the season; and New Hampshire and Connecticut had one each. White-eyed Vireos strayed n. of their breeding range again this season. Six were the Maine coast as far n. as Monhegan in Sep/Oct; one was at Hinsdale, Cheshire, NH 21 Oct (HG); and one was late at Burlington, Chittenden, VT 23 Nov (I. Erb, L. Clarfeld, †TGM et al.). Nov White-eyeds in Massachusetts were at Westport, Bristol 11 Nov (J. Young) and Mashpee, Barnstable 12 Nov (M. Keleher). The usual smattering of Nov Blue- headed Vireos on the coast, the latest at Scus - set Beach, Barnstable, MA 22 Nov (B. Harris), was supplemented by inland birds: 2 at Putney, Windham, VT 7 Nov (HG), one at Otisfeld, Ox - ford, ME 8 Nov (ph. M. Barber), and one at Wil- liamstown, Berkshire, MA 13 Nov (H. Powell). A Gray Jay wandered far s. of the species' usu - al n. New England breeding range to woodlands e. of Quabbin Reservoir, Worcester, MA, where it entertained birders 4-16 Nov (ML, m.ob.). Birders at Shelburne Bay, VT 22 Oct intercepted a large movement of American Crows, count - ing about 1500 migrants (CRi, TGM et al.), al- though plenty remained to fll a South Burling- ton roost with about 4000 birds 28 Nov (TGM). Individuals from the very small Vermont nest - ing population of Fish Crows join urban crow roosts in the Burlington area; a maximum of 5 was documented by audio recording 16 Sep (EH). Sep checks of some Purple Martin colo - nies showed successful nesting this year, with 58 pairs at Rehoboth, Bristol, MA producing 269 fedglings and another monitored colony in Barrington, RI fedging 384 chicks from 79 pairs (both R. Marr). A count of 84 Northern Rough- winged Swallows at Wayland, Middlesex, MA 7 and singles at Frenchville, Aroostook, ME (ph. BS) and Gloucester, MA (C. Haines). About 20 more arrived in Nov, with at least 2 each reach - ing Rhode Island and Connecticut. Long-eared Owls were unusually well reported, with singles in Vermont and Connecticut and 5 in Massachu - setts, including 3 at a roost in Hadley, Hampshire 30 Nov. Observers at several locations continue to monitor Common Nighthawk migration with regular counts in late Aug. Their efforts paid off, with two-day peaks of 893 at West - minster, VT 19-20 Aug (DC), 3501 at Concord, NH 23-24 Aug (ZC, RS), and a record Aug total of 7791 at Northampton, Hampshire, MA, with peak fights of 949 on 21 Aug and 2696 on 23 Aug (TG). Nocturnal surveys of Eastern Whip- poor-will breeding habitat in New Hampshire are revealing the species' presence into autumn: 5 were at Mast Yard S.F., Merrimack 11 Sep, with one remaining through 1 Oct, and 3 were at Freedom, Carroll 14 Sep (PH). Counts of 1-2 birds came from about 18 other locations from Maine to Connecticut, with up to 4 at Snake Mountain, Weybirdge, Addison, VT 9 Aug and 9 Sep (IW) and 4 near Quabbin Reservoir, New Salem, Franklin, MA 29 Aug (L. Nichols); a count of 20 on Plum Island 4 Sep likely repre - sented migrants (T. Wetmore). The only Oct Chimney Swift reports in the Region came from the Nutmeg State, with the last at Lighthouse Point 19 Oct (J. Marshall). The one-day maximum of Ruby-throated Hum - mingbirds captured for banding at Whatley, Franklin, MA was 43 on 9 Aug (TG). An imm. female Ruby-throated photographed at Gilsland Farm Audubon Center, Falmouth, Cumberland 16 Oct (DL, DH) was tardy for Maine, while later reports included one at Norwalk, Fair - feld, CT 10-12 Nov (ph. L. Flynn) and singles at East Dennis, Barnstable, MA through 15 Nov, at Plymouth, MA 19 Nov (both b. SF), and at Chestnut Hill, Middlesex, MA through 21 Nov (M. Garvey). Western hummingbirds this au - tumn were limited to Rufous, the frst being an ad. male at Kent, Litchfeld, CT 29 Jul–1 Aug (m.ob.); later birds, one in Connecticut and 5 in Massachusetts, appeared in Nov and mostly stayed into Dec. Red-headed Woodpecker re - ports this season were limited to about 8 in Connecticut, plus singles in Maine at Monhe - gan 19-24 Sep (m.ob.) and Bath, Sagadahoc 25 Oct (H. Heuer), plus an imm. at Durham, Stratford, NH 8-30 Nov (N. Purmort, m.ob.). Red-bellied Woodpeckers pushing their cur - rent northerly range limits were at Enosburgh, Franklin, VT (C. & H. Bill), St. Albans, Somerset, ME (B. & D. Witham), and Pembroke, Washing - ton, ME (C. Bartlett, W. Gillies). An Olive-sided Flycatcher at Nahant, Essex, MA 6 Oct (LP) was quite tardy for its species, and an Eastern Wood-Pewee at Charlestown 15 at Rye, Rockingham, NH 29 Sep (S. & J. Mirick), and 5 at Andrew's Point 4 Oct (B. Harris). The annual infux of coastal Forster's Terns as usual reached sw. Maine, including 6 at Hills Beach, Biddeford 7 Sep (DL, K. Lindquist), a good count for the Pine Tree State. Farther s., the high count was 60 at Dennis, Barnstable, MA 16 Aug (BN). Only 6 Royal Terns were reported n. of Long Island Sound; the northernmost reached Nahant 4 Aug (J. Malone, LP). In Connecticut, Royal Terns were in good numbers, with an im - pressive maximum of 18 off Guilford 26 Oct (S. Satin). Black Skimmers reached sw. Maine, with 2 ads. at Biddeford Pool 3 Aug (ph. NG), an ad. at Scarborough Marsh 2 Sep (ph. R. Speirs, ph. M. Fahay), and an ad. at Kennebunkport, York 8 Sep (ph. K. Janes). The count of 21 skim - mers at Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard 6 Sep (L. Johnson) was noteworthy. The season's skuas were split evenly between the two species, with single Greats 20 Sep 40 km e. of Mount Desert Isle (ph. LB, m.ob., Maine Audubon Society) and 25 km se. of Matinicus Island 12 Oct (W. Petersen et al.) and single South Polars 65 km se. of Nantucket 23-24 Aug (B.B.C. pelagic) and 70 km e. of Mount Desert Island 20 Sep (ph. LB, m.ob., Maine Audubon Society). Jae - gers on Lake Champlain included 6 Pomarines 1-21 Sep, 14 Parasitics 3-21 Sep, with a maxi - mum of 5 at Charlotte 7 Sep (TGM et al.), and 5 Long-taileds 7-25 Sep, including an impressive 3 at Charlotte 7 Sep (TGM et al.). A further 12 Long-tailed Jaegers were seen on the Atlantic, including 2 well inshore: a very rare Long Is - land Sound sighting off Milford, New Haven 3 Sep (ph. FM, GH) and one at Westport, Bristol, MA 14 Sep (P. Champlin). Offshore, 3 were at Hydrographer Canyon 27 Sep (B.B.C. pelagic). There were no major coastal alcid fights this autumn, with only small numbers of the six species reported, mostly in Nov. DOVES THROUGH WRENS Two White-winged Doves put in appearances in the Region this autumn, one at Manomet, Plymouth, MA 27 Aug (ID, B. Lagasse), the other at Lincoln, Penobscot, ME 30 Aug–4 Sep (ph. B. Way). Two Barn Owls appeared away from the species' known nesting locations in Dukes, MA, with one at the Norman Bird Sanctuary, Middletown, Newport, RI 12 Oct and 9 Nov (M. Pagliarini) and another in the Waterford, New London, CT area 16 Nov (J. Oshlick et al.). A Snowy Owl on New Hampshire's Isles of Shoals in Aug and on 3 Sep (Star Island observers) had likely summered in the area undetected. The earliest of this season's echo irruption appeared in the Region in late Oct, at Westminster, VT 25 Oct (ph. R. Webster, fde B. Pfeiffer), fol - lowed by other Vermont birds at Middlebury (R. Harlow) and Colchester (TGM, Q. Ren),

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