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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 56 N E W E N G L A N D 2 Oct (K. Bourinot). Eight unidentifed phala- ropes at Charlotte on Lake Champlain 6 Sep were most likely Red-necked (TGM). This year's inland Red Phalarope was on the Kennebec River at Skowhegan, Somerset, ME 7 Sep (ph. M. Taylor). Three juv. Black-legged Kittiwakes passing by Charlotte 2 Nov were the only ones seen on Lake Champlain this autumn (TGM, JMe, J. Osborn). Sabine's Gulls were only seen in their two most regular Regional venues this fall, with 3 juvs. on Lake Champlain at Charlotte 7 Sep, with one staying until 13 Sep (TGM, C. Pro - vost, m.ob.), and 2 in Massachusetts waters at Race Point 24 Aug (B. Lagasse et al.) and on s. Stellwagen Bank off Race Point 7 Sep (m.ob.). An average total of 12 Black-headed Gulls from 10 Aug through 19 Nov included one on Lake Champlain at Grand Isle 5 Oct (D. Hoag), one in Maine, 5 in Massachusetts, and 4 in Rhode Island. The tally of 24 Little Gulls from 3 Aug through 30 Nov was also average, with 7 on Lake Champlain 6 Sep–22 Oct, 3 in New Hampshire, 5 in Maine, 9 in Massachusetts, and one in Rhode Island. Of interest was a Herring Gull x Great Black-backed Gull hybrid at Cape Elizabeth 24 Oct (ph. DL). Lesser Black-backed Gulls were reported throughout the season, with 2 inland and an early high count of 31 at Nantucket 5 Aug (W. Scott). Gull-billed Terns do not appear every au - tumn in New England (none were seen in 2013), but when they do occur, there is often more than one record. This season, 2 were at South Beach, Chatham 12-14 Aug (B. Lagasse et al.) and one at Sandy Point, Plum Island 29 Aug–11 Sep (S. Miller, m.ob.). Caspian Terns continue to increase. Associated with nesting colonies on Lake Champlain, 31 were at Grand Isle 8 Aug (D. Hoag). Notable migration counts included 5 at Schoodic Point, Hancock, ME 18- 21 Sep (S. Benz, F. Marenghi, K. & J. Harding), 5 at Ipswich, Essex, MA 28 Sep (M. Brengle), 6 down 3 from autumn 2013. Hudsonian Godwit numbers were also discourag - ingly low, with a modest high count of 22 at South Beach, Chatham, Barnstable, MA 10 Aug (T. Green et al.). Inland, Ver - monters found far more than usual late- season juvs. in the Champlain Valley, 5 total, starting with one at D.C.W.M.A. 20-23 Sep (IW, TGM et al.) and capped by a group of 2-3 at Missisquoi 1-19 Oct (TGM, RBL, EE). Marbled Godwits were reported in their best numbers since the autumn of 2003, with at least 35 found along the coast from sw. Maine (3 total) to Long Island Sound (4 in Connecti - cut). The high count was 7 on the bar- rier islands of Chatham, MA 12-18 Sep (J. Sender, M. Andersen, M. Malin). A Red Knot at Delta Park, Colchester, Chit - tenden, VT 27 Aug–8 Sep (TGM, JMe, IW et al.) made a rare inland sighting, more so in the past two decades than in the late twentieth century. The highest coastal count was a modest 370 at Chatham, MA 23 Aug (D. Clapp). Only about two-dozen Baird's Sandpipers were reported for the season, far be - low most recent autumn tallies. On the other hand, counts of Pectoral Sandpipers inland were quite good, especially the 74 at Missisquoi 1 Oct (TGM, RBL, EE). Also a good fnd inland was the Purple Sandpiper at Grand Isle, VT 13- 14 Nov (ph. DJH). At Missisquoi, 212 Dunlins were at the mouth of Dead Creek 22 Oct (H. Kaestner). The lone Curlew Sandpiper was at Nahant, Essex, MA 21 Aug (LP). The tally of 45 Buff-breasted Sandpipers was close to the long- terms averages for the past 30 years but about 15 fewer than average fall totals since 2005 for New England. Six of these were inland in Maine (1), Massachusetts (1), and Connecticut (4), the rest on the coast, with a high count of 6 at Newburyport, Essex, MA 8 Sep (J. Hoye et al.). The only Ruff of the season was a juv. at Saugus, Essex, MA 26-30 Oct (ph. A. Trautman, S. Ze - ndeh et al.). A Short-billed Dowitcher at Edgar- town on Martha's Vineyard 30 Nov was notably late (S. Whiting et al.). Thirteen total Wilson's Phalaropes was only one fewer than last year's ten-year high seasonal total; one was far inland at St. Albans Bay, Franklin, VT 23 Aug (EE), with singles in Rhode Island and sw. Maine, 3 in coastal Connecticut, and 6 in coastal Mas - sachusetts, including the last reported 22 Sep at Wellfeet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Barnstable, MA (MF, C. Baal). Some 349 Red-necked Phalaropes were seen on the 23-24 Aug overnight pelagic trip (B.B.C., m.ob.), and many were reported inland, with records of one at Croydon, Sul - livan, NH 16 Aug (ph. N. Newberry), at least 2 in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, and a late bird at Wachusett Reservoir, Worcester, MA Crowley, D. Albert). The largest group, 29 at Norridgewock, Somerset 20 Nov (ph. LB), was likely the source of a fock of 24 observed over Seabrook, Rockingham, NH 27 Nov (ph. J. Lam - bert, ph. C. Thompson), which was seen about 8:00 a.m. over Newburyport, MA 28 Nov (DL et al.) and at Lighthouse Point at 2:00 p.m. the same day (D. Campbell et al.). A pair remained at Fairfeld Swamp, Franklin, VT through 1 Oct (J. Nelson), and a family group of 3 was at Mon - roe, Grafton, NH 20 Oct (S. Turner). American Golden-Plovers were lightly re - ported, with only one large fallout fock of 99 reported 1 Sep on Martha's Vineyard at Edgar - town (B. Shriber et al.); one was notably late 23 Nov on Nantucket (K. Blackshaw). Northeast - erly American Oystercatchers included 2 well e. at Petit Manan Point, Washington, ME 2-11 Aug (J. Garver), 2 ad. and 2 juv. post-breeders at Biddeford Pool, ME that stayed into late Nov (m.ob.), and one at the Isles of Shoals in New Hampshire 8 Sep (m.ob.). Good numbers of oystercatchers were found in Rhode Island, with a state record high count of 84 recorded at Napatree Point, Washington 17 Sep (CRa). Five of 7 American Avocets were observed in early Aug in Connecticut (2), Maine, Massa - chusetts, and Rhode Island; a later bird was in Connecticut at Sandy Point, West Haven, New Haven 5-6 Sep (ph. PW, J. Oshlick, m.ob.); and a rare inland record came from Missisquoi on the late dates of 12-18 Oct (RBL, ph., †TGM, ph. J. Filiberti, m.ob.). A Spotted Sandpiper at Orleans, Barnstable, MA 23 Nov was late (B. Lagasse). A Western Willet at Shelburne Bay, Chittenden, VT 13 Aug made the Green Moun - tain State's fourteenth record (JMe, L. Haugh, BM). Numbers of Upland Sandpipers continue to spiral downward, with only 12 reported, This dark-morph juvenile Swainson's Hawk was observed feeding on the ground in an orchard in Hollis, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire 21 September 2014. Photograph by Christopher McPherson. One of three in New England in autumn 2014, this immature White Ibis was ofshore at Block Island, Washington County, Rhode Island 25 August (here) through 30 September. Photograph by Nigel Grindley.

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