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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 54 N E W E N G L A N D ter 15-20 Nov (J. Young, m.ob.) and the other at Mashpee, Barnstable 20-30 Nov (M. Keleher, m.ob.). A Western Grebe spent 1-16 Nov on the New Hampshire coast off Hampton (SM, ph. J. Lambert, m.ob.), the latest in a string of Granite State records dating back to at least 1986. An overnight B.B.C. pelagic trip to the edge of the continental shelf se. of Nantucket 23- 24 Aug was highly successful. Two, perhaps 3, Black-capped Petrels were well documented about 175 km offshore, as were 100 Audubon's Shearwaters, a single White-faced Storm-Petrel, 7 Band-rumped Storm-Petrels, and a Red-billed Tropicbird over warm Gulf Stream waters in the vicinity of Hydrographer Canyon (M. J. Iliff, ID, m.ob.). A second B.B.C. pelagic to the same area 27 Sep found a White-faced and 2 Band-rumped Storm-Petrels and 189 Audu - bon's Shearwaters, (ID, L. Seitz et al.). Cory's Shearwater, a species also associated with warm water, was reported in elevated numbers from shore, as evidenced by counts from Race Point of 4000 on 17 Aug and 3000 on 1 Nov (BN). The regular widespread North Atlantic shearwa - ters were not especially numerous over much of the season, although strong northeasterly winds pushed 1400 Great, 155 Sooty, and 120 Manx close to Race Point 19 Sep (BN). A whale watch and pelagic trip out of Bar Harbor, Hancock, ME 20 Aug found 2000 Wilson's Storm-Petrels over their 60 km route (B. Duchesne, S. Benz et al.). Pelagic trips turned up White-tailed Tropicbirds twice, near Veatch Canyon (about 170 km sse. of Nantucket) 26 Aug (ph. E. J. Hudson) and at Hydrographer 4 Sep (ph. E. Savetsky). The Red- billed Tropicbird at Seal Island N.W.R., Knox, ME returned for its tenth year, with a last report 30 Aug (ph. DL, m.ob.). Another frst was added to the Lake Champlain and Vermont list with a subad. female Brown Booby, discovered 23 Aug on the New York side of the Champlain Bridge at Crown Point Historic Site and later moving to spend much of its time on a channel marker on the Vermont side off Chimney Point, Addison (G. Chapin, ph., †TGM, m.ob.). Birders saw it in the vicinity of the bridge 24-26 Aug and then the bird moved northward, with Vermont sight - ings from Charlotte 7 Sep (TGM et al.) and Shelburne 9 Sep (M. Kim). An American White Peli - can photographed as it passed northbound at Coast Guard Beach, Barnstable, MA (J. Evans) may have been the same indi - vidual sighted at Plum Island the next day (M. Salett et al.). The Double-crested Cormorant population on Lake Champlain continues to prosper, with a Nov (SM). A female King Ei - der on Rhode Island Sound, Newport 26 Sep (D. Finizia) arrived signifcantly ahead of 3 others at three Massachusetts locations beginning 8 Nov. A mind-boggling count of 60,615 Common Eiders was tallied on a B.B.C. pelagic trip in Nantucket Sound 22 Nov (m.ob.), while 3 males found on Lake Bomoseen, Rutland 24 Nov had little precedent in the Green Mountain State, where singles have been the norm (S. Wetmore, F. & C. Pratt). Peak Harlequin Duck counts this season came on the same day, 29 Nov, when 90 were at Andrew's Point (S. Perkins) and Sachuest Point, Newport, RI (J. Beale). Other sea ducks were encountered by the thousands in Nantucket Sound on the 22 Nov B.B.C. pelagic trip, including 150,710 Long-tailed Ducks and 1110 Surf, 2303 White- winged, and 6420 Black Scoters. This season's Lake Champlain Barrow's Goldeneye was a male on Shelburne Bay, Chittenden, VT 30 Nov (JM); the season high count of 5 came again from the Stillwater River, Orono/Old Town, Penobscot, ME 12 Nov (ph. S. Mierzykowski). Red-throated Loons were on the move off Cape Cod 16 Nov, when 1300 passed Chatham (BN). The expected scattering of Pacifc Loon reports came from An - drew's Point 29-30 Sep (RH), Provincetown 1 Oct (BN), Sandy Neck, Barnstable, MA 23 Oct (D. Sibley), New Castle, Rockingham, NH 26 Oct (ph. SM), off Block Island 10 Nov (S. Mi - tra), and off Grand Isle, VT 11 Nov (DJH); one at Biddeford Pool, York, ME lingered 16-23 Nov (P. Moynahan, ph. NG). Good numbers of Pied- billed Grebes gathered at Missisquoi, with a 1 Oct high count of 32 (TGM, RBL). Two coopera - tive Eared Grebes were found in the Bay State, the frst on Quaboag Pond, Brookfeld, Worces - away in autumn 2013. Single Ross's Geese were observed with Snow Geese at D.C.W.M.A. 24-25 Oct (JM, T. Williams) and 10-13 Nov (ph. M. Rehman, BM). A Barnacle Goose was at Chris - tina Reservoir, Aroostook, ME 15 Oct (JeS, JW) and another at Broad Brook Park, East Wind - sor, Hartford, CT 5 Nov+ (J. Meyers, ph. R. Taylor, m.ob.). Over 50 Cackling Geese were in Canada Goose focks across the Region between Oct and early Nov, returning to totals seen in 2011-2012; hawkwatchers reported high counts of 3 at Putney Mountain, Putney, Windsor, VT 19 Oct (DC et al.) and 4 at Boothe Park, Strat - ford, Fairfeld, CT the same day (S. Kruitbosch). Tundra Swans returned this autumn after a one- year hiatus, with one at Sandy Point W.M.A., Stockton Springs, Waldo, ME 12-13 Nov (ph. W. Nichols et al.) and pairs at Spaulding Bay, Panton, Addison, VT 14 Nov (ph. IW, RPa) and Tiogue Lake, Coventry, Kent, RI 29-30 Nov (A. Michael, ph. J. Lawson). A record tally of nearly 30 Eurasian Wigeons was compiled across the Region; high counts of 3 came from Perry Mill Pond, South Kingstown, Washington, RI 20 Oct and 11 Nov (H. Golet, ph. A. Michael) and 4 at Great Bay, Greenland, Rockingham, NH 16 This Red-billed Tropicbird returned for a tenth year to summer at Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge, Knox County, Maine and remained through the end of August (here 4 August 2014). Photograph by Derek Lovitch. Black-capped Petrel was among the treats on an overnight pelagic trip sponsored by the Brookline Bird Club to the continental shelf edge southeast of Massachusetts. This was the second of two photographically documented the evening of 23 August 2014 as the group anchored for the night 180 kilometers southeast of Nantucket. Photograph by Ian Davies. This female Brown Booby was discovered at Crown Point Historic Site on Lake Champlain, Essex County, New York 23 August 2014 (here). The bird later shifted to a channel marker on the Vermont side of the lake at Chimney Point, Addison County. Many birders saw it near the Champlain Bridge connecting the two states for several days, with sightings to the north in subsequent weeks. Photograph by Ted Murin.

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