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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 52 QUÉBEC Puffns at Rivière-Ouelle 4 Oct provided a high count for this location (CA, CG). Only 3 Yellow- billed Cuckoos were reported: Saint-Lazare 25 Sep (M. Dennis), Saint-Hyacinthe 5 Oct (R. Gau - vin), and Cap Tourmente 12-14 Oct (FD, RD). OWLS THROUGH WARBLERS Very rare in the Magdalen Islands and indeed anywhere around the Gulf of St. Lawrence, a Long-eared Owl was at Île de l'Est 13 Sep (AR). Stray Red-bellied Woodpeckers appeared in the Magdalen Islands 22 Oct (B. Vigneault), and 4 were found throughout Gaspésie (fde PP). Single Western Kingbirds were found at Rivière- du-Loup 1-2 Sep (SR) and at Rivière-Rouge 5 Oct (ph. M. Blais). An imm. White-eyed Vireo paused at Québec City 20-21 Oct (ph. GG), and another was at Longueuil 28 Oct (D. Daigneault, N. Tétreault, fde M. Bertrand). A Yellow-throat - ed Vireo at Cap Tourmente 26-27 Oct was re- cord late by two days (GG, C. Maurice). A Tufted Titmouse at Saint-Donat-de-Mont - calm in the Laurentian Mountains 21-22 Nov was well n. of typical range (G. Nielly-Lafond). Carolina Wrens dispersed very widely this year, with strays to Les Escoumins 20 Aug (C. Pre - vost), Percé 16 Sep (AC), Rimouski 1 Oct+ (2 birds; J. McKindsey), Saguenay 23 Oct+ (R. Morin, M. Hovington L. Castilloux), and Gas - pé mid-Jul+ (AG, D. Le Blanc), where one was joined by a second bird 21 Aug (DJ; breeding was considered possible but not verifed). A very late Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was at Lévis 10 Nov (S. Bégin, M. O'Neill). The fall showing of Northern Wheatears was good, though not to the levels of 2013, with birds at La Baie 31 Aug–7 Sep (C. Matkovich, O. Boileau, m.ob.), Petit-Matane 12 Sep (M. Larochelle), Les Escoumins 14-18 Sep (JG. Beaulieu, m.ob.), Pointe-au-Père 16 Sep (R. & L. St-Laurent), and likely a different bird there 28-30 Sep (G. Raboin, P. St-Pierre). Townsend's Solitaires were at Sainte-Catherine 6-11 Nov (D. Sirois, ph. LL) and Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue 11 Nov (BB). A Blue-winged Warbler at Pabos 7 Sep (PP, G. Roy) was at the same spot where the observ - ers saw one a decade ago. A remarkable record of Chestnut-sided Warbler at Saint-Louis-de- Gonzague, Montérégie 23 Nov was record late by almost three weeks (ph. JW. Côté). Yellow- throated Warblers were found for a twelfth con - secutive fall, thanks to birds at Sainte-Thérèse- de-Gaspé 5-7 Sep (ph. AC, YC) and at Lachute 29 Oct+ (ph. D. Miron, m.ob.). An ad. female Prairie Warbler was found at Rivière-du-Loup 2 Sep by birders missing the Western Kingbird found at the same location (PF, JP. LeBel). A second Prairie Warbler was well described this fall at Cap Tourmente 12 Oct (JPO). Remark - ably, 4 Yellow-breasted Chats were found this season: Île de la Visitation 24 Sep (E. Samson), de-Montcalm 19 Oct (B. Dugas). A fock of 21 was still at Dundee 14 Nov (PL). Single Willets were sighted at Rimouski 16 Aug (R. Pelletier) and at Notre-Dame-des-Pins, Beauce 16 Sep (R. Turgeon). A Marbled Godwit was a nice fnd at Sainte-Martine 14-17 Aug (T. Long, ph. LL). A molting ad. Western Sandpiper represented a rare occurence at Portneuf 9 Aug (M. David). A Ruff was at Douglastown 19 Aug (F. Shaffer, C. Maurice). A total of 10 Long-billed Dowitchers was reported, slightly above the average of the past decade. Single Wilson's Phalaropes were at Pointe Yamachiche 4 Aug (M. Richard, MB), at Rimouski 5 Aug (PF), at Val d'Or 10 Aug (CS, RL), and at Montmagny 7-22 Sep (ph. PL et al.). Inland Red Phalaropes included singles at La Baie 7 Sep (N. Boutin, Y. Darveau), Henryville 20 Sep (R. English, R. Riel), and Montmagny 4 Oct (MT, MA. Rubénovitch). Inland Sabine's Gulls included a rare ad. at Windsor 3 Sep (ph., F. Langlois et al.) and up to 3 juvs. at the Beauharnois dam 8-16 Sep (PB, m.ob.). An ad. Little Gull accompanied a fock of about 1000 Bonaparte's Gulls at Saint-Ar - mand 1-12 Nov (JG. Papineau, m.ob.). A juv. Laughing Gull was identifed at Yamaska N.P. 28 Aug (M. Berlinguette, M. Maheu). Three Fran - klin's Gulls were reported. A frst-cycle Thayer's Gull was a good fnd at Saint-Lambert-de-Lévis 18 Nov (ph. OB). A molting ad. White-winged Tern was nicely photographed at Fatima, Mag - dalen Islands 5 Aug (AR et al.); probably the same individual, but in basic plumage (rarely seen in North America), was there 21 Aug (G. Cyr). A Black Skimmer was seen at Les Escou - mins 7 Sep (CR), possibly the bird that spent most of the summer in the St. Lawrence estuary. Rare inland, an imm. Pomarine Jaeger was at Victoriaville 14 Sep (CR). A stray Parasitic Jae - ger was worthy of note at Verdun 19-22 Oct (ph. R. Lussier, m.ob.). Four Long-tailed Jaegers were noteworthy at Sainte-Pétronille 1 Sep (PL et al.); another was at Rivière-Ouelle 17 Sep (JFR). A Razorbill photographed at Lac-Saguay 28 Sep made a frst record for the Laurentians (D. Hamel, M. Carrière). A total of 11 Atlantic identifed as a Brown Booby by Daniel Jauvin, a frst confrmed record for the Region. Again this year, 15 American White Pelicans turned up in Cabbage Willow Bay 1 Aug (TC); one was reported at Pointe de Yamachiche 4-9 Aug (M. Richard, MB). Single Little Blue Herons were spotted at Fatima 4-6 Aug (AR), Sept-Îles 11- 15 Aug (JF. Laporte et al.), and Stoneham 5 Nov (ph., J. Vaudreuil, fde SR). A total of 10 Cattle Egrets was reported, including singles in the Magdalen Islands 31 Oct–6 Nov (DG. Gaudet) and at Saint-Marc-de-Figuery, Abitibi 6-7 Nov (fde J. Fréchette). An imm. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron visited Shigawake, Gaspésie 19-26 Aug (J. Hayes, ph., m.ob.). VULTURES THROUGH CUCKOOS A Black Vulture was nicely photographed at Magog 12 Oct (M. Oborne, M. Viger). A pair of Cooper's Hawks reared 3 young at Rimouski 15 Jul–17 Aug, a frst confrmed breeding record for the Lower St. Lawrence (A. Wolf). Single Swainson's Hawks appeared at Cap d'Espoir 22- 27 Sep (ph. AC et al.) and at Sainte-Anne-de- Bellevue 22 Oct (BB). Migrating Sandhill Cranes seem to stop in larger numbers in s. Québec in recent years, e.g., 100 at Saint-Narcisse, Mauricie 30 Sep (J. Blackburn) and 110 at Saint-Jacques- At Bic National Park, near the village of Bic, Quécbec, this Brown Booby was photographed by a kayaker 3 August 2014 and later identifed. This is the frst for the province and follows a series of records from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Photograph by Marie Gervais. Very rare in Québec, with only one previous record, this Golden-crowned Sparrow visited Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm 1-2 (here 2) November 2014. Photograph by Pierre Martin. On the Gaspé Peninsula, this Bullock's Oriole appeared at Haldimand 1 November 2014 and remained through the fall season; there are four previous records for Québec. Photograph by Albini Couture.

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