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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 51 AT L A N T I C P R O V I N C E S & S T. P I E R R E E T M I Q U E LO N vid Bell, Gilles Belliveau, Norm Belliveau, Pat- rick Boez (PBo), Frank Branch, Peter Brannon, David Brown (DBr), Taylor Brown (TaB), Roger Burrows, Lancy Cheng, Alain Clavette, Bruce Coates, Dominic Cormier, Alix A. d'Entremont, Ronnie d'Entremont, Joël Detcheverry, June Dunn (JuD), Cliff Doran, Irene Doyle, Roger Etcheberry, Greg & Sandra Feetham (GSF), Ber - nard Forsythe, Dennis Garratt (DeG), Patrick Ha- cala, Brian Hill, James Hirtle, Anne Hughes, Dur- lan Ingersoll, Laurent Jackman, Andy Kekacs, Charles Kendell (ChaK), Christopher Kennedy, Lois Kilburn, Ken Knowles, Paddy Kyle, Kevin Lantz, Roy & Charlotte LaPointe (RLa), Fulton Lavender, Lance Laviolette, Lisa de Leon, Marc LeBlanc, Roger LeBlanc, Keith Lowe (KLo), Bruce Mactavish, Dan McAskill (DMcA), David McCorquodale, Jim Mead, Alison Mews (AMe), Eric Mills, Allan Murrant, Cathy Murrant, Avery Nagy-MacArthur, Mike Parmenter, Chris Pepper, Bruce Rodrigues, David Seeler, Nathan Staples, Richard Stern, Bruce Stevens, Clyde Stoddart, Todd Watts, John Wells, Greg White (GWh), Rick Whitman, Cecile Yarrow.. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Alix A. d'Entremont, 292 Abbotts Harbour Road, Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia B0W 2M0 ( Sparrows were found in New Brunswick at Sum- merville, Kings 11 Aug (PK), G.M.I. 29 Oct (RB), and St. Leonard, Madawaska 28 Oct (RLa). Only one Summer Tanager was found, at Louis Head, Shelburne, NS 21 Oct (ANM), apparently a female. A hatch-year male Western Tanager at Shearwater, NS 15 Nov (ph. JuD) was an exciting fnd. St. Pierre et Miquelon and Newfoundland each had one reported Blue Grosbeak, while Nova Scotians saw 7, the old city dump in Halifax pro - viding many with sightings of one or 2 from 9 Sep into Nov. Nova Scotia's third Lazuli Bunting on Seal Island 5-6 Oct (ph. DB, DC) was a frst-fall bird. An ad. male Painted Bunting was at Sheila, Gloucester, NB 12-18 Nov (FB), and a hatch-year bird was at MacLellans Brook, Pictou, NS 21-22 Nov (ph. ChaK). Single Eastern Meadowlarks at St. John's, NL 7 Nov (AB) and Borden, Prince PE 1 Aug (CY) were signifcant for those locations. Seven Yellow-headed Blackbirds spotted in Nova Scotia, mostly in the sw. part of the province, are more evidence of continued recent upward trend there. An Orchard Oriole was at G.M.I. 9 Sep (RB), and another was present at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Lower Sackville, H.R.M. 11 Nov (DeG). Contributors (subregional editors in bold face): Sue Abbott, Alvan Buckley, Chris Bartlett, Da - WARBLERS THROUGH ORIOLES A Worm-eating Warbler at Cappahayden, NL 10 Sep (BM) was the sixth for that province. Single Golden-winged Warblers at Bear Cove, NL 13 (JW) Sep and G.M.I. 24 Sep (DI) were on par with recent averages. Blue-winged Warbler numbers were above average, at 10, with 6 in Nova Scotia 15 Aug–15 Sep. A Black-and-white Warbler at Halifax, NS 30 Nov (CK) was late. A Prothonotary Warbler was at B.P.I. 17 Aug (TaB) and another at Cappahayden, NL 26 Sep (DBr). Connecticut Warbler and Kentucky Warbler totals for the Region were 3 each, found from late Aug through Sep. An imm. male Audubon's Warbler was banded and observed for a few days at B.P.I. 27-31 Oct (ph. DB). A Townsend's Warblers at Mount Pearl, NL 4 Nov (BH) rep - resented that province's seventeenth record— astounding compared to the single records of most other western warbler species. A Grasshopper Sparrow at Grand Lake, H.R.M. 12 Oct (JH) and a second at Cape Race, NL 31 Oct (CD) represented good fnds. Nova Scotia's seventh Le Conte's Sparrow was an exciting fnd on Seal Island, NS 13 Oct (ph. DB). Single Nelson's Sparrows at Cape Spear 8 Oct (MP, KK) and Cape Race 26 Oct–4 Nov (CD, AB) were noteworthy for Newfoundland. The only Harris's Québec Pierre Bannon Olivier Barden Normand David Samuel Denault –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T emperatures were near normal or slightly above normal from August through Octo - ber but below normal in November. The most extended mild spells occurred in southern Québec in October and on the North Shore in August. Precipitation levels were variable, but a brief drought was experienced in the Lower St. Lawrence in August. Vagrants were less in evidence this year on the North Shore, but the Lower St. Lawrence was rewarded by a Regional frst Brown Booby at Bic, while the Gaspésie region was graced by a Brewer's Sparrow, also a Regional frst. Other confrmed rarities included a White-winged Tern in the Magdalen Islands, a Golden-crow - ned Sparrow in the Laurentians, and a Bullock's Oriole in Gaspésie. WATERFOWL THROUGH HERONS A Pink-footed Goose at Saint-Malachie 25 Oct (ph. JPO, M. Lafeur et al.) and at nearby Saint- Gervais 9 Nov (C. Deschênes, fde L. Simard) probably involved the same individual. A juv. dark-morph Ross's Goose was well photo - graphed at Victoriaville 26 Oct (B. Turgeon, G. Éthier) and again 11 & 25 Nov (D. & R. Roy, J. & A. Charrette); 10 white morphs at Saint- Jean-sur-Richelieu 15 Nov provided a remar - kable count (FG, LdB). Barnacle Goose reports included one at Victoriaville 13-18 Oct (J. Char - rette, ph. A Daigle et al.), one at Saint-Joseph de Beauce 18 Oct (MT, MAR), and 2 at Saint- Jean-sur-Richelieu 14 Nov (J. Tougas, fde S. Mathieu). A high count of 17 Cackling Geese at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu 15 Nov was notewor - thy (FG, LdB). Three Trumpeter Swans lingered at Val d'Or 14 Sep–29 Oct (R. Duquet, CS, RL). Three Tundra Swans (2 ads. with imm.) made a short stop at Dundee 14 Nov (PL), while an imm. was located at Salaberry-de-Valleyfeld 22-30 Nov (D. Ouellette et al.). A wary juv. Common Shelduck was photographed at Saint- Basile-le-Grand 31 Aug–6 Sep (SD). A total of 7 Eurasian Wigeons was reported, including 3 at Plaisance 11 Oct (Y. Gauthier, F. Morand). Canvasbacks were more numerous compared to the last few years' totals; of interest, one rea - ched Bridgeville, Gaspé 20-22 Oct (AC al.). A Sharp-tailed Grouse killed by a hunter at Lake McConnell, s. of LaVérendrye Wildlife Reserve, on 7 Nov made second record for the Outaouais region (fde R. LeBrun). Not unexpectedly, stray Leach's Storm-Petrels were detected at Sainte-Pétronille 29 Oct (R. Simard) and at Rivière-Ouelle 5 Nov (CA, CC). While kayaking in the Bic N.P. 3 Aug, Marie Gervais photographed a bird resting on a rock without knowing what it was; the bird was later

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