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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 169 W E S T I N D I E S & B E R M U D A Case, Saint Martin 10 Oct (TH). An ad. male Buffehead was at Spittal Pond, Bermuda 5-8 Nov, accompanied by a female-plumaged bird through 9 Nov (AD). A Buffehead was on a pond at Emerald G.C., Grand Bahama 18 Nov+ (EG, ph. DN). A female Eurasian Wigeon was at Devonshire Marsh, Bermuda 7 Nov+ (AD). A male Redhead discovered at Port Royal G.C. 21 Nov+ (DBW) was the frst for Bermuda since 1987. An ad. male Hooded Merganser was at Port Royal G.C., Bermuda 6-14 Nov (AD). Two Horned Grebes were seen at Ferry Reach, Bermuda 29 Oct (J&JP, PW). American Flamingos did not breed on Great Inagua this year due to drought and low wa - ter on Lake Rosa (HN). However, 60 were at Chancery Pond, Clarence Town, Long Island, Bahamas 2 Aug (AS), 133 were at the Salinas Pond, South Caicos 27 Oct (EH), and 800 were along the North Dam Rd., Great Inagua 14 Nov (RCB). On an 11 Nov seawatch from the Star - gazer resort, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, 2 Trindade Petrels, 4 Black-capped Petrels, and 29 Audubon Shearwaters were tallied (AF); this is the frst report of Trindade Petrel for Turks & Caicos and second for the Bahama Archipelago. An imm. Brown Booby begged for food at a res - taurant on Man-O'-War Cay, Abaco 17 Aug (ph. SG); others were seen on Great Guana Cay, Ab - aco 29 Aug (AC) and 16 Nov (EB). On 5 Nov, Neves saw a Brown Booby e. of Cat Island and 3 e. of n. Eleuthera. A Red-footed Booby was seen at sea off Pinar del Río, Cuba 4 Nov (ALu). Single Neotropic Cormorants were outside their normal range at Reef G.C., Grand Bahama 4 Sep (EG) and Half Moon Cay, Little San Salvador 18 Oct (RN). Over 100 cormorants (presumably Neotropics) were seen gathered at Great Inagua in Nov (HN, LG). Single American Bitterns were at Wilson Pond, New Providence, Bahamas 18 Oct (PD, LL, WP) and at the former citrus farm, Abaco 28 Oct (EB, BM). Ten Great Blue Herons were seen on the Castle Harbour Islands, Bermuda 25 Oct (JM), with a further 11 at Cross Bay 29 Oct (CB). A Gray Her - on at Pointe Noire, Guadeloupe 31 Aug (AL, MJM) was seen again 7 Sep (ACh); another was at Bright Hall Turf Farm, Barbados 21 Sep (EM, JMo, JW, RR). A Little Egret reported at Charca Salobre Los Amadores, Puerto Rico 27 Nov (JI) may not be a migrant, as this species is on the verge of becoming established in the Region. Twenty-four Cattle Egrets were at Jubilee Rd., Bermuda 2 Nov (AD). Roseate Spoonbills are only occasional on Abaco, so one w. of Cooperstown 2 Aug (OM) and another at Sandy Point 26 Aug (CW) were noteworthy. A Glossy Ibis was at Pit - man's Pond, Bermuda 23 Aug+ (AD), and an ad. Purple Gallinule was there 21 Aug (AD). Sixteen Swallow-tailed Kites made a splash at Savannah Grand, North Side, Grand Cayman 26 Aug (PDa). A Northern Harrier was at the former citrus farm, Abaco, Bahamas 25 Oct and 27 Nov (EB, BM). A Red-tailed Hawk was dis - covered at Great Salt Pond, St. Kitts and Nevis 24-27 Sep (AK). The variety of shorebirds observed in the Re - gion was remarkable, perhaps unprecedented, with many local rarities attributed to periods of unsettled weather. Two American Golden-Plo - vers were photographed at the Freeport Dump, Bahamas 27 Sep (ph. EG, DK, JC). A team sur - veying Great Inagua on 23 Sep found 16 Snowy Plovers, 400 Black-necked Stilts, 171 Lesser Yellowlegs, 11 White-rumped Sandpipers, and 1200 Western/Semipalmated Sandpipers (MJ, WG, SS, PM, RCB). An American Avocet was at the Cemetery Salinas, South Caicos 22 Oct (EH, WW). The discovery of the season was 2 Black-winged Stilts at the Petite-Terre Nature Reserve, Guadeloupe 4-13 Aug (ph. AL); these birds appeared three days after the passage of Hurricane Bertha, providing a frst record for the Caribbean. Also new for the Region, a Green Sandpiper was at Petit-Bourg, Guade - loupe 21 Sep (ACh, CP, FB); it was preceded by a Wood Sandpiper at Port-Louis, Guadeloupe 20 Sep (AL). Two Ruffs were at Alaska, Barba - dos 7 Nov (JE); one was at Port Royal G.C., Ber- muda 21 Nov (AD). A Hudsonian Godwit was at Salines d'Orient, Saint Martin 27 Oct (BvE), one was at Pointe des Châteaux, Guadeloupe 5 Nov (AL), and 6 were at Alaska, Barbados 1 Nov (JMo). Five Long-billed Dowitchers were unexpected along Congo Rd., Barbados 13 Nov (JM). A species not reported for many years in the Caribbean, a Curlew Sandpiper was at Petit Macabou, Martinique 18-19 Oct (BC, WR). An Upland Sandpiper was at Blue Shark G.C., New Providence, Nassau, Bahamas 17 Aug (TW, AS); others were at Colliers, East End, Grand Cayman 4 Oct (AG-C) and Gramas Lindas, Puerto Rico 26 Aug (JS, GL-O). Single Whimbrels were seen at Matthew Town, Great Inagua 3 Nov (RCB) and Long Beach, South Caicos 7 Nov (EH). Eight Pectoral Sandpipers on the BahaMar G.C., New Providence 6 Aug (PD, LL) made a notable count. Bracey found a White-rumped Sandpiper at the Treasure Cay dump, Abaco 10 & 18 Nov. At Gramas Lindas, Puerto Rico, a Buff-breasted Sandpiper was a rare fnd 19 Sep (JS et al.). A juv. Baird's Sandpiper was at Colliers Pond 4 Sep (PDa, m.ob., ph.); Grand Cayman has only four other records since 1990. The next day, Mailer found a Baird's not far away, along Sunnyfeld Rd. A Western Sandpiper was along Jubilee Rd., Ber - muda 6-7 Sep (DBW). As with shorebirds, reports of interesting gulls were many this season: a Black-headed Gull was at Anguilla 10 Nov (JCe); a Franklin's Gull was seen at at Charca Salobre Los Ama - dores, Puerto Rico 30 Oct (Gabriel Lugo-Ortíz) and sporadically there through 24 Nov (Juliann Rosado, Willie Padin et al.); 5 early Herring Gulls were at Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, Bahamas 13 Sep (DM); a Herring Gull was at Punta Cana, La Altagracia Province, Dominican Republic 2 Oct (BM); a Ring-billed Gull was at Lobster Pot, George Town, Grand Cayman 19 Nov (AGC); a Lesser Black-backed Gull was at the Western Esplanade, Nassau, Bahamas 11 & 25 Oct (WP), with an ad. there 18 Oct (WP, LL, PD); and Lesser Black-backed Gulls were seen at Pirámide de Cataño, Ojo del Buey, Puerto Rico 16 Sep and 12 Nov (Jean Lopez; ph. En - rique Ayala). Ten Least Terns were at Mangrove Bay, Bermuda 29 Aug (WF, DBW), increasing to 16 on 30 Aug (AD, PW), with another 10 at the airport 1 Sep (AD). A Roseate Tern was noted in Castle Harbour, Bermuda 25 Oct (JM). On New Providence, a Gull-billed Tern was observed feeding 2 juvs. at South West Ridge 6 Aug (PD, LL). On Abaco, 2 Common Terns were at Green Turtle Cay 29 Aug (EB), and one This male Redhead at Port Royal Golf Course 21 (here 22) November 2014 through 22 March 2015 was the frst for Bermuda since 1987. Photograph by Andrew Dobson. Only the second for Guadeloupe, this Wood Sandpiper was found at Port-Louis 20 September 2014. Photograph by Anthony Levesque.

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