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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 162 MEXICO A summering imm. Canvasback continued on Lago de Cuitzeo, Mich. 16 Aug (ph. PL). A male Buffehead was at Parque Paseo Los Lagos in Xalapa, Ver. 26 Nov (AM, JM). At least 5 Ta - hiti Petrels were ca. 18 km se. of Santa María Huatulco, Oax. 13 Sep (ph. JM, ph. AM). An Anhinga was documented at Parque Ecológico Xochimilco, D.F. 2-7 Sep (AMH, RW, ph. RA), the second D.F. record (the previous record was from 1935 and suspiciously close to Chapulte - pec Zoo). An imm. Brown Pelican was observed at the Museo de Historia Natural in Bosque de Chapultepec 19 Sep (ph. MAAM). An imm. Gray Hawk was near Instituto de Ciencias del Mar y Limnología, Ciudad Universitaria, D.F. 21 Nov (ph. AS). A Zone-tailed Hawk was at Jardín Botánico Comunitario Helia Bravo Hollis near Zapotitlán, Pue. 9 Aug (ph. AM, JM). Two Willets were at Lago de Texcoco, Méx. 1 Sep, and one was recorded there 8 Sep (SG, AdS, ph. MG, m.ob.). A juv. Semipalmated Sand - piper was at Lago de Texcoco 8 Sep (ph. MG). A Forster's Tern was at Lago Mayor, Chapulte - pec 2a Sección, D.F. 21-22 Nov (ph. GAA). Two Eurasian Collared-Doves were seen near Iglesia Azul, San Juan de Aragón, D.F. throughout the period (HGdS, MPV). An ad. male White-necked Jacobin was seen feeding on mistletoe fowers sw. of La Ventosa, Oax. 23 Oct (AM, JM). A Northern Flicker, presumed Red-shafted, was at Parque María Enriqueta, D.F. 20 Sep (HGdS, MPV). Four Monk Para - keets were at Parque Bicentenario, D.F. 29 Aug (ph. MAAM). A late Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher was nw. of La Venta, Oax. 12 Oct (AM, JM). A Happy Wren was heard at Hierve-el-Agua, Oax. 9 Aug (HGdS, MPV). A Chestnut-sided War - bler was at the entrance to Finca la Alianza, se. of Pluma Hidalgo, Oax. 30 Nov (AM, JM). A fe - male White-winged Becard was at the Las Gua- camayas private reserve, ejido Reforma Agraria, Chis. 20 Nov (MDC, DS, m.ob.). A Red-eyed Vireo at Parque El Haya in Xalapa, Ver. 21 Nov was a late migrant (AM, JM). An imm. Golden- crowned Warbler was captured at Minatitlán, Ver. 30 Aug (EML, AIL, ph. MG). Several re - cords of Dickcissel in Querétaro include at least one at Río San Juan 7 & 11 Sep (JH), at least one at Presa de la Constitución de 1917 on 13 (VM, JH) & 14 Sep (JH), and 2 at Purísi - ma de Arista 22 Sep (JH). A singing Botteri's Sparrow was at Parque Ecológico Xochimilco (ph. MG, m.ob.), another 4 were heard singing at San Gregorio Atlapulco, D.F. 7 Sep (MG, m.ob.), with 2 noted 28 Sep (RCJ, MAAG). A frst documented record for Veracruz, an imm. Gambel's White-crowned Sparrow was near Minatitlán 15 Nov (JMS, AIL, ph. MG). Contributors (area compilers in boldface): Ge - rardo Aguilar Anzures, Miguel Angel Aguilar Gómez, Roberto Arreola, Miguel Angel Ayala Mata, Raúl Caballero Jiménez, Michael D. Car - mody, Atahualpa de Sucre, Héctor Gómez de Silva, Salvador Gómez, Manuel Grosselet, Jona - than Hiley, Paul Lewis, Anuar I. López, Edu- ardo Martínez Leyva, Amy McAndrews, Alejan- dro Meléndez Herrada, José Mendoza Serrano, Jorge Montejo, David Salas, Annamaría Savari - no, Valentina Magaña, Mónica Pérez Villafaña, Richard Wilson. YUCATAN PENINSULA A white-morph Snow Goose visited Cozumel at the Cozumel Country Club, Q. Roo 19 Nov (LK, ph. WN, LW); a dark morph visited there during the previous fall/winter. Blue-winged Teal migration along the w. and n. coast of the peninsula was frst observed 4 Oct, when several focks of 300-400 were observed from a boat as they few inland from the direction of Isla Jaina, Camp. (JP). On 15 Nov, 200 were over the salt ponds at San Fernando, Las Coloradas, Yuc. (BM, RM, AP, WS), while off El Cuyo, Yuc., six migrating focks totaling 1680 birds were seen (BM, AP). A Ring-necked Duck was at Aqua - parque, Mérida, Yuc. 17 Nov, slightly farther inland than previously reported in the state (ph. RD). New for Cozumel, a Plain Chachalaca ap - peared at a residence in Jun and has since made repeated visits (ph. AGB). A juv. Brown Booby was found resting on the beach near the Hotel Iberostar, Cozumel 25 Oct (ph. BMV). The frst American White Pelicans to arrive on the n. coast were reported 24 Aug, with 5 at Xtampu and 25 at Chabihau, Yuc. (BM, RM). An unusual fnd in the Parque Hundido in Mérida 4 Oct was an imm. Boat-billed Heron (CA, ph JF, CP). A high count of 56 Jabirus was found along the Jonuta Rd., Camp. 11 Nov (MDC, RS, ph. DJ, m.ob.). Swallow-tailed Kites migrate regularly through Quintana Roo; a migrating fock of 16 was observed at La Esperanza, Lazaro Cárdenas 6 Aug (ph. FC). Two American Coots arrived early at the Cozumel Country Club, Q. Roo 1 Aug (MF). A Piping Plover was at Isla Blanca n. of Cancún 16 Nov and 2 more there 20 Nov, along with 22 Snowy Plovers (CA, ph. JF). Early arrivals on Cozumel included 2 Semipalmated Plovers at Laguna Colombia 5 Aug (AD, BM, EP) and a Spotted Sandpiper the same morning at a small pond at Punta Sur (AD, BM, EP). Six Franklin's Gulls were mixed in with Laughing Gulls at San Felipe 15 Oct (ph OL). The group of 25 Black Terns summering at Laguna Kanlúm, 3 km n. of Muyil, Q. Roo, were present through at least 11 Aug, leaving no doubt about their oversummer - ing in the subregion (LK). A late Yellow-billed Cuckoo was at Rancho San Salvador near Río Lagartos 13 Nov (ph. CH, DN), and another was in company of a Mangrove Cuckoo on the road connecting Río Lagartos with San Felipe 22 Nov (ph. MJ). A Burrowing Owl at a ranch on Cozumel 5 Feb 2001 was new to the Cozumel bird list (AG); the species is an occasional vagrant to the subregion, where it has been recorded near Tizimín, on Isla Cancún, and at Calakmul. A pair of ad. Black- and-white Owls with 2 juvs. were photographed 7 Aug at the archeological site of Dzibanché in s. Quintana Roo (ph LK). Although it is known that Lesser Nighthawks migrate to coastal zones and offshore islands of the peninsula to nest, their abundance is always impressive, such as the 50-70 feeding in an open feld next to the water treatment plant on Cozumel 3 Aug; only one was seen in the same area at the same time (0600 hrs) the next day (IA, AD, BM, EP). A to - tal of 95 was counted as they fed during early morning over the coastal dune between Chelém and the harbor at Churburná, Yuc. 10 Aug (BM, CP). Until this summer, the endemic Mexican The frst ever documented in Veracruz, this Gambel's White- crowned Sparrow was captured 15 November 2014 near Minatitlán. Photograph by Manuel Grosselet.

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