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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 5 ) • N U M B E R 1 157 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A year with species widely reported" and a high count 56 on 30 Nov (HE), and in Santa Bar - bara, Los Angeles, and Orange, numbers were considered above average. Small numbers of Evening Grosbeaks were recorded in Inyo and the San Bernardino Mountains; more notable were birds on Mount Palomar, San Diego 10 Oct (KW) and at Thousand Palms, Riverside 28 Nov (NW). Scaly-breasted Munias continue to expand their range, with a fock of 15 at Arroyo de la Cruz 19 Oct (MDS) being the frst for the n. coast of San Luis Obispo; 2 at Santa Maria 26 Oct (JD) were the frst for Santa Maria Valley; and the Channel Islands' frst record was of a juv. on Santa Cruz Island 19 Oct (PAG). Bronze Mannikins were found at multiple sites in Orange, with counts of 20-25 at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley 10 Aug–early Sep (RSc, JFGa, TAB) and 8 at Huntington Central Park 10 Oct (D&PC). Cited observers (county coordinators in bold- face): Christopher Adler, Jim Aichele, Eitan Alt- man, Dorian Anderson, Ryan Andrews, Liga L. Auzins, Larry R. Ballard, Bob Barnes, John Bai - ley (JBa), Joel Barrett (JBt), Richard Barth, David Beeninga (DBen), David Bell (DBel), Thomas A. Benson, Mark J. Billings, John Birsner (JBi), Melissa A. Booker, Jeff Boyd (JeB), Johnny Bo - vee (JoB), Steve Brad, Joyce Brady (JBy), Jeff M. Bray, Mark P. Brown, Jim Bruin (JBr), Charlene Burge (ChB), Cynthia Burnham (CyB), Dick and Pat Cabe (D&PC), Eugene A. Cardiff, Jamie M. Chavez, Cora Chiappone, Joan Comito (JCo), David M. Compton (Santa Barbara), Zeke Cor - nell, Joan Cottich (JCh), John Deacon, Frank DeMartino, Shirley Demmon, Bill Deppe, Bruce W. Dickoff, Tim Dillingham (TDi), Tracy Drake (TDr), Patricia Duarte, Jon L. Dunn, Manuel Duran, Tyler Dvorak (TDv), Tom M. Edell (San Luis Obispo), Herb Elliott, Jon S. Feenstra, Enric Fernandez, Shawneen Finnegan (ShF), Richard Fisher, Sean Fitzgerald (SeF), Dave Focardi (DFo),Thomas Ford-Hutchinson, Mary and Nick Freeman (M&NF), Wes T. Fritz, Dave Furseth (DFu), Peter A. Gaede, John F. Garrett (JFGa), Kimball L. Garrett (Los Angeles), Matt Gearheart, Peter Ginsburg, Dee D. Gollwitzer, David M. Goodward, John F. Green (JFGr), Lesley Handa, Lauren B. Harter, Tom & Jo Heindel (Inyo), Bruce Henderson (BHe), Kelli Heindel-Levinson (Kern), Rob Hilton, Brad K. Hines, Mark A. Holmgren, Bill Hopson (BHo), Debbie J. House, Chris B. Howard, Rosie C. Howard, Andrew Howe, Mike Huang, Theresa Hyde, Dave Irons, Crystal Jack, Eric G. Kal - len, Dave L. Keeling, John Kelly, Glen Kincaid, Russell D. Kokx, Alexander E. Koonce (San Bernardino), Kenneth Z. Kurland, Mei Kwan, Ken and Brenda Kyle (K&BK), Dave M. Law - rence, William Lawton, Paul E. Lehman, Joan A returning Hepatic Tanager was at Balboa Park in San Diego 9-11 Nov (CA, PP). Lacking information on the subspecies involved in most cases, the 38 Summer Tanagers reported dur - ing the period (all but 4 on the coastal slope) are hard to interpret; one at 2340 m at Glacier Lodge, Inyo was at an exceptionally high eleva - tion. Eight Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were on the coast 9 Sep–20 Nov, with 3 more on the deserts 24 Sep–14 Nov and an early vagrant at Desert Center 9 Aug (CMcG). A Black-headed Grosbeak near El Centro 22-26 Oct (KZK) es - tablished the latest fall record for the Salton Sink. Dickcissels were at Palos Verdes Peninsu - la, Los Angeles 26-27 Sep (JA), Torrance 2-3 Oct (TDr), Point Loma 2 Oct (GN), and Del Mar, San Diego 12-13 Oct (RH, JTS), and birds ap - peared on the desert at F.C.R. 29 Sep (JEP) and Borrego Springs 9 Oct (DI). A summering In - digo Bunting at Santa Maria remained through 23 Sep (JMC); otherwise, only 6 migrants were reported, all on the coastal slope 8 Aug–1 Nov. A Painted Bunting on Santa Barbara Island 24 Aug (NAL) was certainly a natural vagrant, as likely were birds at Twentynine Palms 25-26 Oct (TAB) and Encinitas, San Diego 15 Nov (PEL). Bobolinks were in below-average numbers; only Santa Barbara had double-fgures (12 birds at Goleta 1 Sep–12 Oct), and only 3 were on the deserts (8 Sep–5 Oct). The only Rusty Blackbird was at Baker 9 Nov (BD). Common Grackles appeared at Desert Center 3 Nov (BSa) and at Baker 9 Nov (TAB). Eight Orchard Orioles were on the coast and islands 26 Aug– 30 Nov; a dozen Baltimore Orioles were in the same areas 2 Oct+, with another 2 on the e. desert at Zzyzx 15 & 30 Sep (JEP). A Scott's Oriole on Santa Barbara Island 24 Aug (NAL) was the frst for that island. Even with reports of Bramblings on the move in Alaska and the n. Pacifc, the ap - pearance of the Region's frst 2, both singles photographed at feeders, was a shock: at Roll - ing Hills, Los Angeles 9 (or 10?) through 22 Oct (CW) and at Trabuco Oaks, Orange 6-10 Nov (SD). Inyo experienced a push of Purple Finches, with singles at Warm Spring in the Panamint Range 12 & 19 Oct (JEP), a female at F.C.R. 2 Nov (C&RH), and up to 9 females/ imms. at Bishop 26-30 Nov (DVP, LBH, JLD); in Kern, there were counts of up to 5 at G.H.P. 18 Oct–7 Nov. A Cassin's Finch on e. Cuesta Ridge 7-8 Nov (CAM, TME) was only the sixth for San Luis Obispo; other wanderers were 2 males on San Clemente Island 6-7 Nov (JTS), and in San Diego up to 2 in the Cuyamaca Mountains 9 Oct–10 Nov (GLR, JTS) and one at Laguna Mountain 29 Oct (JRM). Pine Siskins staged a minor fight into the coastal lowlands of the Region; in San Luis Obispo, it was a "fight The only Yellow-throated Warbler was sw. of downtown Los Angeles 26-27 Nov (RM). Five Prairie Warblers were found along the coast 1 Sep–4 Nov, and another was on the w. deserts at Palmdale, Los Angeles 26 Aug (CDY). A very early Grace's Warbler was at Point Loma 6-10 Sep (RA, CAM), and one at Goleta 7 Nov+ (JEL) had returned for its second winter. Two Black-throated Gray Warblers at Niland 2 Aug (GMcC) was among the earliest ever in fall in the Salton Sink. Black-throated Green Warblers made late fall appearances at Huntington Beach 14 Oct (JEP), San Diego 29 Oct–10 Nov (a re - turning winterer; MSa), Santa Cruz Island 3 Nov (JBt), and Oceano 5-6 Nov (female; DGS) and 15 Nov–7 Dec (male; K&AW, GW). Cana - da Warblers were at Goleta 24-26 Sep (WTF), Huntington Beach 24 Sep–14 Oct (D&PC), and Point Loma 29 Oct (GN). Kern scored its second new warbler of the fall with a Red-faced Warbler at G.H.P. 7-8 Oct (K&BK). A Painted Redstart in Icehouse Canyon, San Bernardino 15 Aug (MK) was in potential breeding habitat; migrants were at Refugio S.B. 15-28 Oct (GK), Irvine 5-6 Oct (JEP), Point Loma 11 Oct (GN), and San Diego 27 Oct (PEL), while birds at Sil - verado Canyon, Orange 30 Oct+ (ShM), Glen- dora, Los Angeles 23 Nov+ (RF), and Monrovia, Los Angeles 26 Nov+ (PD) remained into winter. An American Tree Sparrow, casual in late fall and winter, was at the San Bernardino por - tion of China Lake Naval Weapons Station 18 Nov (TJL). Chipping Sparrows were extremely scarce in San Luis Obispo this fall, with only two reports (4 & 27 Sep; TME, SJS). All but 4 of the 35 Clay-colored Sparrows reported 13 Sep–30 Nov were on the coastal slope. Wan - dering Black-throated Sparrows appeared on the coast at Torrey Pines S.P., San Diego 29 Jul (LM) and Santa Barbara 3-4 Sep (DRi). Two Vesper Sparrows at Paso Robles, San Luis Obis - po 8 Sep (WL) were early and in area where rare. Lark Buntings appeared at Port Hueneme 31 Aug–1 Sep (DPe), San Clemente Island 3 Sep (JTS), and near Solvang, Santa Barbara 16 Oct–9 Dec (WV). Grasshopper Sparrows at Estero Bluffs S.P. 17 Oct (TME) and near Arroyo Laguna 19 Oct (TME) established the frst Oct records for San Luis Obispo. A Nelson's Sparrow was at San Elijo Lagoon, San Diego 5 Nov–24 Dec (SB, SL), and birds appeared at other known wintering sites at Morro Bay and Seal Beach by 23 Nov. A Red Fox Sparrow at Goleta 23 Oct–19 Nov (PTS) had returned for its second winter. Ten Swamp Sparrows were on the coastal slope 18 Oct+, and 5 were on the n. deserts 14 Oct+. White-throated Spar - rows were widespread after 27 Sep, with 62 re- ported. Harris's Sparrows were at Bishop 19-26 Oct (J&DP), Barstow, San Bernardino 29 Nov (LL), and Goleta 30 Nov–3 Dec (JCh).

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