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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 156 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A of range at C.L. 3-4 Aug (TJL). The 12 coast- al slope (22 Aug–31 Oct) and 5 desert (20 Aug–30 Sep) Virginia's Warblers were about average but lower than numbers recorded in the late twentieth century. A Kentucky Warbler at Borrego Springs 24 Sep (RT) and a Hooded Warbler nearby at Anza-Borrego Desert S.P. 19 Sep (SMi) were the only ones of their species encountered. Numbers of American Redstarts were a bit higher than average this fall, with 41 on the coastal slope 18 Aug+ and 8 on the des - erts 31 Aug–12 Oct. A species averaging about one record per year in the Region, a Cape May Warbler was at Point Loma 2 Nov (JTS). Six Northern Parulas, all in Los Angeles and Orange, were found 18 Sep–14 Nov. Though the 11 Magnolia Warblers more than doubled last fall's count, it was still a bit below aver - age; 5 were on the coast 13 Sep–2 Nov, 5 were on the deserts 20 Sep–16 Oct, and an early bird was at Jacumba 21-30 Aug (EGK). Bay- breasted Warblers were at Costa Mesa, Orange 15-17 Sep (TF-H), Long Beach 20-28 Sep (AKL), and in e. Kern at Red Rock Canyon 20 Oct (RSW). A good showing of Blackburnian Warblers included 10 on the coast 20 Sep–17 Nov, along with birds at Cactus City, Riverside 5 Oct (JFGr) and G.H.P. 19 Oct (KH-L, BED). Seventeen Chestnut-sided Warblers were on the coastal slope 6 Sep–30 Nov, with another 4 on the deserts 19 Sep–26 Oct. Blackpoll War - bler numbers were a bit below average, with 30 on the coastal slope 11 Sep–1 Nov and 5 on the n. deserts 19 Sep–25 Oct. Appearing typically late in the season, 5 Black-throated Blue Warblers were on the coast 9-22 Oct, and another 4 were on the n. deserts 4-19 Oct. A good showing of Palm Warblers was skewed heavily toward the coast and islands, with 58 birds 3 Oct–28 Nov; singles were on the desert at Baker 11 Oct (JEP) and G.H.P. 18-19 Oct (JBi). A Pine Warbler Ridgecrest 8 Nov (TAB) was the frst ever in Kern. A Yellow-rumped Warbler at Brea, Orange 18 Aug (MH) was exceptionally early for the coastal lowlands. in San Diego at the Tijuana River Valley 8-11 Oct (up to 3; GMcC) and Fiesta Island 10 Oct (LBH); 4 more were found along the coast (and islands) 8-30 Nov, but no reports came from inland areas. The frst Chestnut-collared Longspur was at Fiesta Island 3-5 Oct (PEL), with additional birds at G.H.P. 21 Oct (RDK), Tijuana River Valley 29 Oct (PEL), Ramona 31 Oct (JMcM), near Lancaster 11 Nov (DBel), and near Blythe 15 Nov (LBH, DV). WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES Ovenbirds rebounded from their near-absence in fall 2013, with an above-average showing including 8 in coastal areas 14 Sep–14 Nov and 3 on the deserts 1-16 Oct. The only Worm- eating Warbler was near Port Hueneme 15 Oct (JoB). Seventeen Northern Waterthrushes were on the coastal slope 30 Aug+, with another 8 on the deserts (all but one in Inyo and Kern) 23 Aug–13 Sep. Black-and-white Warblers ap - peared in higher-than-average numbers, with 49 on the coastal slope 20 Aug+; surprisingly, only one was found on the deserts, at Desert Center, Riverside 17 Sep (DFo), with none in well-worked Kern. Prothonotary Warblers were near the coast at Port Hueneme 11- 16 Sep (FD), Chula Vista 30 Sep (MJB), and Camp Pendleton 21-24 Oct (AS), well inland on the coastal slope at Fairmount Park at Riverside 19 Oct–1 Nov (DRa), and on the n. deserts at two different localities in Lone Pine 23-24 & 26 Sep (MP, RDK). Tennessee Warblers were in higher-than-average numbers this fall, though nearly all of the 43 individuals were on the coastal slope, with singles at G.H.P. 31 Aug (LLA) and 8-20 Oct (AH) being the only ones reported on the deserts. Eight Lucy's Warblers appeared on the coast 1 Oct–29 Nov, with another somewhat out Wren at G.H.P. 20 Oct (SDS) was on the des - erts, where very rare. In general, few Golden- crowned Kinglets were reported on the coastal slope, but numbers were fairly high on the e. Kern deserts. A Townsend's Solitaire at s. V.A.F.B. 27 Nov (MAH) was only the fourth for n. coastal Santa Barbara. American Robins staged a major in - cursion into the lowlands of the Region, with fall movements highlighted by a fock of 2162 at Arroyo Grande 16 Nov (BKS). A Rufous- backed Robin spent 25-29 Oct at Twentynine Palms, San Bernardino (TAB). Six Gray Catbirds, all on the deserts, were at Surprise Canyon, Panamint Mountains, Inyo 28 Sep and 19 Oct (different individuals; both JEP), Cactus City, Riverside 4-5 Oct (JFGr), Zzyzx, San Bernardi - no 15-26 Oct (JBo), near El Centro 15-26 Oct (KZK), and at G.H.P. 5-9 Nov (DMG). The 6 Brown Thrashers were split between the coastal and interior counties: near Gaviota, Santa Bar - bara 1-5 Oct (TME), Jacumba 30 Oct–20 Nov (EGK), Descanso, San Diego 15 Nov+ (CyB), Glen Helen R.P., San Bernardino 28 Nov (BHo), Imperial Dam 17 Oct (DV), and Bard 23 Oct (PEL). Asian pipits included a japonicus Ameri - can Pipit 9 Oct–12 Nov in the Tijuana River Valley, San Diego (GN) and a moderate fight of Red-throated Pipits: up to 4 in the Tijuana River Valley 20 Sep–11 Oct (SW, GMcC), with singles as late as 22-25 Oct (JBo, GMcC) and 10 Nov (BMu), up to 6 at Port Hueneme, Ventura 5-6 Oct (AJS, CAM, TAB), and one at Oso Flaco Lake, San Luis Obispo 19 Oct (MLS). But the season's star was an Olive-backed Pipit seen by 200+ observers at Yorba R.P., e. Anaheim, Or - ange 1-5 Nov (JMB); it was the frst for the Re- gion, with the only previous California record being from Southeast Farallon Island 26-29 Sep 1998. Early Cedar Waxwing arrivals included one at G.H.P. 16 Aug (TEW), 2 at Santa Maria, Santa Barbara 24 Aug (JMC), and one near El Centro 5 Sep (KZK). Somewhat early Lapland Longspurs were SA Varied Thrush superlatives came from nearly throughout the Region, with the frst few individuals noted the frst week of Oct, and the foodgates opening shortly thereafter (with the greatest numbers in the north coastal areas). Record-high numbers in San Luis Obispo included 721 in Arroyo Grande 16 Nov and 351 there on 24 Nov (BKS); peak counts in Santa Barbara included 36 in Santa Maria 18 Nov (JMC) and 29 on Santa Cruz Island 24 Nov (SM). In Ventura, 20 were near the Lockwood Valley 12 Nov (BHe). The frst bird in Los Ange - les was in Big Tujunga Canyon 2 Oct (GM), and they were widespread after Oct; 4 reached San Clemente Island 14 Oct–29 Nov (MAB, BSS). They were also considered widespread in Orange after 3 Nov. The frst was found in San Diego at Lake O'Neill 23 Oct (SB), with small numbers elsewhere through the fall. High counts in the inland counties included 20 at Grass Lake, at 2964 m elevation w. of Bishop, Inyo 26 Oct (CBH, RCH), 8 at G.H.P. 28 Oct (M&NF), and 8 at Hart Park at Bakersfeld, Kern 23 Nov (K&BK). At least 28 were found in San Bernardino and 11 in Riverside, and the southeasternmost birds reached Imperial at Mount Signal 7 Nov (PEL) and El Centro 20 Nov (TAB). This Varied Thrush at Evergreen Cemetery in El Centro 20 November 2014 was one of the southeasternmost of this species associated with the major invasion into southern California in October–November 2014. Photograph by Thomas A. Benson.

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