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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 154 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A (MS), were the only birds found inland away from the Salton Sea. A Sanderling at Owens Lake 22 Sep (DJH), 4 at C.L. between 3 Aug and 17 Sep (TEW, SLS), and up to 2 at Kramer Junction 16-25 Sep (DMG, SLS) were inland and away from the Salton Sea. Most observers indicated Baird's and Pectoral Sandpipers ap - peared scarcer than usual, both along the coast and in the interior. An unusually late Pecto - ral was at S.J.W.A. 20 Nov (CMcG). The only Buff-breasted Sandpiper was one at S.E.S.S. (New River mouth) on the exceptionally late date of 17 Nov (KLG). Numbers of Semipal - mated Sandpipers were noticeably lower than expected, with only 15 found along the coast, and even lower inland 3 Aug–12 Sep. A Red Phalarope at Owens Lake, Inyo 22 Sep (DJH) and another at P.P. 3 Oct (JMo) were the only 2 reported inland. A Parasitic Jaeger on Lake Havasu, San Ber - nardino 22-26 Sep (LBH) and at least a half- dozen present around S.E.S.S. 11 Sep–1 Oct (GMcC, TAB), along with a juv. Long-tailed Jae - ger on Lake Havasu 9-10 Sep (DVanP) and an ad. on Lake Balboa in the Sepulveda Basin, Los Angeles 3 Sep (KR), were inland. Five Marbled Murrelets at the S.M.R.E. 26 Nov (WvanD) were at the s. extreme of this species' normal winter range, so one in the harbor at Ven - tura 1 Nov (TDi) was noteworthy. Signifcant numbers of Craveri's Murrelets clearly moved northward into s. California waters, as indi - cated by over 50 found off San Diego between 1 Aug and 14 Sep (DPo, SW, GMcC), counts of 19 and 20 off Dana Point, Orange on 30 Aug (TF-H) and 20 Sep (TAB), respectively, 6 at the 30-Mile Bank in Los Angeles waters 1 Sep (JSF), at least 7 found in the waters off Ventura 11-21 Aug (DMa, JBt), and 8 off Santa Barbara 21 Aug–18 Oct (JBa, DPe). After an Ancient Murrelet was found in San Diego's Mission Bay 20 Oct–1 Nov (LH), about 15 were seen fy - ing southward past La Jolla in Nov (SW, PEL), suggesting a movement of these birds into s. California waters. Black-legged Kittiwakes are exceptionally rare in s. California waters, so an ad. inland at Headgate Dam on the Colorado River, San Ber - nardino 6 Nov (DVanP) and a juv. at N.E.S.S. 18 Nov (RMcK) were surprises. Twenty-three Sabine's Gulls inland 2 Sep–21 Oct included an impressive 7 on Lake Havasu 22 Sep (LBH). The long-staying Laughing Gull on the Los Angeles River at Long Beach that remained through 13 Aug (TM) and one at the San Di - ego River mouth 27 Sep (JTS) were the only birds reported along the coast. Franklin's Gulls appeared less numerous than usual, with only 15 found around S.E.S.S. between 13 Aug and 1 Oct (GMcC), and only 3 reported along the coast, with single birds at Pismo Beach, San Island 10 Nov (SMe), and 2 more were inland, one at F.C.R. 2 Nov (CBH, RCH), the other at Montclair, San Bernardino 5 Oct (TM). The Gray Hawk that spent the past two winters at Carpinteria, Santa Barbara returned for a third winter 29 Nov (JBai). A Swainson's Hawk near Westmorland, Imperial 2 Aug (GMcC) and 6 over Riverside 3 Aug (NT) were the earliest of the fall migrants this year. A Zone-tailed Hawk at Ojai, Ventura 29 Sep–9 Nov (DRo), another at Mission Viejo, Orange 13 Nov (DDG), and at least 8 in San Diego were in the coastal low - lands, where now regular in small numbers in fall and winter, but one at Brawley, Imperial 28 Nov (BoM) was inland, where much less com - mon. A Sora at S.J.W.A. 8 Aug (CMcG) was be- lieved to have summered locally. Two Sandhill Cranes at P.P. 22 Nov (MS) that had apparently been present since late Oct (fde Wanda Deal) were in an area where unexpected. Two oys - tercatchers showing most of the markings of American Oystercatchers were on Anacapa Is - land 18 Oct (DPe). As expected, a few Pacifc Golden-Plovers were found along the coast after 31 Aug, but one inland at C.L. 2-3 Sep (SLS) provides only the third record from this well-worked area. A Snowy Plover at Big Bear Lake 26 Jul (BSi) provides the frst record for the San Bernardino Mountains. Exceptional were at least 7 Mountain Plovers at Oceano Dunes/Oso Flaco Lake, San Luis Obispo 5 Oct–22 Nov (BrM), along with one at Morro Strand S.B. 29 Oct (DLK) and another at Ar - royo Laguna 21-22 Nov (TME). Numbers of this species are declining in California, and oc - currences along the coast in recent years are few and far between. At least 35 Solitary Sandpipers along the coast between 20 Aug and 11 Oct, along with at least 34, including 6 together at Niland 11 Sep (GMcC), inland during the same period was more than expected. A juv. Hudsonian Godwit, a casual vagrant to s. California, was at V.C.G.P. 5 Sep (LSa, DPe). The only Red Knot reported inland away from the Salton Sea was one at P.P. 21 Sep (MS). Six Ruffs were found, with single birds at Santa Maria, Santa Barbara 3 Oct (MPB), the V.C.G.P. 28-30 Sep (DPe), on the Los Angeles River at Long Beach, Los Ange - les 2-3 Aug (BT), and at Oceanside, San Diego 29 Oct–1 Nov (SB) on the coast, along with one inland at C.L. 1 Oct (TJL) and another at S.E.S.S. (Obsidian Butte) 25 Sep (GMcC). Single Stilt Sandpipers at the Santa Ynez Riv - er estuary 10-22 Sep (NAL) and the V.C.G.P. 31 Aug–1 Sep (DPe), along with up to 6 on the Los Angeles River at Long Beach 9-15 Sep (RB), were along the coast, where considered rare; one at Kramer Junction, San Bernardino 15 Sep (BB, SLS) and another at P.P. 21 Sep Oct (EF). Neotropic Cormorants are now es - tablished along the lower Colorado River and in the Salton Sink, but one at Lake O'Neil on Camp Pendleton 12 Oct–6 Dec (TH, PG) was the frst in San Diego. The annual summer in - fux of Brown Pelicans from the Gulf of Cali- fornia included an unprecedented 64 on Lake Havasu, San Bernardino 2 Nov (LBH, DVanP). The only Reddish Egrets n. of San Diego and Orange were 2 at P.M.N.A.S. 9 Jul–30 Nov+ (DPe), one at Carpinteria, Santa Barbara 6 Jul– 10 Aug (LRB), and one at the Santa Ynez River estuary, Santa Barbara 26 Aug–23 Sep (BKH). Up to 17 Yellow-crowned Night-Herons were at P.M.N.A.S., and up to 6 more were at Im - perial Beach, San Diego, where now resident (DPe, GMcC); elsewhere, single hatch-year birds at Refugio S.B. 9-20 Sep (WTF) and at - Carpinteria 27 Sep–13 Oct (PAG) provided the second and third records for Santa Barbara, one imm. at Huntington Beach, Orange 8 Aug–22 Sep (DT) provided the third record for Orange, and a near-ad. inland near Niland, Imperial 23- 27 Sep (MG) was only the second found at the Salton Sink and third in inland California. VULTURES THROUGH TERNS A Black Vulture photographed at Morro Bay S.P., San Luis Obispo 15 Nov (DML) was sus - pected to be the same bird frequenting this area off and on since at least Feb 2013, and one pho - tographed over Jacumba 3 Aug (EGK) was only the second known in San Diego. Four migrant Broad-winged Hawks were reported along the coast 2-5 Oct, along with a ffth on Santa Cruz This juvenile Hudsonian Godwit at the Ventura County Game Preserve, Ventura County 5 September 2014 was the only one of this species found in California in 2014. Photograph by Dave Pereksta.

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