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VOLUME 69 No1 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 152 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A Amber D. Edwards, Scott Edwards, Gil C. Ew- ing, Dane Fagundes, Paul Fenwick, Brian Fitch, David Fix, Michael Force, Rob Fowler (RbF; Humboldt and Del Norte), Dea Freid, James H. Gain, John Garrett, Steve Gerow (Santa Cruz), George Gibbs, Steve C. Hampton, John Harris (Stanislaus), Chris Hartzell, Garth Harwood, Al - fred Hochstaedter, Debbie House, Steve N. G. Howell, Lisa Hug, Eugene S. Hunn, John E. Hunter (Trinity), Alvaro Jaramillo, Richard G. Jeffers, Logan Kahle (Contra Costa), Robert J. Keiffer (Mendocino), Dan Kopp, Mark Kudrav, Tony Kurz, Alexandra Lamb, Robin L. C. Leong (Solano), Tom W. Leskiw, Nick Levendosky, John Lewis, Jim Lomax, Calvin Lou, John S. Luther, Michael J. Mammoser, Blake T. Matheson, Dan J. Maxwell (Marin), Sean McAllister, Louise McCulloch,Tristan McKee, Peter J. Metropu - los (San Mateo), Martin Meyers, Joseph Morlan, Dominik Mosur (San Francisco), Martin Meyers, Roger Muskat, Kristie N. Nelson (Mono), Fran - ces Oliver (San Joaquin), Lew Oring, Ron & Nancy Overholtz, Ed Pandolfno (Placer), Eric Pilotte, Linda Pittman, Gary W. Potter (Fresno), Jude C. Power, Robert J. Richmond (Alameda), Michael Rieser, Alex M. Rinkert, Don Roberson (Monterey), Michael M. Rogers (MMR), Michael Rogner (MRg), Carole Rose, Diane Rose, Larry Rose, Steve Rose, Stephen C. Rottenborn, James Rowith, Ruth A. Rudesill (Sonoma), Paul Sara - ceni, Cooper Scollan, Adam Searcy, Jeff Seay (Kings), Doug Shaw, Debra L. Shearwater, Keith M. Slauson, Mark Stacy, John C. Sterling (Mo - doc, Alpine, Calaveras, and Yolo), Tim Steurer (El Dorado and Amador), Gary J. Strachan, Brian L. Sullivan, Steven D. Summers (Tulare), Colin Talcroft, Scott B. Terrill, Ronald S. Thorn, Jim Tietz (F.I.), John Trochet, Steve Tucker, Steve Umland (Tuolumne), Chuck E. Vaughn, Kent Van Vuren (Merced), David Vander Pluym, Bruce Webb, Jerry R. White (Lake), Gary Woods, Dave Woodward (DvW), David G. Yee, Bob & Carol Yutzy (Shasta). Many more ob - servers and contributors are not specifcally cited; all are appreciated. Corrigendum: A Hairy Woodpecker in the Sut- ter Buttes 1 Feb 2014 established the frst record for the Sutter Buttes, not for Sutter, as reported in Volume 68, Number 2. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Jef N. Davis ( doves to thrushes ) 11238 N. Via Trevisio Way, Fresno, California 93730 ( Ed Pandolfno ( thrashers to finches ) 1328 49th Street, Sacramento, California 95819 ( Stephen C. Rottenborn ( loons to frigatebirds, larids to alcids ) 983 University Avenue, Building D, Los Gatos, California 95032 ( Michael M. Rogers ( waterfowl to quail, herons to shorebirds ) 499 Novato Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94086 ( in Crescent Meadow (2400 m elevation), Tulare 8 Sep (ph. Dave Collins), and a bird lingering from summer in C.R.P. 6 Aug (JTr, m.ob.). Rose- breasted Grosbeaks and Indigo Buntings were present in typical numbers (14 and 7, respec - tively), but 7 Painted Buntings represented a new high for the Region. A Painted Bunting on F.I. 18-19 Aug (ph. JTz et al.) was the frst ad. male for the island, and a second F.I. bird was found 22 Sep (KNN). In keeping with the ap - parent increasing numbers of this species in our Region, a Painted Bunting at Paradise 27 Sep (ph. Jerry Zatorski, DHo) was the third one for Mono in the past four Septembers. Two Painted Buntings in Humboldt provided the seventh and eighth records for that county, with fve of those records coming since 2005. Modoc's frst documented Blue Grosbeak was at New Pine Creek 31 Aug (SCR). Dickcissels were at Cres - cent City, Del Norte 25-26 Sep (ph. Sky Lloyd et al.) and at the Mad River Fish Hatchery, Hum - boldt 29 Sep–5 Oct (Nevin Cullen, ph. Jared Hughey, m.ob.). Of our 13 Bobolinks, 6 were in Humboldt (27 Aug–13 Sep) and 7 on F.I. (23 Aug–4 Oct). A Rusty Blackbird was along Sante Fe Grade Rd., Merced 13-22 Nov (Joanne Ka - tanic, m.ob.), and another was at P.R.N.S. 16 Nov (Ron Mallory). Although our long-term average Orchard Oriole total is less than 9, the last seven years have produced between 10 and 19 each fall, making this season's total of 15 consistent with recent numbers. Are there re - ally more Orchard Orioles, or are birders just more confdent making the distinction between Hooded and Orchard Orioles? Baltimore Ori - oles are also being reported in higher numbers recently than in the past. Five Baltimores this fall included Modoc's frst, an ad. male, in New Pine Creek 1 Sep (SCR). A Scott's Oriole near Jacks Peak, Monterey 3-6 Oct (ph. BTM, m.ob.) was the frst chaseable one for that county. California's seventh Brambling (and Hum- boldt's third) was enjoyed by many at Arcata 10 Nov+ (ph. Glen Jones, m.ob.). Up to 6 Pine Grosbeaks in Lakes Basin 17-25 Aug (ph. Lynn Scarlett, Steve Courtney, SEd, ADE) were the frst to be well documented in Plumas. Cited observers (county subregional editors in boldface): Ken Able (Lassen), Roger Adam - son, David P. Arsenault, Ralph Baker, Alan D. Barron, Leonie Batkin, Murray Berner (Napa), Gary A. Bloomfeld, William G. Bousman (Santa Clara), Lucas Brug, Ryan D. Burnett, Rita Carratello, Daryl Coldren (Humboldt and Del Norte), Peter B. Colasanti, Chris Conard (Sac - ramento), Rudy C. Darling (Nevada), Jeff N. Davis (Madera), Al DeMartini, Bruce E. Deuel (n. C.V. counties), Scott Dietrich, Colin P. Dill - ingham (Plumas and Sierra), Cedric Duhalde, Chris Dunford, Jon L. Dunn, Todd Easterla, m.ob.). Another Cape May was on F.I. 11 Oct (Point Blue). Notable among our 8 Northern Parulas were singles at Chester 3 Sep (third for Plumas; RDB) and near Basso Bridge 21-23 Nov (second for Stanislaus; ph. JHG, m.ob.). A dozen Magnolia Warblers included singles in Bidwell- Sacramento S.P., Butte 23-26 Sep (MRg, JLw, ph. JCS, m.ob.) and in C.R.P. 6 Oct (Kevin Thomas). A Bay-breasted Warbler was on F.I. 13 Sep (JTz et al.), another was photographed while circling a boat well offshore of Half Moon Bay, San Mateo 14 Sep (ph. AJ et al.), and a third was at El Car - melo Cemetery, Monterey 21-25 Sep (ph. CSc, ph. DR, m.ob.). Nine Blackburnian Warblers included Sacramento's ffth at C.R.P. 5 Oct (JTr). Thirty-eight Chestnut-sided Warblers was right on our average, but 49 Blackpolls was well under our long-term average, though typical of totals seen during the past decade for this species. Six Black-throated Blue Warblers were all in coastal counties. Echoing the pattern noted above for Blackpoll Warblers, our total of 89 Palm War - blers, while well under our long-term average of 150, was consistent with numbers reported in recent years. A Yellow-throated Warbler at Natu - ral Bridges S.B. 14-16 Sep (Anna Kopitov, AMR) was the frst for Santa Cruz. Fifteen Prairie War - blers (all in coastal counties) represented a good showing. A Canada Warbler was along Gazos Creek Rd., San Mateo 31 Aug–1 Sep (GrH et al.). Another Canada Warbler in Ancil Hoffman Park, Sacramento 11-26 Sep (ph. Mark Sawyer, ph. GEw, m.ob.) was an excellent C.V. fnd. SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES Six American Tree Sparrows made a good show- ing, whereas 50 Clay-colored Sparrows was a bit under our average of 62. A Chipping Sparrow at Truckee, Nevada 18 Nov (MMy, JLD) represented a late date for this location. Single Black-throated Sparrows at the Bufferlands, Sacramento 11 Aug (ph. CCo) and on Mount Davidson, S.F. 26 Sep (BFi, ph. CLo, Linda Swanson) were the only ones reported. Lark Buntings were in the McKin - leyville Bottoms, Humboldt 11-12 Aug (KMS, m.ob.), on F.I. 1 Sep (Point Blue), s. of Corcoran, Kings 25-26 Oct (ph. MSy), along Higgins Can - yon Rd., San Mateo 18 Nov+ (RSTh, LBt), and along Sonora Rd., Stanislaus 20 Nov (ph. JHG). Thirty-four Swamp Sparrows was a typical total. Reports of Harris's Sparrows included a fairly ear - ly arrival at Acampo, San Joaquin 6 Oct+ (DGY, ph. m.ob.), a bird returning for the fourth year to Davis, Yolo 26 Oct+ (CDf et al.), and singles in the Arcata Bottoms, Humboldt 6-9 Nov (Elizabeth Feucht et al.), at Fort Bragg, Mendocino 6 Nov (ph. Marybeth Arago), and in Doran R.P., Sonoma 18-22 Nov (Denise Herzberg et al.). Among our 13 Summer Tanagers (near- ly double the average) were inland birds at Bidwell Park, Butte 28 Aug (Skip Auger et al.),

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